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Non Fiction Products - Poster Sets. Life Skills: Using The Library - Dewey Decimal System - StartsAtEight. While we have the Internet and an endless supply of digital books, there is still something to be said for learning to navigate the library.

Life Skills: Using The Library - Dewey Decimal System - StartsAtEight

Using the library is a life skill that can be taught to kids both young an old. The library offers an endless supply of free books to read and enjoy. As well as things like music cds, videos, magazines, and more. Skills for using the library can be taught at a young age. DDC - 700 - The arts. DDC 22 Summaries. List of Dewey Decimal classes - Wikipedia. Dewey Services. Dewey Decimal Numbers for Kids. | Library Resources | Reference Websites | Library Links | | Accelerated Reader | Virus and Hoax Information | | Scholarship, College and Financial Aid | | Online Magazines | United States Activities | | Dewey Decimal for Kids | Library Events | Dewey Decimal Numbers for Kids 000 Computers, Loch Ness, Bigfoot, UFOs, Aliens 020 Libraries 030 Encyclopedias & World Record Books 060 Museums 070 Newspapers 130 Ghosts, Witches & the Supernatural 150 Optical Illusions, Feelings 170 Emotions, Values, Animal Rights 220 Bible Stories 290 Mythology, World Religions.

Dewey Decimal Numbers for Kids

Dewey Decimal Classification System. 600 Technology (Applied sciences) 601 Philosophy & theory 602 Miscellany 603 Dictionaries & encyclopedias 604 Special topics.

Dewey Decimal Classification System