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Kaltura, Captioning Tools. Gephi introduction. Project Planner - SAGE Research Methods. GeneEd - Genetics, Education, Discovery. Metacat Administrator’s Guide — Metacat 2.6.0 documentation. Metacat: Metadata and Data Management Server Navigation Metacat Administrator’s Guide¶

Metacat Administrator’s Guide — Metacat 2.6.0 documentation

23andMe Markets Genome Kits to Researchers. Scientists can now buy the direct-to-consumer sequencing product, and research participants can join 23andMe’s database.

23andMe Markets Genome Kits to Researchers

YOUTUBE, ALEXTHEORGANICDirect-to-consumer genomics firm 23andMe is offering its spit-to-sequence kits to researchers for $199. Study volunteers can then join the company’s ancestry database and receive information on carrier status for diseases. Duke University’s Ahmad Hariri, who has used the product for his research since 2009, gave The Verge a rave review. Have You Looked At This? Yewno. Yewno is a semantic-analysis engine that was formally launched at ALA this year, although its creators offered some low-key presentations earlier in 2016 at meetings held by SSP and AAUP.

Have You Looked At This? Yewno

The Yewno technology is run across full-text content, with the system creating a matrix of semantic entities found in each document. Yewno uses a mix of computational semantics, graph theory, and machine learning to retrieve relevant documents without reliance on restrictive conventions imposed by external technology or data format requirements. According to Michael Keller of Stanford, this means that Yewno enables searching of ideas rather than specific expressions, such as keywords.

The technology is currently in beta-testing and/or trials at eight institutions: Harvard, Stanford, MIT, the University of Michigan, University of California–Berkeley, Stonehill College, Oxford University, and the Bavarian State Library. There are two panels in the highly visual interface. Top 10 Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives - eLearning Industry. Top 10 Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives.

Camtasia Studio is one of my favorite tools.

Top 10 Free Camtasia Studio Alternatives

It gives you the ability to create screen recordings, to customize and edit your content, and to integrate it into your eLearning courses. On the other hand, even though it does offer a variety of functions and features, eLearning professionals with tight budgets might find the price tag a bit too steep. The good news is that there are a number of free Camtasia Studio alternatives that can provide any eLearning professional with the opportunity to capture screen images and produce high quality screen recordings. Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva. How Can I Share It. Public Health Genomics Knowledge Base (v1.0) Covidence lets you create and maintain Systematic Reviews online.

Mlanet. Welcome to the new MLANET Login information and help below.


MLA members and registered guests: Your Username is now your email (not your old MLANET member ID)Your Password is unchanged from the one you had on the prior MLANET.If you do not remember your password, please reset your passord (requires email). Not a member? Take the next step in your career and join MLA now. Paper Is a Drop-Dead Gorgeous App for Drawing and Taking Notes on the iPad. Getting Started with Google Draw.

One of the lesser known Google Apps is Google Drawing.

Getting Started with Google Draw

Google Drawing is really powerful and easy to use! Use Google Drawing to make your posters and flyers. Like other Google Docs, Google Drawing is collaborative. This means you do not need to print out your flyer and walk across campus to get it approved. Simply share the Drawing with a colleague and let them make any changes that are needed. Start in Google Drive ( Click on the “NEW” button and choose “Google Drawings” from the “More” menu options. Allow others to create your drawing with you. Oftentimes when I am making a drawing I do not want it to be the size of an entire piece of paper.

Instead of the default 4:3 ratio, click on the drop down menu to choose “Custom.” The default measurement is in inches. I frequently use a 300×300 pixel canvas for my drawings since I am recently into drawing badges and images for my blog posts. Drag the Edge Auto Zoom. The digital note-taking app for your devices. The Digital Humanities CenterThe Digital Humanities Center. Home - RefWorks Flow. Flow not only helps you manage references but also helps you store research documents.

Home - RefWorks Flow

You can quickly drag and drop documents into Flow. It allows you to read, annotate, and share documents or citations. Home - Mendeley. The basic Mendeley account is free.

Home - Mendeley

To get the most out of Mendeley, it’s best to use both the web (browser-based) application and the desktop application (which is available for Mac, Windows and Linux). To use Mendeley you will sign up for a free account on And from there, you can also download the desktop application. Go to and click the Sign up for free link in the upper right corner. The free account gives you 1 GB of space (500 MB for personal documents and 500 MB of shared space to use with groups), the ability to create 5 private groups with a maximum of 10 users per group. Zotero Home - Zotero. It enables users to collect, manage, and cite research from all types of sources.

Zotero Home - Zotero

It is easy to use, lives in your web browser where you do your work, and it is free! Zotero allows you to attach pdfs, notes, images and screenshots to your citations, to organize them into collections for different projects, and to create bibliographies using Word or OpenOffice. Zotero detects when a book, article, or other resource is being viewed and, with a mouse click, finds and saves the full reference information to a local file. If the source is an online article or web page, Zotero can optionally store a local copy of the source. Introduction - Omeka: A User's Guide. SharePoint Online – Collaboration Software. SharePoint Online delivers the powerful features of SharePoint without the associated overhead of managing the infrastructure on your own.

SharePoint Online – Collaboration Software

Flexible management options ensure that you still retain the control you need to meet the compliance requirements of your organization. SharePoint 2013. Organize, collaborate, and share online.