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Listes partagées > Thème Maison > Ménage Le ménage mensuel, en 30 jours par Oelita. Objectif de la liste : pour ce qui ne rentre pas dans le ménage "habituel"

Le ménage mensuel en 30 jours

Le ménage mensuel en 30 jours
The Nourishing Home - living healthier lives in service to the King! What’s in your pantry is one of the biggest transitions when it comes to switching to a GF lifestyle. While it’s not always do-able to completely rid your kitchen of all gluten (and grains, if you’re grain-free), starting with a basic cleaning out of the pantry and stocking up on healthy GF options is a great place to start. Many individuals and families are considering whether or not to go gluten free? For some, the decision is the result of a serious gluten-related illness, such as celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. The Nourishing Home - living healthier lives in service to the King!
before Organized Simplicity after Organized Simplicity this giveaway is now closed Yesterday I transformed my laundry room in the time it took those whites to go from the washer to the dryer thanks to Tsh’s {Simple Mom’s} new book, Organized Simplicity. I’m a huge fan of the Simple Mom blog and I consider Tsh a friend and even a mentor {not that she knows that last part}. 31 Days To a Less Messy Nest 31 Days To a Less Messy Nest

"One Good Thing" by Jillee

It seems like everywhere I turn people are talking about “cleansing” and “detoxing.” My sister Rebecca and her daughter Jennifer are on a 21 day sugar detox and you’d think the world had come to an end! :-) A New Year seems to bring out the health-crazed side of us….not that that’s a BAD thing! If you overindulged during the holidays (like me!) or if you simply want to start the year off in a healthy way, a detox is a great way to help your body feel its’ best! Detox has many benefits….it improves the digestive process, increases stamina, energizes the body and much more. "One Good Thing" by Jillee

Organized Home | Clean House, Cut Clutter, Get Organized at Home!

Imagine a genie, a butler, a secret servant at your fingertips. Someone who remembers everything: when your kindergartner got his last round of immunizations, the name and number of that other Mom in the soccer carpool, what your second cousin named her latest baby. Every home manager needs this informational paragon, but no one has to scour deserted beaches for a jeweled bottle. This secret servant is called a planner--and every home manager worth her gym socks needs to have one. Organized Home | Clean House, Cut Clutter, Get Organized at Home!
Did you know - Round Two Quite often I come across something while browsing online that just amazes me. Things that force me to wonder "Why didn't I know about this sooner!!!" It could be anything from a brilliant life hack, to a cleaning tip, or just something completely random. Did you know - Round Two
On January 5th I posted my first official goal for 2013 on my Facebook page, along with my goal to set and achieve 13 goals in 2013. I’ve decided to share my 13 in 13 goal journey via my blog…and you’re invited to join me! Here’s how it’s going to work… First, this is opportunity to share what you want out of 2013 so my readers and I can give you encouragement and celebrate with you when you cross each finish line. I plan to blog about this at least once a month and share personal insights, trials and tribulations. This isn’t a class, but it is an opportunity to give your dreams wings. Creative Organizing Creative Organizing
Where does the time go? How is it that I've been blogging almost four years? It's kind of crazy!I've decided that, for the first time in YEARS...I'm taking a break. Not a long one. Just a week or two.

Organizing Made Fun

Organizing Made Fun

IHeart Organizing

I often hear that storage is so expensive! And it absolutely can be! But what I love most about the organizing process is the challenge of staying within a budget. IHeart Organizing
Blog de Laurence | S'organiser, c'est facile | Le blog de l'organisation personnelle pour tous Les articles de blogs que j’ai aimés cette semaine La maternelle, vue de l’intérieur, et avec de la BD, s’il vous plaît! C’est le blog de Maryelle. Si vous avez des enfants, allez voir ça. Il n’y a pas que moi qui suis obsédée par les paniers!

Blog de Laurence | S'organiser, c'est facile | Le blog de l'organisation personnelle pour tous

Organisation de la maison | La Vie Simplifiée
Simple Pratique
Economisez en planifiant votre cuisine pour le mois ! Passer du temps à faire ses courses mobilise une grande partie de nos vies, souvent déjà bien chargée. En conséquence, si on s’imagine gagner du temps en courant des allées des supermarchés et en attrapant les premiers produits à porter de main pour remplir son caddie. Hors, en agissant ainsi, on finit souvent par avoir une note extrêmement salée au passage en caisse et par consommer une nourriture répétitive et déséquilibrée !