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SignosRT Handheld Ultrasound. ECG Front End - 100RandomTasks. Disclaimer: This product is for educational purposes ONLY.It is NOT to be used for diagnostic or for life saving operations of any sort.Always consult a qualified medical professional for any medical concerns.

ECG Front End - 100RandomTasks

Download Schematic, Demo Visual Basic.Net, and Propeller microcontroller software below. Copyright © 2012 by 100RandomTasks. All rights reserved. Heart rate monitor for everyone. It is an useful device for everyone who want to measure their heart rate, for example while riding a bike.

Heart rate monitor for everyone

This simple device provides the following parameters displayed all the time on the monitor: heart rate % of maximum heart rate the number of calories burned the amount of time spent in each of the three levels (fat burn, fitness, performance)The construction is simple and with a small amount of components. It was made on Arduino. Transmitter module is BM-CS5SR, and the receiver is BM-MM5. Both are available at: LINK. DIY ECG Machine On The Cheap. Note from the Author: This page documents how I made an incredibly simple ECG machine with a minimum of parts to view the electrical activity of my own heart.

DIY ECG Machine On The Cheap

Feel free to repeat my experiment, but do so at your own risk. There are similar projects floating around on the internet, but I aim to provide a more complete, well-documented, and cheaper solution, with emphasis on ECG processing and analysis, rather than just visualization. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me. Also, if you attempt this project yourself I’d love to post your results!

How to make an open hardware monitor-like device for your heart. A few weeks ago, my doctor told me to keep an eye on my heart with the help of DIY toolkit BITalino, and I wrote about it in Why my doctor prescribed me open hardware.

How to make an open hardware monitor-like device for your heart

Although I could keep slapping a bunch of cables and a PCB on me every day (Figure 1), miniaturized physiological computing devices are pretty fun to build and play with—at least for me—so I decided to make myself something more practical. As this project may be of interest for others, I wrote this tutorial explaining the making of CubiKG, a Holter monitor-like device for heart and activity tracking. DIY Heart ECG wearable recorder (Holter monitor) OpenTrons. Take charge® - electrical brain stimulators - tdcs devices available to buy.

Ourobotics - HAX 6. Lir - Freedom From Incontinence. Palette Gear: Hands-on Control of your Favourite Software. Starter Kit.

Palette Gear: Hands-on Control of your Favourite Software

Seeed Studio Bazaar, Boost ideas, Extend the Reach. Test and measurement accessories from Pico Technology. Getting Started With Mathematica. Lima: the brain of your devices. RC Helicopters - Get Started In Remote Controlled Helicopters. BITalino - BioMedical Development Kit - DEV-12750. Description: Introducing the BITalino, a (comparatively) low cost biomedical data acquisition dev board that allows you to create projects using physiological sensors and tools.

BITalino - BioMedical Development Kit - DEV-12750

Each BITalino is presented in a “ProtoSnap style” making it able to be programmed as a whole board or snapped apart for use in future projects. This dev board also has no shortage of programming APIs which include Python, Java, Android, and more. The BITalino is equipped with nine removable “blocks” which can be used straight out-of-the-box and include an MCU, Bluetooth, Power, EMG, EDA, ECG, Accelerometer, LED, and Light Sensor! Seeed Studio Bazaar, Boost ideas, Extend the Reach. INTOINO DIY KITS: what do you want to make today?

INTOINO MAKERS kits allow you to build electronic projects and "Internet of Things" in minutes without being a programmer or an engineer.

INTOINO DIY KITS: what do you want to make today?

Everyone can be a MAKER! It's as easy as LEGO! Accessories for Pico Data Loggers. Accessories for DrDAQ A wide–range of sensors and accessories are available for the DrDAQ data logger.

Accessories for Pico Data Loggers

For details of the full range, including specifications, please visit the DrDAQ website. Calibration Certificates Most of the Pico range of data acquisition and oscilloscope products can be calibrated — referenced to National Standards — upon request. Please request the calibration certificate at the time of ordering: delivery will usually be within three working days, but you should allow up to ten working days. The USB DrDAQ Data Logger - making data logging fun. My USB DrDATA Data Logger really is all that you need.Just look at all of these features… Built–in sensors for light, sound and temperature 4 digital inputs and outputs 3 sockets for external sensors High impedance input for pH or Redox measurements 100 kHz, 8–bit oscilloscope with a ±10 V range Signal generator with AWG for creating your own waveforms Captures fast signals USB connected and powered Use up to 20 USB DrDAQs on a single PC Supplied complete with PicoLog, PicoScope and an SDK Sensors Thanks to the built–in sensors for light, sound and temperature you can start using your USB DrDAQ Data Logger straight out of the box.

