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Miscellaneous. Interests. Learning Sites. Finance. Temporary & Longer. Jazz In Paris. Compound Exercises. 2016 Albums Of The Year. Jazz Images – The Jean-Pierre Leloir Collection. JazzWax. Simple, honest ticketing. Rosenfeld porcini. Home - JazzTimes. Free Kitchen Design CAD - Opun Planner. Vortex Jazz Club. TAS Super LP List 2016. Of the many articles and reviews that Harry Pearson wrote for The Absolute Sound, his annual Super LP List (aka SuperDisc List) may have been the most eagerly anticipated.

TAS Super LP List 2016

The issue in which it was published was the one that everyone had to buy, borrow, or copy. Why? Because whether you were rich or poor, active in the high-end audio market or just kicking tires, it was the one issue of TAS you could make daily practical use of—it was your road map to the absolute sound. Back in the day, hundreds of guys like me carried that list with them to record stores, garage sales, estate sales, library sales, rummage sales, the basements of unsuspecting neighbors. With HP’s recommendations in hand we pawed at musty cardboard boxes and peach bins full of vinyl, rifling through stack after stack of fifty-cent LPs stinking of mildew and cat piss in search of the titles Harry deemed worthiest.

Who didn’t lust for that 1s/1s Pines of Rome? BEST OF THE BUNCH: Classical BEST OF THE BUNCH: Popular. South London Renovations. Soundevaluations. The Most Trusted Voice in Music. Home < Annabel Boltsa. Le Baratin – Paris by Mouth. Food and wine pilgrims are willing to climb the hill for this Belleville institution.

Le Baratin – Paris by Mouth

Raquel Carena tends the fire, offering her own brand of bistro cooking, sometimes delicate, sometimes hearty, always heartfelt. Her husband Philippe’s wine cellar is one of the best in town, with an emphasis on small independent producers and natural wines. Don’t expect a smile from him, or really anyone else working there, just be glad that this place exists. The lunch menu remains one of the best deals in town. An absolute favorite Practical information Address: 3 rue Jouye-Rouve, 75020Nearest transport: Pyrenées (11), Belleville (2, 11)Hours: Closed Sunday and Monday; Open Tuesday-Friday for lunch and dinner; Open Saturday for dinner onlyReservations: Book a few days in advanceTelephone: 01 43 49 39 70Average price for lunch: 10-19€Average price for dinner: 20-39€Style of cuisine: BistroBook Online Le Baratin Paris bistro photo Meg Zimbeck fish Le Baratin by Meg Zimbeck boudin noir Previous.

Uk.pinterest. MM Cartridges US$90-120: Nagaoka MP110 REVIEW. MANIFESTO OF A DOER – Do Lectures – Medium. Hunterian Museum — Royal College of Surgeons. Jazz in Marciac. The Empty Chair. Since i have been in Phoenix Arizona i have been eating and not sleeping, eating and thinking about the tour.

The Empty Chair

My back is free of spasm but still in intermittent pain. I have to have a op when i get home to free up the disc from the nerve endings. Stage moves may be limited to the odd twist which is about right for my age i guess. Murmel Loch. Sign in to your Microsoft account. Don't have a Microsoft account?

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Sign up now Sign in. The Goose Is Out! The Nerdwriter is creating video essays. The Nerdwriter is a weekly web series that aims to cultivate worldview.

The Nerdwriter is creating video essays

I think those two words sum up the project nicely. Worldview is a particular philosophy of life. It suggests a commitment to the well-rounded individual, to the intellectual life. At The Nerdwriter, we follow the advice of Voltaire and "cultivate our gardens. " I'll keep it simple. The Nerdwriter covers a wide variety of topics. I also do a series called Understanding Art, where I give in-depth analyses of artworks -- films, paintings, poems, etc. I release a video every Wednesday, so no more than once a week. Pledges go into The Nerdwriter project – into equipment, software and, most importantly, time to research, write, film and edit.

Here’s my normal schedule: it takes days to a couple weeks to research and write a video. The Nerdwriter is written, produced, filmed and edited by me alone and my income from this channel comes in three ways. How to Use Excel: 14 Simple Excel Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks. Sometimes, Excel seems too good to be true.

How to Use Excel: 14 Simple Excel Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks

All I have to do is enter a formula, and pretty much anything I'd ever need to do manually can be done automatically. Need to merge two sheets with similar data? Excel can do it. Need to do simple math? Excel can do it. If you encounter a situation where you need to manually update your data, you're probably missing out on a formula that can do it for you.

Download our complete step-by-step guide to using Excel here. Tons of Tapping Downloads to Choose From .... - Tap Easy. Kindle Cloud Reader. Fixture List Generator, Free web based sports league management software. Seoul Stone EUR. SPIRITLAND — Come home to music. Lotus Hifi. Rich Mix. VICE - The Definitive Guide to Enlightening Information. Greedbag. The London Library. Reviews of H D Flooring and Carpentry - Carpenter, Carpets/Flooring based in London,