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MYOPULSE acuscope

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Untitled. This Module, will review six basic protocols using Avazzia Pro-Sport, as well as log sheets for documenting patient outcomes which may be used to document evidence of results.


The videos below will only activate with a subscription. Subscribe Now! The six basic protocols covered in this module are: Scars Point of Pain Contralateral Side Sticky Sreas 3-Pathways-6-Points Little Wings Certification Study Material 1. Pro-Sport, Y-tool, and lead wire Patient Study Forms Packet Prescription for Avazzia device or therapy Patient Consent Form Patient Intake Form Scar Treatment Worksheet Point of Pain/Contralateral Data Log Sheet 3-Pathways-6-Points Data Log Sheet Little Wings Treatment Patient Results Summary. Untitled. Value of Training - Avazzia. Using an Avazzia BEST device is easy – often as easy as turning it on and placing the onboard electrodes on the point of pain.

Value of Training - Avazzia

While easy to use, the BEST devices are best used in the hands of a skilled user, which is why training is so important to improve quality of results. In-Person Seminars Professional training seminars with hands-on practice are available from experienced healthcare professionals that use Avazzia in their practices every day.

Contact them directly or check out their websites to register for conferences and training events. Or, go to to explore the many video testimonials of how Avazzia owners are using their device to improve their health and to find videos offered by professional healthcare practitioners. AXION micro5. Advanced Therapy, 213.384.2330. Medical devices for pain management and beauty systems by medilab. Medilab research+trading GmbH&Co. specializes in the assembly, research and sales of medical devices and high-tech beauty systems.

Medical devices for pain management and beauty systems by medilab

Our product range includes ultrasound dopplers as well as medical devices for pain management (algonix). Furthermore we provide beauty systems and cosmetic devices for various cosmetic treatments. For all of medilab´s devices (pain management, beauty systems) we offer comprehensive services. You will find detailed information on our website about us and our products. cymedics: works! Cymedics is one of the world‘s leading brands in the high-tech medical and aesthetic field. Cymedics all in one - Nomen est omen Maximum synergies. Cymedics premium - Biocybernetic tissue revitalisation Congenital or acquired weaknesses (e.g. after pregnancy or a diet) and the natural ageing process take their aesthetic toll.

Cymedics premium: The pleasant path to beauty. Chronic Myofascial Pain. CHRONIC MYOFASCIAL PAINby Devin J.

Chronic Myofascial Pain

Starlanyl Chronic myofascial pain (CMP) due to myofascial trigger points (TrPs) has not previously been adequately defined. We distinguish two stages. Although chronic pain is usually defined as beginning after 6 months (24), using a time parameter for CMP is unrealistic. One patient may have had chronic pain from other sources for years yet only recently have developed TrPs.

Adding to diagnostic confusion is the common practice of substituting descriptions for diagnoses. A. Stage 1 CMP consists of simple TrPs that persist due to lack of adequate treatment and control of perpetuating factors. B. Stage 2 CMP includes sensitization of the CNS due to persistent pain. C. The term "interactive diagnoses," as opposed to "differential diagnoses," implies bidirectional interaction among co-existing conditions. Frequency Specific Microcurrent. Microcurrent Science & Microcurrent Technology. PRODUCTS - EquiScope Phoenix. Acuscope and Myopulse Manufacturer - Biomedical Design Instruments. BIOMEDICAL DESIGN INSTRUMENTS: page 1. Browse by Battery Category Browse by Battery Manufacturer Item Details Add to Wishlist Quantity: EAS-70C Battery Replacement for the BIOMEDICAL DESIGN INSTRUMENTS Electro-Acuscope EAS-70C battery.


(AKA: EAS70c) BatteryTex offers the EAS-70C battery at an unbeatable price and backs that up with over 30 years of experience in battery sales. When it comes to Medical Batteries - the EAS-70C Electro-Acuscope BIOMEDICAL DESIGN INSTRUMENTS replacement battery provides the power you need when you need it. Item Details Add to Wishlist BIOMEDICAL DESIGN INSTRUMENTS Electro Accu Scope EAS-70, 80 Medical Battery Replacement When it comes to Medical Batteries - the Electro Accu Scope EAS-70, 80 BIOMEDICAL DESIGN INSTRUMENTS replacement battery provides the power you need when you need it.

Item Details Add to Wishlist. Find-Buy-Order Accessories for Electro-Acuscope, Myoscope and Myopulse. Keeping Current offers a full line of Electro-Acuscopes, Myoscopes, Myopulses and Neuroscopes probes, cords and accessories for all models of the instruments.

Find-Buy-Order Accessories for Electro-Acuscope, Myoscope and Myopulse

These range from basic accessories to special order items. Note: All of our probes with attached cords, independent straight wires, and separate coiled accessory cords have been modified and are longer than the standard length for optimal use with animals. Keeping Current also offers a complete Basic and Advanced Small Animal and/or Equine Acuscope Training/Certification Program. To Order Call, Fax or Email Keeping Current We accept Checks, Money Orders and All Major Credit/Debit Cards Financing Available For a complete list of accessories available and prices, please contact Keeping Current. Repairs: Instrument repairs and service are available through Keeping Current on all models of the Electro-Acuscope, Myoscope, Myopulse, and Neuroscope.

For information on basic service costs, please contact Keeping Current.