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Critical Encounters in High School English: Teaching Literary Theory to Adolescents: Deborah Appleman. Learning centres. Revision in writing. Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay. Product Details.

Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay

Onestop english. Untitled. Teacher website. Course: Creative Writing- Frederick, S. Hills like white elephants. State University - Writing at Montclair State. Pecha Kucha Training Bite. Grammar. Stereotyping. Forum Homework blog. Mr. Nelson's Website. Analyzing Film - Word Choices - AP English Literature - Blog. After reading the article "Reading Film: A Rubric for Analysis," I realized that Mr.

Analyzing Film - Word Choices - AP English Literature - Blog

Heidkamp has turned movies into essays. The rubric for film analysis practically mirrors a rubric for essay analysis in the following ways. 1. What are the "facts" of the film? Gee, that's just asking for a header on an essay. 2. Yorba Linda High School. Verbs-gerund-infinitive1.pdf (application/pdf Object) Phrasal and Latinate verbs in vocabulary practice. Collocations  exercises & worksheetsfor ESL teachers.

Phrasal Verb ESL Worksheets. Phrasal verbs are very important in the English language.

Phrasal Verb ESL Worksheets

Although they consist of two or more words- usually verb and preposition combinations- they act as if they were one word. Phrasal verbs can be separable (I turned the volume up), inseparable (I have to look after my brother) and intransitive (I showed up late). For more explanation see the glossary. Also for a very good list of phrasal verbs see the Capitol Community College website.

One way to use these is to give a daily crossword (five days a week). BBC Learning English.

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English Project Radio Play The Veldt. Multi-media presentation. Ms. Shaffer's English Class / Pages & Files. Emily D. Smackdown - Bernstein English. Alt Codes List of Alt Key Codes Symbols. Learning Resource Center at Leeward Community College. Poetry_analysis_essay.pdf (application/pdf Object) Writing. District. Themes & Essential Questions Framing Inquiry & Promoting Critical Thinking Click on the related files below to view essential questions.


Themes and essential questions help to frame student inquiry and promote critical thinking. They also provide a helpful framework for organizing a unit of study using a multi-genre approach. The themes to the left have been designated for instructional focus at each grade level. Teachers will use the designated grade-level theme to organize a multi-genre, thematic unit of study; the unit may last from 10 weeks (at a minimum) to 40 weeks (the entire year) at the teacher’s discretion. Lyric. Fu Jen English Literature Databank ENGLISH DEPARTMENT, FU JEN¡@ Bibliographies & Wild Associations Bibliographies Introduction to Literature:Textbook for the course in 1997: An Introduction to Literature 11th ed.


Ed. Sylvan Barnet, et al. Wild Associations ¡@Fall Semester, 1997 ¡@Relevant web sites on Popular Singers which are worth studying:¡@Spring Semester Family Relations"Musical Key"by Cowboy Junkies. Poetry In-class essay. So I no longer have to talk out of both sides of my mouth here on this blog.

Poetry In-class essay

I'm talking strictly to my students here, particularly in English 1080. Anyone else can go to my other blog at The poetry in-class essays are due on Friday, and I'm not getting the sense that too many people are fretting over it, which I hope is a good sign. I've talked a lot in class about how to go about writing them, but I'll go over the basic idea once more and maybe toss in the occasional hint about how to proceed. First, this is not a research essay.

You can use a dictionary, hardbound, on-line, or otherwise to look up literary terms and that sort of thing. ENGLISH 9: A Kite is a Victim. Mr. Brame's Blog: Leonard Cohen, Poet. Today is the birthday of Leonard Cohen.

Mr. Brame's Blog: Leonard Cohen, Poet

You may know Leonard Cohen as the cantankerous folk-singer from Canada who wrote "Suzanne" and "So Long, Marianne. " However, Cohen was a poet and novelist years before his recording career began. His career in poetry has spanned fifty years, from the release of his first book, Let Us Compare Mythologies, in 1956, to the release of his latest, Book of Longing, in 2006. He also wrote two novels, The Favorite Game, in 1963, and Beautiful Losers, in 1966.


Open and Closed Form. The structure or pattern of organization that a poet chooses in writing a poem is referred to as being either open or closed.

Open and Closed Form

An open form does not have an established pattern to it, whether it be in line length, meter, rhyme, imagery, syntax, or stanzas. A closed form does have an established pattern in one or more of those areas. You may already be familiar with some types of closed form poems, such as the haiku, a three line poem with a set syllable pattern of 5-7-5 and usually written about nature. Other types of closed form poems include the sonnet, the cinnquain, the sestina, and the villanelle. We will be working with both open and closed forms to become familiar with the advantages of each type.

An open form poem allows the poet to write freely without worrying about trying to make the words fit a specific meter or rhyme scheme. "American History" Michael S. Past Simple ESL Grammar Game - Jeopardy Betting Game. Simple Past Activities by Chris Elvin. By Chris Elvin Here are three activities which I have found to be both useful and fun for oral practice of the simple past. In all of them, I've tried to make sure that there is a genuine desire for my students to want to participate, and hopefully their communication skills will improve as they take part.

The activities are not just about the simple past, of course, but in order for any degree of success, your students should be familiar with this tense. Activity 1 - How was your vacation? When students return to school from vacation, it is only natural that they will want to talk about what they did while they were away from school. Using a Fill-in-the-Blank Activity. Using a Fill-in-the-Blank Activity This technique is very important when we work with the least experienced writers.

Using a Fill-in-the-Blank Activity

Though it is listed here in third place, it is actually the first technique you will use for many individuals. Pongo has included a number of fill-in-the-blank activities on this web site, and each can be downloaded for you to use with individuals or classes. Here is the list of Pongo Fill-in-the-Blank Activities . In cases when this technique is appropriate, your role in the one-on-one session is to go through the process of completing one of these Pongo activities with the teen. And we'd like to help you create your own activities. Iambic Pentameter PPT - Ms. Kim's English 8. EasyWriter.

The Tell Tale Heart

Rubrics. Record and send voice emails. ESL oral exam evaluation grading guide. ESL oral exam evaluation grading rubric - TESOL TESL TEFL speaking test assessment I use this when administering oral midterm examamination tests to my EFL students in Korea.

ESL oral exam evaluation grading guide

It will also work for those teaching English as a second language. For my exams, students form or are assigned groups of three or four. ESLOralRatingForm.pdf (application/pdf Object) Oral Presentations: Detailed Evaluation. Moodle. Soph. Documents. English Language Entertainment Handouts. English Companion Ning - Where English teachers go to help each other. Activité web de Chenelière Éducation. Overview of my courses. WELCOME & Introductory Post. Peggy’s Homework and Preparation Blog. Scope. Coba.Net. Cégep de Jonquière.