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Perpetuum Mobile

PERPETUUM MOBIL : ВЕЧНЫЙ ДВИГАТЕЛЬ : IKILIIKKUJA :a multidisciplinary motion vehicle

Вместе мы решили провести Стрит Арт Ассамблею. Посмотреть пространство Екатеринбурга и уличные работы. И обсудить. Всех кто неравнодушен приглашаю, думаю будет интересно Завтра, 14.09, Две сессии: THE ARTS ASSEMBLY THE ARTS ASSEMBLY
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The First (Pilot) Arts Assembly The First (Pilot for a) ARTS ASSEMBLY took place 20-22 November, 2009 on the Island of Suomenlinna, and at an Open Door Session (Bar Llamas). For Detailed and Updated Information, go to this page: What is an Arts Assembly? THE FIRST PILOT FOR AN ARTS ASSEMBLY « PERPETUUM MOBILƐ : ВЕЧНЫЙ THE FIRST PILOT FOR AN ARTS ASSEMBLY « PERPETUUM MOBILƐ : ВЕЧНЫЙ
S.a.L.E. Docks, Venice MERCOLEDì 3 APRILE h. 18.00 Presentazione del libro e workshop con il Museo dell’arte contemporanea italiana in esilio. Il Museo dell’Arte Contemporanea Italiana in Esilio è un progetto di Cesare Pietroiusti in collaborazione con Mattia Pellegrini, Davide Ricco e Alessandra Meo. Dal 2010 sta sviluppando una ricerca allo scopo di individuare personalità singole o collettive che svolgono attività creative sorprendenti, eterodosse, fuori dai circuiti della comunicazione mediatica. S.a.L.E. Docks, Venice
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The ARTS ASSEMBLY (AA) « PERPETUUM MOBILƐ : ВЕЧНЫЙ ДВИГАТЕЛЬ : I What is an Arts Assembly? An Arts Assembly is a reflexive model for co-operation in the creative field. It unites a diversity of actors in new “formats” based on participatory action through peer-to-peer platforms. There are several Chambers of the Assembly. The Value Chamber (aka the Auction Chamber): This chamber was first conceived (during the collapse of casino-style markets) after the fashion of auctions: through bids and counter-bids according to a procedure. The ARTS ASSEMBLY (AA) « PERPETUUM MOBILƐ : ВЕЧНЫЙ ДВИГАТЕЛЬ : I
Parfyme » Index Take the 2A bus to the edge of town and get off when you find the entrance to Tingbjerg. It’s the only road in, so you’ll have to follow it. You’ll find friendly people, a few shops, imagery you may have seen on the news, and a single high-rise. Now listen: King Kong is coming to Tingbjerg, and she’s going to climb that building. Parfyme » Index
The AA at Manifesta 8, Spain « PERPETUUM MOBILƐ : ВЕЧНЫЙ ДВИГАТЕ The AA at Manifesta 8, Spain « PERPETUUM MOBILƐ : ВЕЧНЫЙ ДВИГАТЕ Arts Assembly – CPS A Reflexive Organ of CPS, Curators of Manifesta 8 A Perpetuum Mobilεzation The Arts Assembly – CPS is a programme of critical evaluations of the Chamber of Public Secrets (CPS), in its capacity as a curatorial team of Manifesta 8.
CPS – The Rest is History? CPS – The Rest is History? Review by Sabeth Buchmann for Artforum on Manifesta 8, 2011 Ariel Reichman at San Anton Prison. Short video from Chamber of Public Secrets venues at Manifesta 8 in Spain 2010. Produced by GUTS. Michael Takeo Magruder at MURAM.
9. Nafas Art Magazine 9. Nafas Art Magazine Manifesta 8 In Dialogue with Northern AfricaApril 2010 The 8th edition of Manifesta, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, takes place in the Spanish cities of Murcia and Cartagena. It is being curated by Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum, Chamber of Public Secrets and From 9 October 2010 to 9 January 2011, in dialogue with Northern Africa, Manifesta 8 will explore the idea of Europe in the 21st century, focussing on the boundaries of the continent, and thus strengthening its international and intercontinental character. More specifically, the aim of Manifesta 8 will be to engage with Europe's present-day frontiers and its interrelation with the Maghreb region. The South of Spain, specifically Al-Andalus, has been a historical blend of Islamic, Judaic and Christian cultural influences co-existing together.
THE RAW, THE COOKED AND THE PACKAGED The Archive of Perestroika Art KIASMA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki 2007 “The best exhibition on Perestroika since Perestroika” Vladimir Shinkarev, Originator of the Mit’ki Group EXHIBITIONS « PERPETUUM MOBILƐ : ВЕЧНЫЙ ДВИГАТЕЛЬ : IKILIIKKUJA EXHIBITIONS « PERPETUUM MOBILƐ : ВЕЧНЫЙ ДВИГАТЕЛЬ : IKILIIKKUJA
Aleksanteri Conference 2007 Aleksanteri Conference 2007 Parallel to the Academic Conference, a series of cultural events were organised in Helsinki and other capitals around the Baltic. These Aleksanteri Cultural Fora were open to conference participants. 0. The Raw, The Cooked and The Packaged The Archive of Perestroika Art Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art >>
Framework 8
Perpetual GYPSY Pavilion Inside Outsiders : CONCEPTUAL COOKING with the PERPETUAL GYPSY PAVILION at FITTJA OPEN / BOTYRKA ART HALL The Inside Outsiders project focusses with a new clarity on universal questions concerning the ‘cultural other’ and the integration/assimilation debate. It works with the unique situation of Gypsy-Romani artists in the field of contemporary arts. Drawing on the familiar issues surrounding multiculturalism, it goes beyond them, “making them strange” by literally bringing them home.
PEALELEND Miks oli vaja tulla möödunud Veneetsia biennaalil välja projektiga „Mustlaste püsiv paviljon”? „Mustlaste püsiv paviljon” („Perpetual Gypsy Pavilion”) Veneetsias oli vastus kahekordsele kriisile. Esiteks, planeeritud „Roma paviljon”, mida esmakordselt eksponeeriti 2007. aasta biennaalil, otsustati ära jätta paar nädalat enne 2009. aasta biennaali. Kuid mustlaste ehk roma kunstnike näitus oli erakordselt vajalik, sest Veneetsia (ja seetõttu ka biennaal) oli sattunud mustlaste inimõiguste rikkumise keskpunkti nii Itaalias kui ka laiemalt Euroopas. Kuigi Euroopa parlament mõistis selle situatsiooni hukka, ei teinud seda teised Euroopa kõrged ametlikud institutsioonid. Itaalia valitsus oli kas kiitnud heaks või vähemalt olnud salliv ebaõigluse suhtes romade ehk mustlaste vastu 2008. ja 2009. aastal.