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Teaching empathy through Design Thinking. In an age of creators, makers, and innovators, we hear of the concept design thinking too often.

Teaching empathy through Design Thinking

What is design thinking? More importantly, can design thinking help you as an educator in your classroom? Design thinking is a concept that centers around applying creativity and innovation to our actions, decision making, and problem solving as human beings. More significantly, it focuses on the impact that this creative and innovative thinking has on individuals. As a concept, design thinking can be used pedagogically to enhance our teaching practices. How (And Why) Teachers Should Blog. Blogs have the potential to expand student creativity, not to mention their writing skills.

How (And Why) Teachers Should Blog

Language Arts and Reading specialists will love that, right? Making Student Data Part of the Conversation. When Cole Young became the principal of Humboldt Elementary School 12 years ago, the school was only 300ths of a point away from being labeled under-performing.

Making Student Data Part of the Conversation

Young, who had previously been a teacher at Humboldt, knew that they needed to enact change -- and they needed to do it quickly. Young, who says he'd "been a numbers guy for a long time," began aggregating all kinds of data, pushing it out to the teachers and staff, and exploring the role it could play in helping the school turn the tables on its under-performing label. Meta-Collaboration: Thinking With Another. What if we could dramatically improve our thought processes and learning strategies by tapping into the social genius of another?

Meta-Collaboration: Thinking With Another

What if a classmate, colleague, or friend could help us recognize and claim our strengths, new habits of thought, and strategies from a perspective that we never imagined by ourselves? As human beings, our survival depends on others. Our ability to cooperate and collaborate has trumped the stress response state of competition within our species and throughout evolution. With a group affiliation to nurture these relationships, we can strengthen and reappraise our own thought processes. Ushering in the Conceptual Age The two aspects of being human that set us apart from other mammals are metacognition and the deep desire to belong or feel felt. Feeling the emotions of others, social acceptance, and cooperation are critical to our early development of the identity and industry stages. 4 Collaborative Metacognition Strategies 1. 2.

Strategies for Helping Students Motivate Themselves. Epic Fail or Win? Gamifying Learning in My Classroom. Every week for 17 years, I've heard my students ask, "What do I need to do to get an A?

Epic Fail or Win? Gamifying Learning in My Classroom

" Historically, many have focused on their grade rather than on fundamental skills. My attempt to change this mindset started two years ago when I gamified learning in my classes. After researching gamification and its potential to help students master skills and processes, I used the 3DGameLab and then Gradecraft to develop and implement game-based learning. In each class, students could choose "quests" that, if completed successfully, earned them badges and experience points. Each open-source badge was developed using so that students could take them into the digital universe (e.g. attach to resumes, ePortfolios, etc.) and -- unlike grades on a transcript -- document skills they've mastered. Creating the Conditions for Student Motivation. Editor's Note: This piece was adapted from Building a Community of Self-Motivated Learners: Strategies to Help Students Thrive in School and Beyond by Larry Ferlazzo, available March 21, 2015 from Routledge.

Creating the Conditions for Student Motivation

There are three things to remember about education. The first is motivation. The second one is motivation. 4 Ways to Turn Distracted Students into Engaged Learners. Seven out of 10 academic leaders agree that online learning is critical to the future of education.

4 Ways to Turn Distracted Students into Engaged Learners

A Very Good Critical Thinking Framework for Teachers and Educators. Who Wants to Know? Use Student Questions to Drive Learning. Martin Luther King, Jr. considered this to be life's most persistent and urgent question: "What are you doing for others?

Who Wants to Know? Use Student Questions to Drive Learning

" As we approach the holiday that honors his legacy, here's another question worth pondering: How many of your students know how to ask persistent and urgent questions of their own? Knowing how to formulate a good question -- and having the courage to ask it -- is a skill with profound social justice implications. Dan Rothstein and Luz Santana, founders of the Right Question Institute, first became interested in questioning techniques when they were working with parents in a low-income community.

Parents told them they didn't participate in their children's education because they didn't know what to ask. That was more than 20 years ago. 11 Traits of Effective Teachers. January 2, 2015 I am not sure if you have already read it or not but this is one of the most popular posts by Edutopia in 2014.

11 Traits of Effective Teachers

"11 Habits of An Effective Teacher" is written by Carrie Lam (an academic director in Canada) in which she talked about some important traits that distinguish effective teachers. From the 11 features she mentioned the ones that resonated with me the most are open-mindedness and embracing change. To me these are the foundational attitudes underlying a successful teaching career. The Agile Classroom. Agile development refers to an iterative and highly collaborative approach to creating a product.

The Agile Classroom

In comparison, an agile classroom is an environment in which your students are motivated to do their best work and feel invested in the class as a whole. Before I started teaching at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii, I was a developer at a startup. We see our own teaching though the lens of our unique experiences, so here are some of the things I learned as an entrepreneur back then that make me a better teacher now.

Have a Vision There is a tremendous amount of power that comes from a group whose members are all striving toward the same goal and vision, communicated from the top, a goal and vision guiding the team members' daily decisions. 26 Questions to Ask Students in The First Week of School. August 12, 2014 Today as I was browsing through my Twitter feeds I stumbled upon this list of questions every student should be able to answer. 5 Proven Ways to Engage Students In Your Classroom.

The eyes roll back, the mouth scowls, the fingers grip the not-so-secretly hidden cellphone, and the brain checks out. These are, as teachers everywhere can attest, the surefire signs of a disengaged student.