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Bouton Vintage Unisexe imprimé Funky Chemise par LoosenLifted. Martín Melchor Ángeles. Indie Publishing: How to Design and Produce Your Own Book: Ellen Lupton: Libros. With the rise of DIY crafts and easier-than-ever access to professional book printing, this book fills a need.

Indie Publishing: How to Design and Produce Your Own Book: Ellen Lupton: Libros

Unlike any book on independent publishing I've seen, this one takes authors and designers through a visual tour of the basics of independent publishing. Indie Publishing is not an exhaustive manual about the business of publishing nor is it a technical design manual. Its strength is in demystifying a process that has been kept quite opaque by publishers for decades.

It guides people through the stages of indie publishing such as designing, planning, handmaking books or having books printed. If you are looking for more information about any one aspect: typography, business planning, marketing, editing, etc., then there is a bibliography with well-proven resources covering those details. Ellen Lupton, the editor, has fashioned a careful structure which reveals each stage in logical sequence. The photos illustrate key points while serving as inspirations. Mikkeller Shop. Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor: Lynda Barry: 9781770461611: Books. Tarjeta De Video Pny Gtx 780 3 Gb - $ 8,000.00 en MercadoLibre. Kevin Russ. Wes' Owens T-shirt by Derek Eads. Twitchy Vukka Art Print by Mark Facey. T-shirts by Laura MSS. T-shirts by Roberlan Borges. Bardott in Love T-shirt by Paola Gonzalez. T-shirts by Yurishwedoff. Quatre T-shirt by Cardboardcities.

Sharon Mix 7 T-shirt by Marko Köppe. Normalization iPhone & iPod Case by Eugenia Loli. All Rights Reserved Book. By Society6 Four color offset printed, perfect bound 1st edition with gold foil stamped, gatefold cover (french flaps).

All Rights Reserved Book

Published by Society6 in 2012. 128 pages, 7.75in x 10.5in. T-shirts by John Turck. Richie T-shirt by Perry Misloski. Spiders From Mars T-shirt by Butcher Billy. CTHUL-AID T-shirt by BeastWreck. Lowel DV Pro 44 Kit, LB35 Soft Case (230V) DVP94E B&H Photo. Lowel Super Ambi Kit TORP-955 B. This is a complete six-light tungsten kit, appropriately named the Lowel Super Ambi Kit.

Lowel Super Ambi Kit TORP-955 B

It includes two Tota-light floodlights, two Omni-light and one Pro-light focusing flood lights, and a Rifa eX 55 softbox light. An array of light control devices such as scrims, flags, reflectors, barndoors, gels, arms, clamps, and umbrellas are included. Light stands are included for each fixture, as well as bulbs, and storage cases for extra bulbs. A heavy-duty hard plastic wheeled case makes transport and storage easy. Although this kit is supplied for use with 120 AC voltage, all of the fixtures in this kit can function with 220-240 AC voltage. Lowel DV Creator 55 Kit, TO-83 Case DV-903Z B. This is a Lowel DV Creator 55 Kit, TO-83 Case four-light kit.

Lowel DV Creator 55 Kit, TO-83 Case DV-903Z B

It features one of each of the most popular fixtures in the Lowel line and plenty of light modification accessories for any lighting scheme. It includes the medium-size TO-83 Hard Kit Case. The Rifa-lite EX 55 is a self-contained, 21 x 21", 500W, collapsible, tungsten/halogen soft light that uses the unique umbrella-like Rifa design allowing set-up in 60 seconds or less. Bathe almost anything in luxurious soft light, from talking heads to table-top stills. Its twist-turn socket is removable, and allows the use of several types of bulbs when you order the optional sockets. Precision M3800: workstation móvil de 15" Free shipping Wood high quality work notebook notepad we can do it-inNotebooks from Office & School Supplies on Aliexpress. Pick work book when , real pick out the inside pages format . its don't design is to how nuanced , but in the format structure whether let work eutaxy arrange the . to human and affectedly or you relaxed . from the life of the fundamentats , our own to work habits begins to various work book page format architecture , original believed of found & ldquo . the burden of the better & rdquo . conceived outstripped the truth operation superfluous content elimintion after , we get now form + structure notes , careful and brief , the most fresh design watch style of mastertable , will time setting graphic , emphasise in work plan rhythm .

Free shipping Wood high quality work notebook notepad we can do it-inNotebooks from Office & School Supplies on Aliexpress

Bonus : the last one thess inside pages for contact list and original key person contact person list ! Increase the practical . Please remember to inform us the sizes and item number when you place the order,thank you. Customer Satisfaction. Portátil de la serie de libros libro. Madera de alta calidad luminosa de edición limitada de la serie del ordenador portátil del diario libro en. B5 35mm gruesa sketch book/de regalo de moda/venta al por mayor. Descripción 1. tamaño: mm 195*250*35.

B5 35mm gruesa sketch book/de regalo de moda/venta al por mayor

Envío gratis pieza 1 comunista chino de obras de arte del cartel esteras de coches nota. Presidente mao nota. Hecho a mano de roc magia libro diario de cumpleaños regalo de boda ultralarge posesión ilícita. Envío gratis simple y natural en blanco de papel kraft cuaderno el bloc de notas diray libro diario de viaje. Vintage d38 423 gigante europeo de la serie portátil de alta calidad/diario cuaderno diario, blocs de notas, Descripción.

