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Silvia Rivera Cusicanqui dialoga con Oído Salvaje. ‘Sé tú mismo’ es un pésimo consejo – Español. But for most people, “be yourself” is actually terrible advice.

‘Sé tú mismo’ es un pésimo consejo – Español

If I can be authentic for a moment: Nobody wants to see your true self. We all have thoughts and feelings that we believe are fundamental to our lives, but that are better left unspoken. A decade ago, the author A. J. Jacobs spent a few weeks trying to be totally authentic. “Deceit makes our world go round,” he concluded. How much you aim for authenticity depends on a personality trait called self-monitoring. But if you’re a low self-monitor, you’re guided more by your inner states, regardless of your circumstances.

Low self-monitors criticize high self-monitors as chameleons and phonies. But in the rest of our lives, we pay a price for being too authentic. Interestingly, women are more likely to be low self-monitors than men, perhaps because women face stronger cultural pressures to express their feelings. If not our authentic selves, what should we be striving to reach? When Dr. It worked. Continue reading the main story.

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Impunidad para desacato. Trata de personas. Las fantásticas ilustraciones de un misterioso viajero que visitó México en el siglo XVI - Más de México. Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri (1651-1725) presumió haber dado la vuelta al mundo luego de desencantarse de su vida como abogado.

Las fantásticas ilustraciones de un misterioso viajero que visitó México en el siglo XVI - Más de México

Sí hoy abandonar tu vida ordinaria para viajar por tierras lejanas es un acto en esencia épico, hace 500 años era aún bastante más radical. Historial. Maíz. El estudio de los materiales mexicanos en su totalidad muestra una variabilidad inmensa... se halla en todo el material un gran número de formas en transición” N.


N. Archivos Digitales. Children and Youth in History. Introduction Children and youth in early modern England (1500-1800) were subject to many diseases and physical hardships.

Children and Youth in History

From the great epidemic diseases of bubonic plague and smallpox, to more common illnesses such as measles and influenza that still afflict children today, sickness put children and youth at great risk. With no knowledge of bacteria or antibiotics, and surgery performed without anesthesia or even hand washing, there were few remedies for childhood illnesses beyond a nourishing diet and keeping the patient warm. Even surviving an illness could have permanent consequences, for example, scarlet fever left many children blind and deaf, and measles could cause severe scarring and facial bone loss.

One measurement of health in early modern England is revealed in the statistics of the number of deaths kept by church parishes. Death from disease was higher in urban than in rural areas. How to Cite This Source. History of columbus. Victorian post-mortem photography. Via a fascinating blog that was pointed out to me (Morbid Anatomy), I came across a story from last winter about how a Colorado nonprofit organization is reviving a Victorian custom about which I had been largely ignorant, namely the custom of taking photographs of recently deceased loved ones as mementos.

Victorian post-mortem photography

Indeed, the photographs were known as “memento mori.” The group, called Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, takes carefully posed photographs that are truly astonishing. Although the concept may sound morbid, the results are not (although I really, really wish the website would get rid of the sappy music; it detracts from the power of the images rather than enhancing it). Although before I might actually have thought it rather morbid to record such images, now I”m not so sure. After perusing the images above, for instance, you could take a look at some of the Victorian-era memento mori images. These photos were often displayed along with other family photos.

Machiavelli disguised as a debutante. Y tú, ¿a qué clase social perteneces? Cuartoscuro.Foto: Según la Secretaría de Economía, México es en la actualidad una “sociedad compleja, donde la riqueza determina el estatus” y donde “las posesiones se convierten en un indicador de valor”, y es siguiendo esa lógica que dicho organismo del gobierno federal definió las seis clases sociales en las que “la población mexicana se estratifica”, las cuales fueron “determinadas con base en sus funciones, costumbres, situación económica y (situación) de poder”.

Y tú, ¿a qué clase social perteneces?

Incluida en el Programa Nacional de Protección a los Derechos del Consumidor, publicado el pasado jueves, 8 de mayo, en el Diario Oficial de la Federación, la definición de las clases sociales mexicanas empieza con la base de la pirámide económica, la así denominada clase “baja baja”, en la cual se ubica 35% de la población del país (algo así como 39.3 millones de mexicanos). - Los trabajadores temporales. - Los inmigrantes. - Los comerciantes informales. - Los desempleados.

.facebook_1820896154. Cover Story: Station to Station: The Past, Present, and Future of Streaming Music. On-demand streaming music has been part of the collective imagination for more than a century.

Cover Story: Station to Station: The Past, Present, and Future of Streaming Music

It can be traced back to the 1888 publication of Edward Bellamy’s million-selling science fiction novel Looking Backward, in which a man falls asleep in 1887 and wakes up in 2000. Amidst the mind-blowing technological developments he encounters on his journey is a “music room,” in which 24-hour playlists are piped in to subscribers via phone lines. With no shortage of astonishment, the man proclaims that “an arrangement for providing everybody with music in their homes, perfect in quality, unlimited in quantity, suited to every mood, and beginning and ceasing at will” is perhaps the pinnacle of human achievement. DSpace is a turnkey institutional repository application.