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Programme UQAM-MIDI : francisation et intégration des immigrants. Best Montreal Bike Shops. Breakdance : du hip-hop de la tête aux pieds. La breakdance peut être dansée par tout le monde.

Breakdance : du hip-hop de la tête aux pieds

Provenant du hip-hop, cette danse a beaucoup évolué depuis ses débuts mais sa définition reste la même : une danse qui demande peu de matériel, de l'entraînement et beaucoup de passion. La breakdance, ça vient d'où? La breakdance a vu le jour dans les années 70, dans le Bronx, à New York. Si au départ, il s'agissait de quelques jeunes qui pratiquaient ça dans la rue, c'est vraiment à la fin des années 70 que cette danse devient connue. La breakdance devient alors populaire et est publicisée grâce à des films comme Flashdance. Aujourd'hui, la breakdance a évolué. Breakdance : du hip-hop de la tête aux pieds.

Le Devoir. Contacts. Download - C O N S U L A T. Agency - Advertising, Marketing, Web & Creative Agency. About — Dpt. Vallée Duhamel. Vallée Duhamel. Revue des agences. Penser comme une marque. Agir comme un détaillant. Agence de Publicité Les Évadés. Careers « Lemieux Bédard. A full-time position in our Sherbrooke office The position The Senior Strategic Planner is responsible for strategic and creative direction, as well as the creation of strategies and tactics developed by the ad agency.

Careers « Lemieux Bédard

He or she will support the writing team in their tasks, and also guide digital and print work teams in the creation of concepts. The Senior Strategic Director will work with national clients and major portfolios in exchange for a highly competitive salary. Requirements • Undergraduate degree in marketing, administration or a related field • Seven or more years in strategic/tactical development at an advertising agency, marketing service, or similar level of experience • Absolute mastery of written and spoken English, French an asset • Strong presentation skills before English-language clients Skills The company. Design - Le saint publicité + design. Kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners. Montreal. JWT Montréal is a multiservice advertising agency delivering integrated marketing solutions across all consumer touchpoints.


Our bilingual services are readily available to you in all areas of activity: strategic planning, creative development, electronic production, design studio, digital service/online community management, and relationship marketing. All of these services work seamlessly to generate unprecedented results for our clients’ brands. It’s what sets us apart. Our culture Respect for people, respect for brands, and respect for target audiences. Our mission Be best of breed to generate unprecedented results for our clients' brands. Our motivation Understand. Jazz Marketing Communication. Carrière : H31 Agence de publicité. Mesure Marketing Media : Services & Team. From mass media to the media of masses, digital is the core of all the changes we observe in todays society.

Mesure Marketing Media : Services & Team

The digital ecosystem is changing at an incredible pace and requires rigorous competitive intelligence to capitalize on the opportunities it has to offer. Our surgical digital approach allows us to optimize the relevance and effectiveness of our plans while maintaining a holistic view over all digital channels instead of approaching them separately. • Understanding and usage of display, sem, seo, social network, mobile, emailing… • Media partnerships and integrations • Media cost are significantly reduced • All campaign gets web analytics intelligence • Data and reporting centralized on our ad server • Reach/Frequency and recency optimizatio • Audience management, advanced retargeting and attribution model to better follow both branding and ecommerce conversions •Actively innovating in emerging platform development.

Écorce Atelier Créatif. Marketing Agency — eau³ DIG. Team - Design Shopp. Communications and marketing agency. Défi marketing. Contact our teams all across Canada. CINCO Agence de Marketing Interactif. Contacts. Coutu communication. CRI agence. Contact. CART1ER. Carat. Team. Gaëtan Namouric - Bleublancrouge. Advertising agency – contact. BAM Strategy - Analytics & SEO Experts in Montreal. Amazone communications - Design, Branding, Publicité, Relationnel, Multimédia. Contact us. Rinaldi Agency. Michel Van Houtte Creative Director After graduating from Hautes Études Commerciales, Marketing option, Michel begins his career in 1987 at the Morrow advertising agency, for which he is part of the executive service.

Rinaldi Agency

Michel then shifts to creation, working as a copywriter for Cossette. Revue des agences. Phoenix the Creative Studio / Projects. Dynamo. After roughly 7 years working with knowledge management, educational technology and online learning, André joined Dynamo to work as our content strategist.


He specializes in analyzing and upgrading processes for content development and using different media and web analytics to enable the successful delivery of content to targeted audiences. When he is not at Dynamo, he might be found in one of Montreal's libraries, going through one of his "must-read" books, playing soccer with Corey or trying a new recipe at his place. What's currently on your playlist: Sigur Ros, Pink Floyd, Franz Ferdinand, Phoenix, Little Joy, Belle and Sebastian, and Ryuichi Sakamoto. What's the best way to start the day?

Using my new coffee prep skills, writing my to-do list for the day, beating some Foosball opponents and listening to Billie Holiday. Best thing about working at Dynamo: The opportunity to help shape digital media with my signature contest-first twist. An Invite-Only Marketplace Connecting Projects With Talent.