Vintage d38 423 gigante europeo de la serie portátil de alta calidad/diario cuaderno diario, blocs de notas,

Kraft cuaderno negro desnudo bloc de notas de encuadernación de libros. Artículos de papelería, lindo idea, sketch book/diario/cuaderno/el bloc de notas. El bloc de notas cuaderno a6 vintage libro 5. El pago Aceptamos alipay payments”escrow” en línea actualmente apoyo a una variedad de los pagos: las tarjetas de crédito, depósito bancario, cheque, las tarjetas de débito.

el bloc de notas cuaderno a6 vintage libro 5

Envío gratuito en blanco diarios y revistas cuaderno nota libro 19.2*13.2*4.3cm 0122911. Harajuku bolsa de ordenador portátil diario el bloc de notas engrosamiento b5 tsmip 4 libro. Hecho a mano de la vaca regalo de negocios en blanco de cuero libro cuaderno de bloc de notas. Guy Style Guide. James Gulliver Hancock. Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens 9517A002 B. The EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens from Canon is a lightweight, compact all-purpose "standard" zoom lens with a focal length equivalent to 27-136mm in the 35mm format.

Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens 9517A002 B

It is compatible with DSLR cameras that use the APS-C format and provides a versatile set of focal lengths from wide-angle to telephoto. This lens features Canon's optical Image Stabilization technology, providing up to a 3-stop compensation for image blur caused by camera shake at slow shutter speeds. A ring-type ultrasonic autofocus motor provides fast and silent autofocus action and full-time manual focus is supported even when in the AF mode. Designed specifically for digital photography, it has a 17 element, 12 group construction, including one double-sided aspherical element for reduced aberrations and crisp, high contrast corner-to-corner detail.

Canon's specialized lens coatings suppress ghosting and flare and an optional dedicated lens hood can further reduce the incidence of flare. Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens 0344B002 B. The EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens from Canon is a versatile, easy-to-use standard zoom lens that covers a focal range from wide-angle to portrait-length telephoto.

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens 0344B002 B

Its constant maximum aperture of f/4 provides effective consistency when at the telephoto end of the zoom range. The L-series is Canon's flagship professional lens series, combining the highest standards of precision optics and operability with dust and moisture resistant construction. Flash Fx - Animation Pack. Let me talk about this huge and complete motion graphics package.

It contain over 100 quick animations, that will give a perfect look and more dynamic to your motion design pieces. You can use it separately or compose it each others, use full screen or scaled down, keep this look or change colors easely with your favorite software…So it’s up to you make your own graphics composition with them.

All animations are rendered in a QuickTime PNG with an alpha channel with a full hd resolution (30fps). A usefull preview gallery is provided, please take a look at the full package content in this gallery : Item content. Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens 5175B002 B. This redesigned EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens from Canon ups the ante for optical performance for a professional standard zoom lens. It has one Super UD lens element and two UD lens elements that minimize chromatic aberrations in the periphery at wide-angle, as well as reducing color blurring around the edges of the subject.

In addition, two types of aspherical lenses are combined to help reduce spherical aberration over the entire image area, as well as through the full zoom range. Optimized lens coatings help ensure exceptional color balance while minimizing ghosting. The Visible Gummy Bear. Delta 1 Muslin Mover Straight Rail - 4' 44251 B. Portafondos + Fondo Negro, Blanco O Verde. - $ 1,799. Fondo Para Estudio Fotográfico Manfrotto Con 2 Soportes P/3 - $ 4,193.25 en MercadoLibre. Bienal Rocks. Your Shopping Cart.


9 Books on Reading and Writing. By Maria Popova Dancing with the absurdity of life, or what symbolism has to do with the osmosis of trash and treasure. Hardly anything does one’s mental, spiritual, and creative health more good than resolving to read more and write better. Today’s reading list addresses these parallel aspirations. And since the number of books written about reading and writing likely far exceeds the reading capacity of a single human lifetime, this omnibus couldn’t be — shouldn’t be — an exhaustive list. It is, instead, a collection of timeless texts bound to radically improve your relationship with the written word, from whichever side of the equation you approach it. If anyone can make grammar fun, it’s Maira Kalman — The Elements of Style Illustrated marries Kalman’s signature whimsy with Strunk and White’s indispensable style guide to create an instant classic.

On a related unmissable note, let the Elements of Style Rap make your day. On the itch of writing, Lamott banters: Unpublished David Ogilvy: David Ogilvy: 9780517566091: Daily Rituals: How Artists Work: Mason Currey: 9780307273604: KK MultiCopter Worldwide Shop. The center of gravity has been upgraded to make it easier to set up. Automatic tilt, pan tracking is possible in the single operation mode. Preorder July 12 has been completed. (the shipment) Preorder July 24 has been completed. (the shipment) Preorder Aug 5 has been completed. (the shipment) Preorder Aug 9 has been completed.

If you order today, we can ship tomorrow. It is steady cam device of a new concept of controlled electronically using the sensors and brushless motor. Inspiración, Cultura Visual y Proyectos Creativos. Chistoph T-shirt by Rik Reimert. The bad toys T-shirt by le.duc. Pulp Fiction Versus T-shirt by Bor Ja. FUTURE AND NEWLY RELEASED SCIENCE FICTION MOVIES WITH POSTERS - a list by Dr-Faustus. Movies & TV Art Prints. Akira, Tetsuo Tribute Art Print by Vargas Ni. Cameraman Vintage Camera Soundman Boom Retro T-shirt by patrimonio. Beware T-shirt by dutyfreak. Doc Zissou T-shirt by Art Warriors. Bearpoleon iPhone & iPod Case by Joe Carr. The Young Man from the East iPhone & iPod Case by Alice X. Zhang.

Fear and Loathing on Tatooine T-shirt by Anton Marrast. Fear and Loathing on Tatooine T-shirt by Anton Marrast.