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Blender Grease Pencil Tutorials on Vimeo. Poliigon. USD Documentation : USD Tutorials. 2016 Live Streaming Sessions. Now Available: Mobile App / New: Live Streaming Sessions Search form Render the Possibilities the 43rd international conference and exhibition on Computer Graphics & Interactive Techniques 24-28 July Anaheim, California You are here Conference Live Streaming Sessions Watch a variety of SIGGRAPH 2016 sessions available via live stream.

2016 Live Streaming Sessions

All sessions stream through the player below unless designated:  WATCH ON YOUTUBE All times are Pacific Daylight Time (North America), UTC/GMT -7 hours. Sunday, 24 July. Mermaid, Rocky Meng. Modeling a Hi-Res Katana in Blender – Part 1 – Blender Unleashed. Jungle Rock Face Substance, Mark Foreman. Environment Art Tips From Anthony Vaccaro. We’re incredibly happy to present our interview with Anthony Vaccaro from Naughty Dog.

Environment Art Tips From Anthony Vaccaro

Anthony did a bunch of work on Last of Us, Uncharted series, Halo Reach. In this interview he talks about his production process, the way he blocks out the scene, builds huge open levels, uses color and hero assets. Introduction My name is Anthony Vaccaro. I am an Environment Artist at Naughty Dog where we recently wrapped up Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. An Environment Artists’ roll is to create a beautiful space that pulls the player into a digital world all the while helping facilitate the design that is in place to move the player along through the game.

At Naughty Dog an Environment Artist typically works with design to create art around a given section of block mesh which must be turned into a living breathing world that still helps lead the player from one objective to the next. Vast Open Spaces Blockout Blocking out space is one of the most important steps in creating an environment. Color. Rens on Gumroad. Substance & Unreal Tutorial - Forest Snow Ground, Jacob Norris. Poliigon. 20150326133912. KÜCHENFORMEN. Pricing – Blender render farm – LionRender. Simplifying the art of 3d character creation. Maya: Animation Graph Editor Fundamentals. Why did computer animation become so mainstream?

Maya: Animation Graph Editor Fundamentals

Well the Graph Editor has a big role to play. And what better editor to learn than Maya’s used to animate todays biggest movies and games. Deutschlands Flora in Abbildungen (1796) SEINet - Arizona Chapter - Achnatherum. Plants perennial; tightly to loosely cespitose, sometimes shortly rhizomatous.

SEINet - Arizona Chapter - Achnatherum

Culms 10-250 cm, erect, not branching at the upper nodes; basal branching extra- or intravaginal; prophylls shorter than the sheaths. Leaves sometimes concentrated at the base; sheaths open, margins often ciliate distally; cleistogenes not present in the basal leaf sheaths; collars sometimes with hairs on the sides; auricles absent; ligules hyaline to membranous, glabrous or pubescent, sometimes ciliate; blades flat, convolute, or involute, apices acute, flexible, basal blades not overwintering, flag leaf blades more than 10 mm long.

Inflorescences terminal panicles, usually contracted, sometimes 2 forming at the terminal node; branches usually straight, sometimes flexuous. Spikelets usually appressed to the branches, with 1 floret; rachillas not prolonged beyond the floret; disarticulation above the glumes, beneath the floret. RenderMan Forums. Home · bsavery/PRMan-for-Blender Wiki. Intro to RenderMan for Blender - RenderMan Community. Created by Ryan Gordon.

Intro to RenderMan for Blender - RenderMan Community

During this tutorial we will be making this scene, using the RenderMan plugin for Blender, the free and open source 3D creation suite. Warning: This tutorial assumes that you have already installed Pixar's RenderMan, either the commercial or non-commercial version. The non-commercial version can be found here if you have not already installed it you should do so now. Note: if you find technical issues with the RenderMan for Blender plugin, please post them to GitHub so they can be tracked properly: Step 1: Install the plugin. If you already have, then feel free to skip this part. Step 2: Activate the plugin. Go into the user preferences (Shortcut: Control-Alt-U) and enter the addons tap. Step 3: Model the geometry. Model your geometry like you normally would.

The camera is also a simple setup. Step 4: Switch to the prman renderer. Solidify modifier Contour/Outline – Blender NPR. Edge node V1.2.4 (July 2015) – Blender NPR. Warning: Heavy Technical Reading Ahead.

Edge node V1.2.4 (July 2015) – Blender NPR

Edge Node v1.2.4 blend file can be downloaded from BNPR download page. Before Freestyle, there was Edge Node. It is an image based edge detection, not a shader because edge detection is done via the compositor. The basic idea is to find edges with these passes: Normal PassZ-Depth To use them you need to activate these passes via the Properties Window > Render layers tab > Passes panel. Prerequisite to get Edge Node working: Turn on Z-depth & Normal pass.Turn on Full Sample Anti Aliasing (5x). Why Edge Node was made and the motivation to improve it Edge node is image based edge detection, that means rendering speed depends on how many pixels are displayed or rendered. Basic Toon Shaders with Blender Internal – Blender NPR. Pro-Lighting Studio. The fastest, easiest way to discover different lighting styles, and create a beautiful final render in less than a minute.

Pro-Lighting Studio

It works by automatically placing lights around your subject in different styles, and letting you cycle through dozens of lighting suggestions rapidly. Using Pro-Lighting Studio This gives you access to the same experimental process that photographers use, minus the tedious manual labour. Instead of manually positioning your lamps by hand, rendering out different changes, and then comparing the final images until you finally give up, you can find what works best in seconds. Pro-Lighting Studio lets you cycle through an assortment of lighting styles and see the results in realtime on your model. For the first time ever, you can work like an artist; choosing what lighting feels right just by looking at it. “Lighting completely changes the mood of your image. Course Details - Skinning with nCloth.