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The IPL2 Subject Browsing is no-longer a live site and is oriented primarily towards the United States but still has relevance.

Dictionary and Thesaurus | Merriam-Webster. Logos Dictionary. | Find Synonyms and Antonyms of Words at Resources by Subject. FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary.

Webopedia: Online Tech Dictionary for IT Professionals. Visuwords™ online • Visual Dictionary, Visual Thesaurus. Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary — Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net.

Learn how words associate. Enter words into the search box to look them up or double-click a node to expand the tree. Click and drag the background to pan around and use the mouse wheel to zoom. Hover over nodes to see the definition and click and drag individual nodes to move them around to help clarify connections. It's a dictionary! Visuwords™ uses Princeton University’s WordNet, an opensource database built by University students and language researchers.

The Visuwords™ Interface To use the applet you only need to type a word into the search query at the top of the page and press 'Enter'. You can zoom the model in and out by rolling the wheel on your mouse. English to French, Italian, German & Spanish Dictionary. Picture Dictionary Online - Dictionary for Kids. Peace. Peace n. harmonious relations; freedom from disputes; "the roommates lived in peace together" n. the state prevailing during the absence of war public security, peace n. the general security of public places; "he was arrested for disturbing the peace" Peace n. There are no items for this category accord, agreement n. harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters; "the two parties were in agreement" satisfaction, gratification n. state of being gratified or satisfied; "dull repetitious work gives no gratification"; "to my immense gratification he arrived on time" comfortableness, comfort n. a state of being relaxed and feeling no pain; "he is a man who enjoys his comfort"; "she longed for the comfortableness of her armchair" stir n. emotional agitation and excitement conflict n. a state of opposition between persons or ideas or interests; "his conflict of interest made him ineligible for the post"; "a conflict of loyalties" state of war, war Warfare n.

ABC-CLIO > ODLIS > odlis_A. In classification, one of the distinguishing characteristics of a class, identified as a means of differentiating it from other classes. As defined in FRBR (Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records), one of a set of characteristics enabling users of information to formulate queries and evaluate responses when searching for information about a specific entity. Attributes can be inherent in the entity (physical characteristics, labeling information, etc.) or supplied by an external agent (assigned identifiers, contextual information, etc.).

For example, the logical attributes of a creative work include its title, form, date of creation, intended audience, etc. As a general rule, a given instance of an entity exhibits a single value for each attribute, but multiple values are possible (a work may be published under more than one title or in more than one form), or a value may change over time (date of publication for serials). Etiology | definition of etiology by Medical dictionary. Etiology [e″te-ol´ah-je] thesciencedealingwithcauses of disease.adj. ,adjetiolog´ic,etiolog´ical. Etiology classification of disease. Illustrated here are the contributions of intrinsic, extrinsic, and unknown factors to disease causation. From Copstead and Banasik, 2000. Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, Seventh Edition. © 2003 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc. E·ti·ol·o·gy (ē'tē-ol'ŏ-jē), Avoid the jargonistic substitution of this word for cause (of disease). 1. 2.

[G. aitia, cause, + logos, treatise, discourse] Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary © Farlex 2012 /eti·ol·o·gy/ (e″te-ol´ah-je) 1. the science dealing with causes of disease. 2. the cause of a disease.etiolog´icetiolog´ical Dorland's Medical Dictionary for Health Consumers. © 2007 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier, Inc. Also aetiology (ē′tē-ŏl′ə-jē)·gies a. B. A. B. E′ti·o·log′ic (-ə-lŏj′ĭk), e′ti·o·log′i·cal adj. e′ti·o·log′i·cal·ly adv. e′ti·ol′o·gist n. [ē′tē·ol′əjē] Internet technologies Definitions - Glossary from This glossary contains terms related to Internet technologies, including definitions about port numbers, standards and protocols and words and phrases about how the Internet works. .shtml - A Web file with the suffix of ".shtml" (rather than the usual ".h... 16 bit Unicode Transformation Format - UTF-1... 16- bit Unicode Transformation Format - UTF... 32-bit IP address - 32-bit IP addressing is the IP address sche... 32-bit IP addressing - 32-bit IP addressing is the IP addres... 3PL - In business, 3PL has a broad meaning that can be applied to any service... 3PL (third-party logistics) - In business, 3PL has a ... 6to4 - 6to4 is a tunneling mechanism used to transfer IPv6 (Internet Protoco... 802.11 Fast Guide - This table lists highlights of the most pop... 911 - In the United States, E911 (Enhanced 91 is support for wireless phone u...

AAA - Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) is a framework for ...