Yasmin Levy
Hello there! Very exciting that our gloves are now 20% funded but we are still a way off our goal with just 27 days to go. Myself and the rest of us on the Mi.Mu gloves team have announced some rather fabulous mid-level pledges for those of you who fancy a spot of DIY (I know I do ;)! Maybe add the components to your own favourite gloves or just buy the material without the tech innards if you like the look of them? There’s also some spots to come to a workshop with us where we’ll show you how to make them, then get you up and running! OR.. if you really want a pair of gloves but just not quite yet (as these early pairs have to be expensive due to small run/ research and development and basically being hand made), you can ‘keep your seat warm’ and pledge £10 to get into the queue for the time when we figure out how to manufacture them cheaper! Imogen Heap | Official Website

Imogen Heap | Official Website