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8 Fitness Hacks for Lazy Students. No one wants to stay unfit and unhealthy on purpose, however, some of us just need the right push and right devices to begin, right?

8 Fitness Hacks for Lazy Students

As per one study organized by Northwestern Medicine and Northeastern University, a starking 95 % of college students fail to eat healthy in a day while less than 40 % of people do regular exercise and take in healthy food recommended by the WHO! Eating healthy meals and staying fit is very easy for some but what about some of us who are simply lazy to work out daily and follow a routine? Don’t worry, here we give you 8 useful pointers for fitness hacks for the lazy and unmotivated students. Now most of us hate eating healthy and staying fit. We gain all kinds of unhealthy habits especially when we start living on our own, in college. During college days, many of us do not take care of our fitness and health. Use a Bicycle If you are using public transport or a car to reach the college then use a bicycle. Walk a Little Bit Faster Use the Stairs Do Extra Chores. 8 Fitness Hacks for Lazy Students.

11 Good Excuses to Miss Work Last Minute in Advance. At some stages of your career, you might need to take some unplanned leaves.

11 Good Excuses to Miss Work Last Minute in Advance

Everyone occasionally takes time off from his or her work. While managers generally choose to follow a leave policy to the team that should be scheduled and approved in advance before you plan a leave. However, every time planned leave maybe not possible. At that time we have some very common and bulletproof good excuses to miss work, those look like real, not fake. Sometimes we need a break from work without any valid reason and at that time, we make so many valid or invalid excuses to miss work. Some reasons are valid for taking time off while some seem unprofessional and look like a fake. Bulletproof Excuses to Miss Work Sometimes we have seen that day is beautiful, and you don’t want to go for work. You may think that giving any reason to miss work is good for you but in reality, it is not because the manager or boss does not like to admire you for missing work without any valid reason. Home Emergency New Job.

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Bullet Journal. Cursed Dog Images You'll Fall in Love But Never Understand! There’s something special about the cursed images!

Cursed Dog Images You'll Fall in Love But Never Understand!

The more you see them, the more it gets difficult to understand why it is called a cursed image. Doesn’t this happen with you? Well, if it happens often with you, I’ve found a way to make you understand what every cursed image means and what it actually refers to. In my previous post, I’ve listed various cursed cat images and explained them as well. And today, I am going to show you a plethora of cursed dog images that you’ll fall in love with! After the rise of cursed images 4 years back on Twitter, it got viral on platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit as well. So if you’re searching for cursed dog images, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Best of Dog Cursed Images! Apology Letter - Useful Tips for Writing Letter of Apology. As per one very famous quote, “No one is perfect in this world.”

Apology Letter - Useful Tips for Writing Letter of Apology

We all know mistakes are unavoidable in some or other ways, but it is necessary to fix the problem at the right time with an appropriate apology. In daily life, we make so many mistakes and we correct it by using the word sorry. But when you make some mistakes at work or business, then it is necessary to write an apology letter to your high authority. An apology letter used for different situations to apologize to someone. People write an apology or formal letter for an apology to show their sincerity.

Why Apologies are Necessary? It is very easy for you to find others’ mistakes, but when it comes to you then you may be in a vulnerable situation. When we ask for an apology, we place ourselves in a helpless situation. Apologies should be conveyed in a perfect way by taking appropriate action and proper meaning. How to be Perfectly Apologize? Use proper language: Make sure letter do not look like demanding: Be sincere: From, Date: #1 Free College Schedule Maker and Custom Schedule Builder.