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Coding Tutorials. Remerciement. Web Development Tutorials. Our Data Science Courses. Machine Learning. Information Theory. Coding Bootcamp in San Francisco. JavaScript focused programming school. Learn To Build iPhone Apps - Mobile Makers Academy. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials. 10 Best Programming Languages of 2015 You Should Know. The technology world is expanding immensely with each passing year and months, as they are coming up with new trendier smartphones and tablets every other day and the competition too has grown tough in the market to stand at the highest position.

10 Best Programming Languages of 2015 You Should Know

That’s the reason programmers and web developers are in tremendous demand nowadays because they have a good knowledge of programming languages. Various programming languages are now available and each of them has distinct functions. When you are just beginning, you might not know about these languages, but you can certainly make some efforts to learn about them and do mastery on at least one or more languages; then you can certainly gain a high-paid job for yourself in the industry. We have mentioned here 10 excellent programming languages of 2015 which you should learn and have a better idea. 1. Java is considered as the perfect language for the developers and programmers to learn. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 10.

Advanced Software Development in Full-Stack JavaScript » Code Fellows. Topics JavaScript Design Patterns Prototypal inheritance vs. classical inheritance Coupling and communication between objects Modeling object relationships using association, composition, and aggregation.

Advanced Software Development in Full-Stack JavaScript » Code Fellows

How to Choose a Programming Language » Code Fellows. Define Your Goals The list of notable programming languages is long, and expanding all the time.

How to Choose a Programming Language » Code Fellows

Languages grow and shrink in popularity and relevance, so how do you find out which one is the best one to learn? If you are considering a career in software development, first determine where you want to end up before plotting the path to get there. The courses taught at Code Fellows focus on the most in-demand languages, frameworks, and technologies among our hiring partners and companies in the tech community, so no matter which stack you choose to learn first, you'll be equipped with in-demand skills and the training and experience to pick up new languages quickly.

What Every Developer Should Know The web is built on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which is why our beginner and intermediate courses focus on these three languages, plus the technology, frameworks, and tools used by software developers everywhere. Danielabar/m101js. Classroom - Udacity. Object-Oriented JavaScript Programming Course - Udacity. JavaScript Design Patterns - Udacity.

JavaScript Basics for Beginners Course - Udacity. 9 Websites Where You Can Learn Anything For Free. Do you have spare time after work?

9 Websites Where You Can Learn Anything For Free

Perhaps, you want to make your summer productive. Want to learn a new course, language, skill or just about anything? Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are becoming popular these days. With websites and apps offering these services accessible via desktop and mobile devices, eLearning has become flexible, transparent, and collaborative. Here are 9 websites you can visit, while most of them also have their own mobile versions. Udemy is a global e-learning marketplace for instructors and students alike. On the other hand, if you want to learn a foreign language, you can check out LingQ. While the first two platforms adopt quite informal e-learning, Coursera lets you access free courses to more than 115 top universities worldwide (as of this writing). Who says coding is for geeks only? From technology and services courses, let’s move to the next level. Want to enhance your writing skills?

Code School - Try R. Introduction à la programmation en assembleur (processeurs 64 bits de la famille 80x86) - 10. Opérateurs logiques. IA*Lab. Allanbreyes (Allan Reyes) Udacity Nanodegree Style Guide. CSS Style Rules CSS Validity Use valid CSS.

Udacity Nanodegree Style Guide

Using valid CSS is a measurable baseline quality that ensures proper CSS usage and allows you to spot CSS code that may not have any effect and can be removed. ID and Class Naming Use meaningful or generic ID and class names. Instead of presentational of cryptic names, always use ID and class names that reflect the purpose of the element in question or that are otherwise generic. Créez des applications pour Android.

Bonjour à tous et bienvenue dans le monde merveilleux du développement d'applications Android ! Android est un système d'exploitation mobile, c'est-à-dire que, tout comme Windows ou Linux c'est un gros programme, composé de petits programmes, qui permet d'exécuter d'autres logiciels. Par exemple, Windows permet d'exécuter Internet Explorer, et pour ce faire, il doit faire le lien entre la souris et le curseur à l'écran, entre le clavier et les champs de saisie, etc.

Et avec l'explosion des ventes de smartphones ces dernières années, Android a pris une place importante dans la vie quotidienne de millions de personnes, au point qu'il s'agit du système d'exploitation mobile avec le plus d'applications en circulation. Que diriez-vous de développer vos propres applications pour Android, en les proposant au monde entier via le Play Store, le marché d'applications de Google ?

Cependant, pour suivre ce cours, il vous faudra quelques connaissances : Sign-in. 6 great coding websites and apps for tweens and teens. My daughter's school offered a coding class as one of this year's summer school offerings.

6 great coding websites and apps for tweens and teens

I was excited. She was not. Ah, tweens. - Code with Anna and Elsa #6. The Javascript Language - Learn, Practice & Master Javascript Interactively! Find Courses by Department. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming.

Code Avengers: learn to code games, apps and websites. Data-binding Revolutions with Object.observe() Introduction Une révolution approche.

Data-binding Revolutions with Object.observe()

JavaScript va proposer une nouvelle fonctionnalité qui va complètement changer votre façon de penser au data-binding. Elle changera aussi la façon qu’ont la plupart des bibliothèques MVC d’observer les changements et mises à jour des modèles. Êtes-vous prêts à profiter d’un joli boost de performance dans les apps qui ont besoin d’observer des propriétés ? OK. Object.observe(), qui fait partie d’un prochain standard ECMAScript, est une méthode qui permet de surveiller de façon asynchrone les modifications apportées aux objets JavaScript… sans avoir à recourir à une bibliothèque tierce. // Disons qu’on a un modèle avec des donnéesvar model = {}; // Observons-le à présentObject.observe(model, function(changes){ // Ce callback asynchrone est exécuté et agrège les modifications changes.forEach(function(change) { // Ça nous permet de savoir ce qui s’est passé console.log(change.type,, change.oldValue); }); });

JavaScript. Hour of Code. Log in. Codecademy. W3Schools Online Web Tutorials.