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2016 Albums Of The Year

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Ted Gioia. Guardian - The best albums of 2016. Lemonade – Beyoncé Beyoncé’s Lemonade was a jaw-dropping audiovisual work, in which the theme of infidelity knocked boots with a host of vivid tropes: of the resilience and resourcefulness of generations of black women, of the sins of the fathers being visited upon the daughters.

Guardian - The best albums of 2016

With this sumptuously produced visual album, Beyoncé once again pulled the rug out from under the idea of what a pop R&B record could be – it’s hard to think of a pop star who has travelled further from bumping and grinding out Top 40 fodder, to this politicised avenging angel. Even if it is all an elaborate hoax, dreamed up by a pair of cackling Illuminati, Lemonade is still magnificent.

If listeners cannot cope with a little light fictionalisation in the medium of the pop song, in some degree of verisimilitude in their cultural products, then they are going to have trouble consuming art of any kind. The Quietus Albums Of The Year 2016. Ted Gioia. Art Rock 2 Jack DeJohnette/Ravi Coltrane / Matthew Garrision In Movement Jazz 3 Hannah Epperson UpsweepExperimental Pop/Chamber Music Fusion 4 L.A.

Ted Gioia

Salami Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Director's Cut Wild Genre-Crossing Singer-Songwriter 5 Young Magic Still LifeBrooklyn Dream Pop Influenced by Indonesian Music 6 William Fitzsimmons Charleroi: Pittsburgh, Vol. 2 The Mournful Folk Bard of Pittsburgh 7 Michael Messer's Mitra Call of the Blues Hindustani Clasical Music/Traditional Blues Fusion 8 Ilya Toshinsky Red GrassBluegrass Banjo Virtuoso from Russia 9 Nick Ellis Daylight Ghosts Folk Singer-Songwriter from Liverpool 10 Lucas Debargue Scarlatti, Chopin, Liszt, Ravel Classical Piano Music 11 Luther Dickinson Blues & Ballads: A Folksinger's Songbook, Volumes 1 & 2 Folk/Roots 12 Roomful of Teeth The Colorado Contemporary Choral Music 13 Anthony Joseph Caribbean RootsCaribbean Griot Funk 14 Gavin Bryars The Fifth Century Contemporary Music for Voices and Saxophones.

Fopp - The best albums of 2016. Here it is, our comprehensive list of the best albums of 2016, the Top Of The Fopps, as voted for by staff in all of our nine stores, compiled here in all its glory.

Fopp - The best albums of 2016

You can read about our favourite albums and films in more depth in this month’s Best of 2016 special edition of The Fopp List – available for FREE in all of our stores, right up until the end of January. 1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree Much of the Bad Seeds’ 16th album was written before Arthur Cave’s fatal fall at Ovingdean Gap in July 2015; and yet Skeleton Tree is deeply infused with the horror of that event, and the effect it has had on his family.

Nick Cave has often dealt with dark themes in his work over the years – murder, heartbreak, fire-and-brimstone justice – but none of it proves as blankly chilling as Skeleton Tree, Cave’s deepest masterpiece. Underneath his voice are layers, some sparse, some dense, of warm piano and strings, and cold electronics. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Gilles Peterson - WWA 2016 Album of the Year Shortlist. As our annual celebration of the lesser-celebrated corners of music gets ever nearer, it’s that time again where we’ve narrowed it down to our top 15 of the year and we want all of you to have your say.

Gilles Peterson - WWA 2016 Album of the Year Shortlist

Check out the shortlist below and VOTE for your favourite. Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards // ALBUM OF THE YEAR // Public Vote (Poll Closed) <a href=" Peterson&#8217;s Worldwide Awards // ALBUM OF THE YEAR // Public Vote</a> Voting closes on Monday 11th Jan at 11:59pm on the DOT. If you’re not sure or you just want a reminded of why these albums have been special, keep your eyes peeled for videos on Gilles’ instagram where he will be running through the shortlisted nominees. Les In Rocks - 10 albums de jazz à écouter avant 2017. Donny McCaslin, Beyond Now Dans la galaxie jazz, Donny McCaslin occupe une place à part : proche collaborateur de David Bowie à la fin de sa vie, il a activement participé à l’enregistrement de son album-testament, Blackstar.

Les In Rocks - 10 albums de jazz à écouter avant 2017

Encore sous le choc de sa disparition, le saxophoniste américain lui rend aujourd’hui un hommage courageux, loin des larmes et des chrysanthèmes. Dure et froide comme un météore, anxieuse, détraquée, sa musique gravite entre jazz, post-punk et psychédélisme jusqu’à se confronter à Warszawa, monolithe dépressif de la pop star ultime, qu’il restitue parfaitement, dans sa tremblante émotion. “Beyond Now” dit le titre : ainsi aura été Bowie toute sa vie, ainsi McCaslin peut-il désormais se projeter. Shai Maestro Trio, The Stone Skipper Shai Maestro n’a pas 30 ans et sa musique possède une profondeur et une densité qui paraissent venir du fond des âges. Strut Records. The immense output of Sun Ra and his many backing bands, coupled with the limited production of many of his releases has long defied dedicated collectors.

Strut Records

Parallel to a vast list of LP releases, Sun Ra released numerous 45 RPM singles; one-off meteorites from his prolific cosmic journey. Working closely with Sun Ra LLC and Art Yard Records, it is with great pride that Strut presents a definitive collection of the rare singles released by Sun Ra across his illustrious career, spanning 1952 to 1991. Released prolifically during the 1950s and more sporadically thereafter, primarily on the Saturn label, the 45s trace the development of Sun Ra’s forward-thinking “Space-Bop” and his unique take on jazz and blues traditions which remains unlike anything else from the period.

As with his LPs, most 45s were only pressed in small runs and have since become extremely rare and sought after. 25th NOVEMBER 2016 Vinyl 45 box set Volume 1: 1952-1961 (Pre-order) (10 x 45s in flip top hardboard box. State51 Records. The state51 Conspiracy is a 21st Century music company.

State51 Records

We are part of The state51 Music Group and 100% independent. If you make music we can help you. Find out here. We care about music. Our mission is to make the world a better place for the people who make it and the people who listen to it. Our expert and dedicated team works hard to help independent artists and labels be successful. We work to high standards of fairness and transparency and believe, above all, in the power of exceptional music. You can read about our new ethical standards and how they are improving how we work. Established in 1991, state51 has been a world leader in providing direct to fan e-commerce services, digital and physical distribution, marketing and publishing support for artists and labels.

We are proud to say we were the first independent company to deliver music to iTunes. We own and operate our own platform to provide opportunities and services to independent artists and labels around the world. Strut Records.