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Getting Started with Parallax – KickStart Wiki. Welcome to the Parallax KickStart wiki!

Getting Started with Parallax – KickStart Wiki

Here you’ll find dozens of programming examples to help you jump start your use of Parallax sensors and accessories sold through retail stores such as RadioShack, Microcenter, and Fry’s Electronics.These KickStarts give you hands-on help for connecting R/C servos, GPS modules, accelerometers, digital compasses, ultrasonic distance sensors, XBee wireless radios, and more to three of the world’s most popular microcontrollers: the BASIC Stamp 2, Parallax Propeller, and Arduino.KickStarts are basic, no-frills coding samples, made so you can get started, fast.

Each example takes no more than a few minutes to set up and try.Many of the Parallax sensors and accessories offer enhanced features and functionality not covered in the example code. Corporation - Atmel AVR 8- and 32-bit Microcontrollers - megaAVR. Little-scale's arduino page. Paja. Making an everyday object playful Drawdio – a Pencil that draws sounds The world’s deepest bin: The fun theory Let it snow: Google Search during Christmas vacation The Speed Camera Lottery: The fun theory Ningen Gakki, Turn Your Body Into a Musical Instrument Nicodama: Ryota Kuwakubo Clocky: Nanda Home Playble: Yumiko Tanaka TV Wand Designing Interactions with Electronics course 2013 Many products and services requires interactions today and it has been a big challenge for designers in how to sketch ideas. You can find student work in previous years as follows.

If you have any question, please contact Michihito Mizutani . Pulsar Kites. Playground - Resources. In order of perceived usefulness - trusted electronic components sourcing channel from China Digikey - great website for design Mouser - a lot of things, + PCBsNewark electronics - deep stock Future Electronics - Taos light sensors, Lumileds LEDsArrow electronicsAvnet - semiconductors Allied ElectronicsFarnell - free next day delivery Sparkfun (USA) very good, lots of things, sometimes not the cheapest however Akizukidenshi (Japan) if you live in Japan and understand japanese, probably the best shop (they have nearly everything parts or so) Switch-Science (Japan) : reseller of Sparkfun in Japan Sure Electronics (based in china ships worldwide) sells mostly components but the best source i have come across for LEDs by the 100s and really cheap, a bit steep for shipping and it takes a bit, but with a medium order it is WELL worth it. in alphabetical order Octopart ... a search engine for electronic parts.

playground - Resources

Playground - Resources. Love Match – Touchsensor and Flash - Paja. Description: This program calculates the love-potential between two people Two touchsensors are connected to Arduino.

Love Match – Touchsensor and Flash - Paja

When they are touched, the running program measures the values of the pressure-intensity during 5sec. The maximun and minimum of the measured values are saved to variables. Each second during the 5sec, the program adds the (Max – min) to a TotalSum and resets max and min. After the 5th sec. a function drawHeart is called which creates a heart on the screen calculating the size according to the TotalSum values we obtained. Material/Software: Arduino microcontroller & IDE Processing IDE Flash 2 x Flexiforce touchsensor. Guilherme Martins : The beginning of a Timeline. I/o blog. Guilherme Martins : The beginning of a Timeline. Arduino and watchdog timer. Have you ever encountered situations when your Arduino-based device hangs?

Arduino and watchdog timer

There are many reasons for this - from millis() overflow in 49 days to moisture in outdoor sensors (causing them not to respond)... But what if your device is not easily accessible and\or works for long periods without human supervision? Such situations should be prevented in this case. You don't want your plant watering system that you left to look after your plants and flowers during your vacation to hang on the second day, leaving your loved plants without water, really? Most MCUs, including those used in Arduino, has a special feature, called Watchdog timer.

I once encountered sudden hangs of my standalone arduino-based device. I don't know, why there's not even a word about this in Arduino docs. Quoting ATMega Datasheet: ATmega48/88/168/328 has an Enhanced Watchdog Timer (WDT). Practical Arduino: News. My Arduino. Motoruino. The Motoruino is a board based on the Arduino platform, it is designed to work with motors, servos and sensors.


Motoruino most important features: easy to use, understand, play withplug-and-roll boardcompatible with Arduino Diecimilla/Duemillanove and Shieldsone H-Bridge (L293D) allows you to control 2 dc motorsthe usage of the H-Bridge is open, i.e., there aren’t any Arduino output pins assigned, the user can use the H-Bridge the way he/she wantstwo jumpers allow the motors power supply and the PWM pins to be either connected to the external supply (Vin) or regulated 5 voltsmotors have 3 different connectors, screw terminals, male headers, JST connectorsservos and sensors can be easily plugged in due to dedicated power and ground headers on each pintwo possible FTDI/USB connections available:USB / TTL convertor, there are some choices on the market for this one, you can have it in the form of a cable, or in the form of a small pcb or using a USB adaptor with the FTDI chip embedded.