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How to Brew (and Drink) the Perfect Cup of Coffee, According to Science. We might be knee-deep in pumpkin spice latte season, but truly good coffee is something we can use year-round.

How to Brew (and Drink) the Perfect Cup of Coffee, According to Science

Luckily, decades of scientific research have helped us figure out how to brew, and drink, that perfect cup of joe. While the final product is ultimately up to your individual taste, these tips will get you started on brewing coffee on your own: 1. Drink coffee during the right windows of time. Your body naturally produces a chemical called cortisol designed to make you feel awake. Cortisol levels go up in relationship to sunlight and your body's wakefulness, so it's a good idea to hold off on that coffee for an hour to 90 minutes after you wake up. 2. "Cool" and "airtight" are the operative words here. 3. Although caffeine is a part of our daily diet — with the Food and Drug Administration estimating that around 80% of Americans ingest it every day — the science behind America's favorite fuel is still being studied. 4. 5.

ユキだぴょん! Allyson Wonderland □ Back totop ↑ Allyson Wonderland 🌸 homeaskarchivetheme 25 year old mom and biotech student.

Allyson Wonderland □

Canadian. Like to weight lift. PersonalAbout Me (Source: symphonyofawesomeness) Posted 11:20am Mon 19th May 2014 with 40,245 notes via: musclebrain101fitness - source: symphonyofawesomeness. Symphonyofawesomeness.tumblr. The Instant Ramen Power Rankings. After interviewing Hans Lienesch, the Ramen Rater, I wondered: how does the instant ramen in my neighborhood rate?

The Instant Ramen Power Rankings

What’s best? There are countless brands of instant noodles made and distributed around the world. How hard or punishing would it be to taste one’s way through a stack of them to figure out what’s worth keeping in the cupboard? And, after 17 packages of ramen, I couldn’t eat anymore. My feet were swollen like they’d been on a transcontinental flight. If we can rank our pro football teams, I thought, we can do it to our food. rSCORE = (R_taste*1.1)〖+R〗_value+V_misc-((N_a-2000))/500 〖 R〗_value=(.69-Price)/1.1 V_misc= (E_prep+A_ttract+F_ind+S_num)/6 I eventually realized that what I had done didn’t make much sense at all; I’ll chalk it up to hallucinations due to consuming one million percent of my daily salt intake. MyKuali Penang White Curry. Blu-cup: All of Harvest Moon DS’ recipes... My favourite cookbooks, Food News. Trying to come up with a list of 10 best food books is well-nigh impossible, when my shelves are overflowing with contenders.

My favourite cookbooks, Food News

Ever since my aunt gave me my first cookbook, by British food writer Marguerite Patten, I have been hooked on them. There is no more room for books in my home, but I continue to buy them. Because of space constraints, I have to be a lot more judicious. Books by restaurant chefs are nice to have, but mostly impossible to cook from, so I get them only if I think the chef has something interesting to say. I have no patience, budget or space for vanity projects. What I am looking for are books written with passion and verve, with recipes that have been tested and which work. If the book is about a particular cuisine, it has to deepen my knowledge of it and offer recipes that are authentic. Many of the books on my list contain recipes, but not all of them do. • Witch Of The Wolves. Must-Eat Dishes, From Myanmar to Mexico City. Photo To accompany our cover article on regional food specialties around France, we asked some food experts to weigh in with their tips for must-eats in other parts of the world.

Must-Eat Dishes, From Myanmar to Mexico City

Following is a selection. Also, share your favorite regional dishes in the comments section. Mohinga in Myanmar Tender rice noodles in a slightly pungent yet delicate fish broth, dotted with chunks of green banana stem, may not be everyone’s idea of breakfast food, but mohinga, a classic morning-time food in central and southern Myanmar, is a great way to start the day. Mohinga is sold by streetside vendors and in some teashops. In Yangon you’ll find busy mohinga stands along downtown Maha Bandoola Road, and along small side streets. Far from Yangon, there is outstanding mohinga at the main market in Nyaung Shwe, near beautiful Inle Lake — but only every five days; “market day” rotates around the region. PouLovingUnicorns. Advocate for the Underdog. — Time for some kitchen charts to help you adult... The literal worst. Metric Conversion Guide: Cooking Really nice...

Creative Ways to Reuse Kitchen Scraps. The average American consumer wastes 20 pounds of food waste per month or 240 pounds per year!

Creative Ways to Reuse Kitchen Scraps

This amounts to almost 38 MILLION TONS of food waste that we throw away every year as individuals in this country. Food waste means wasted resources from production and distribution. It also means the use of more resources for disposal, the production of methane (an extremely potent greenhouse gas) as food decays anaerobically in landfills, and that less food can be donated to those going hungry. On top of this, food waste is plenty of organic matter in the form of kitchen scraps from preparing your tasty food that is very easily seen as unavoidable waste. Dining-etiquette-101_5029141b424ee_w1500.jpg (JPEG Image, 1500 × 2616 pixels) - Scaled (38%)

Walking Lightly. Luna Cherries, fuckingandfeasting: and now you know. Cynicalcrow: m-winnike: hagar-972: ... Hey hi hey / fitnnappy: i need to print this out. Fuck yeah infographics. American Infographic - All Things Culinary. ShareThis Copy and Paste.

American Infographic - All Things Culinary

Rosette's Garden. ♔ kurry's blog. Egads! Lilly Pulitzer Princess. DIY and Crafts Awesomeness (9 Easy DIY Spice Ble .. [Via Pinterest])