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pawel dabrowski >> portfolio Jahelah! New Balance 2013 Move HF session Branding Africa aphrosDesktopography Books Isover New Balance S session Percheron Depthcore Front Row Heroes 3d Abstract selected adv projects Personal portfolio of a graphic designer, illustrator based in Krakow, Poland. Since 1998 Paweł has worked as freelancer for a number of companies. Since 2008 is co-owner of 2to2 design studio. Pawel worked for: New Balance, Saint-Gobain, National Museum in Krakow, Ride Snowboards, Skanska, Arup, Atlas, Can-Pack, Mediq and others. pawel dabrowski >> portfolio
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20 Amazing Digital Artists to Follow on Behance Anyone with an interest in design, illustration or digital art knows the Behance Network is the place to go to find all kinds of amazing artworks. This roundup pulls together a collection of the the site’s most popular and a few of my personal favourite artists and designers, who each produce high quality and awe-inspiring work. Having the latest projects from these artists appear in your news stream is sure to keep your creative fire burning. 20 Amazing Digital Artists to Follow on Behance
Hot Artworks by Guillem Marí Guillem Marí is a freelance illustrator and painter currently based in Ibiza island, Spain. The list of his clients includes Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Schibsted Publishing Co., Uitgeverij de Boemerang and Editorial Vicens-Vives, amongst others. Illustrations Illustrations
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Unknown Picture Copyright © 1999-2012, LLC. All rights reserved. *One FREE .COM, .CO, .NET or .ORG with purchase of a new 12-, 24- or 36-month website builder plan. Plus ICANN fee of $0.18 per domain name per year. You must add the domain name into your cart before purchase, and you must select a domain term length equal to or less than the term length of your website builder plan to qualify for the free domain offer. Unknown Picture
Have you ever thought of creating your own responsive website? It could be your own personal webpage or your blog or even a site for your business? How about to create a website by yourself using one of today’s most advanced website builder? Dimensional Photography Dimensional Photography
Digital Art Inspiration Through Text Art & Typography Digital Art Inspiration Through Text Art & Typography Digital art and any form of Photoshop skills often make me drool with inspiration, some of the effects, styles and out of the box thinking is just amazing on so many links. We claim no image as our own, but instead aim to showcase amazing works from various parts of the web. Be inspired by previous typography showcases and our most recent ‘Text Art from DeviantART.’
Digital Art Inspiration: Abstract Photoshop Manipulation Girls Be inspired by the best digital artists from across the web, here we showcase the best abstract photo manipulation digital artworks with girls as its subject focus. We are all inspired by the different forms of digital artworks, whether you prefer to see vector artwork, bright graphic designs or hand drawn sketchwork. Digital art is a positive its inspiring, its most definately time consuming and requires lots of skills to manipulate and work with the tools at your disposable with digital art software such as Adobe Creative Suite Digital Art Inspiration: Abstract Photoshop Manipulation Girls

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Interesting Letterhead Designs | Letterheady Poo Poo Pictures, 1989 | Submitted by RaySuperb letterhead used by Terry Gilliam’s production company, Poo Poo Pictures, in 1989 Kate Bush, date unknown | Submitted by Tina Enfield Adam Ant, 1980 | From my personal collectionLetterhead used by Adam Ant in 1980, less than a year before {*style:<a href=''>*}Stand and Deliver entered the charts. High Resolution High Resolution
Arts Thanea Blog » Design & Art Overlapps If you are interested in mobile application design, the overlapps is something for you. It showcases the greatest apps for yours iPhone, iPad and Android. You can find there lots of applications, links to them and their rating, issued by the users. Very recommendable. Related links:Overlapps Arts Thanea Blog » Design & Art
DesignWar : art, design, photography, architecture, streetart, fashion, advertisement, cinema & tv - art, design, inspiration Zhang Minjie — Chinese artist Continue reading Colorful surrealistic oil paintings by a US based artist James McCarthy Continue reading Eleanor Davis — US based cartoonist and illustrator Continue reading The Elements by R. Tanaka (chemist, head of microphoto-studio “Cat’s glove”, Japan) Continue reading

DesignWar : art, design, photography, architecture, streetart, fashion, advertisement, cinema & tv - art, design, inspiration

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You asked for more, so you got it. We’ve covered Latin American, Middle Eastern, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese graphic design. It was a beautiful introduction to art from our brothers who speak different tongues. Graphic Design can be dramatic, emotional, powerful, romantic, serene, political or even all of the above. Now we’re going to cover lesser known, but still equally powerful and equivocal graphic design from around the world. This time we hand the floor to Scandinavia, Israel, Russia and Africa. Graphic Design Examples Worldwide: How Nationality Reflects In Artworks Part 2
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