The USB DrDAQ Data Logger - making data logging fun

(Doctor DAQ has also included an RGB LED that you can program to show any 1 of 16.7 million colours.) When you want to do more with your DrDAQ you can thanks to the external sensor sockets. Digital I/Os Your USB DrDAQ also includes 4 digital input/outputs. Bring your ideas to life! The EX¹ - rapid 3D printing of circuit boards by Cartesian Co. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates.

The EX¹ - rapid 3D printing of circuit boards by Cartesian Co.

Check the updates tab above for more cool stuff! The Cartesian Co. printer EX¹ transforms electronics and prototyping in the same way that 3D printing has made things possible that were inconceivable even 5 years ago. The EX¹ printer is not designed to create any 3D object like normal 3D printers. It’s been crafted and designed for one key purpose, to allow you to 3D print circuit boards, layering silver nano particles onto paper or any suitable surface to rapidly create a circuit board. In 2011, an article in Wired said that within two years 3D printers could print electronic circuits. SmartThings. LoccaMini & LoccaPhone: the world's smallest and most sophisticated GPS-locators. For this communication and locating service we have to charge you a small monthly fee. The monthly fee is a flat rate service fee and includes unlimited locating service and up to 100 minutes of voice connection nationally.

There are NO further roaming costs for data traffic! For the last 2 years we have been working together with the best engineers, designers and software developers to create world class locators with an intuitive handling and that you can use for any field of application. We have fully functional prototypes of the LoccaMini and the smartphone apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone will be available in the App Store in November 2013.

We are now ready for mass production of the LoccaMini (for pets, bike, stuff) and this requires us to raise money from the incredible IndieGoGo platform, which has helped many companies to successfully launch their products and services. We need to raise a minimum of €75,000 ($100,000) to manufacture the first production run. 1. 6. Control any gadgets with your Brain! (Neurofeedback with Arduino Microcontroller) Electrodes and Electrolytes - chipstein. By far the most important step for recording decent signals is to make proper electrical contact with the skin. If you don't take this statement seriously, you are likely to get nowhere. Especially for EEG.

Just putting bare metal on the skin doesn’t make an adequate connection. The skin must be prepared, and an electrolyte—a conductive interface—is needed, along with a metal electrode. Electrolytes and metal electrodes in turn are the basic components of batteries—a property which can cause serious trouble. Coin, otto carte in un solo dispositivo. Studio. What do you want to make today? Pires/bitalino-java-example. Cases for your Raspberry Pi. HOME.

A Non-Adhesive Solid-Gel Electrode for a Non-Invasive Brain–Machine Interface. Anyone for Pi? Mods and hacks for the Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi: Essential add-ons for modders and everyday users. TechRepublic has covered some pretty nifty hacks for the Raspberry Pi, the $40 credit card-sized Linux computer. Bitalino. 20 New Must-Have Products in the Maker Shed. We’re in the midst of Maker Faire season here at Make, and are hurriedly (but calmly) preparing for the upcoming fourth annual World Maker Faire New York. We hope to start doing these posts on a more regular basis in the near future, but for now we’ll be announcing new products in large batches.

Thanks to the beautifully round number of recent additions, all of the products discussed below are also on the first page of our New Arrivals category. Raspberry Pi Camera Finally, the Raspberry Pi Camera module has arrived! You can plug this right into your Raspberry Pi and start experimenting with computer vision or automatic photography.

Power of Arduino and Raspberry Pi combined in $99 Android/Linux PC. The Raspberry Pi is all the rage for hobbyists in search of cheap, credit card-sized computers that can run a full PC operating system. Arduino boards have been around nearly a decade, meanwhile, powering robots and all sorts of other creative electronics projects. Now, a project called UDOO ("you do") seeks to bring the best elements of Raspberry Pi and Arduino together into a single mini-PC that can run either Android or Linux. Ideas. Make a UAV Spyplane Using the Arduino. High Speed Photography using the Arduino. Automatic Head Tracking with Arduino. Make a swimming Robo-Snake. Sneel is the name of my snake / eel swimming robot.

This is documentation of hardware, software and mechanical design of Sneel_003. urethane flex tubing, microcontrollers, Zigbee wireless radio, hose clamps, wires, servo motors, titanium servo brackets, silicon, marine grease, epoxy, pond pump. DIY EEG (and ECG) Circuit. Mini Arduino Portable EEG - Brain Wave Monitor + This is another example of the versatility , and of what , the Arduino, a small LCD Color display and the right type of sensors, are capable of doing. Zigduino r2 - Logos Electromechanical. How to hack EEG toys with arduino. Leap Motion. How-To videos for eTextiles, soft circuits and wearable computing. Make Your Own Pocket-Sized, Grid-It-Style Organizer for $2.50. ArcBotics. OpenPicus, come connettere gli oggetti a Internet.

Missed out on Raspberry Pi? Here're five alternatives. Arduino Camp, due giorni per maker scatenati. Measure your Radiation Exposure with a DIY Geiger Counter.