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Free public domain audiobooks. Page translation Copyright gives an individual or corporation exclusive rights on a text, for a limited period of time.

free public domain audiobooks

This means no one else can reproduce the text or make derivative works (such as audio recordings) while the copyright is in force. Copyrights are granted for a limited time, and eventually they expire, and the text enters the “public domain.” Meaning anyone can use that text however they wish. Stoic Balance. Source: By Stephencdickson - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, The ancient Roman philosopher Seneca has significant wisdom to offer us.

Stoic Balance

We need to balance our attitudes toward activity and rest. Culture - Why philosophers could be the ones to transform your 2020. Can a thinker who last plied his trade two millennia ago really help?

Culture - Why philosophers could be the ones to transform your 2020

Does a controversial 19th-Century German scholar make a good life coach? Can One Be a Hegelian Today? I am a Hegelian – but which Hegel am I referring to here?

Can One Be a Hegelian Today?

Where am I speaking from? To simplify it to the utmost, the triad that defines my philosophical stance is that of Spinoza, Kant and Hegel. Spinoza is arguably the pinnacle of realist ontology: there is substantial reality out there, and we can get to know it through our reason, dispelling the veil of illusions. Kant’s transcendental turn introduces a radical gap into this order: we cannot ever gain access to the way things are in themselves, our reason is constricted to the domain of phenomena, and if we try to reach beyond phenomena to the totality of being, our mind gets caught in necessary antinomies and inconsistencies.

An Ancient Greek Philosopher Was Exiled for Claiming the Moon Was a Rock, Not a God. Close to the north pole of the moon lies the crater Anaxagoras, named for a Greek philosopher who lived in the fifth century B.C.

An Ancient Greek Philosopher Was Exiled for Claiming the Moon Was a Rock, Not a God

The eponym is fitting, as Anaxagoras the man was one of the first people in history to suggest the moon was a rocky body, not all too dissimilar from Earth. Streaks of material thrown out during the impact that formed the crater extend 560 miles southward to the rim of another crater, this one named for Plato. Like Plato, Anaxagoras the scholar did most of his work in Athens, but the similarities between the two men stop there. Augustus Caesar—facts and information. Give the Gift of Exploration with a subscription to National Geographic As Rome’s first emperor, Octavian (Augustus Caesar) (63 B.C. –A.D. 14) is best known for initiating the Pax Romana, a largely peaceful period of two centuries in which Rome imposed order on a world long convulsed by conflict.

His rise to power, however, was anything but peaceful. Octavian was only 18 years old when his great-uncle Julius Caesar named him heir. After Caesar was assassinated, Octavian forged an alliance with Mark Antony, famed general under Caesar, and Marcus Aemilius Lepidus. From Greece, Antony ruled Rome’s wealthy eastern provinces. Augustus not so weak « IMPERIUM ROMANUM. This post is also available in: Polish The popular opinion is that young Gaius Octavian, the future Roman Emperor, was cowardly and weak.

Augustus not so weak « IMPERIUM ROMANUM

(PDF) Excerpt from : Gabaret J., "A metaphysics of experience? Pragmatism, antireductionism and religious consciousness in William James work", 2014. Apollo: the greekest of Greek Gods - Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto, and was born beneath the shade of a palm tree which grew at the foot of Mount Cynthus, on the barren and rocky island of Delos.

Apollo: the greekest of Greek Gods -

The poets tell us that the earth smiled when the young god first beheld the light of day, and that Delos became so proud and exultant at the honour thus conferred upon her, that she covered herself with golden flowers; swans surrounded the island, and the Delian nymphs celebrated his birth with songs of joy. Schopenhauer Made Me a Pessimist. But Then He Helped Me Enjoy Life. Schopenhauer Made Me a Pessimist.

Schopenhauer Made Me a Pessimist. But Then He Helped Me Enjoy Life.

But Then He Helped Me Enjoy Life. “The world is my idea:”—this is a truth which holds good for everything that lives and knows, though man alone can bring it into reflective and abstract consciousness.” Don't just see; observe: What Sherlock Holmes can teach us about mindful decisions. Sherlock Holmes isn’t what you’d call a traditional psychologist.

Don't just see; observe: What Sherlock Holmes can teach us about mindful decisions

In fact, he isn’t even real (despite the letters that to this day arrive at 221B Baker Street). But we’d be well advised, as decision makers who want to gain better insight into our minds and the processes that lie behind our choices, to take a few pages from the playbook of Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation. Sherlock Holmes teaches us to be constantly mindful of our surroundings When I was little, my dad used to read us Sherlock Holmes stories before bed. While my brother often took the opportunity to fall promptly asleep on his corner of the couch, the rest of us listened intently. In “A Scandal in Bohemia,” Holmes instructs Watson on the difference between seeing and observing: “When I hear you give your reasons,” I remarked, “the thing always appears to me to be so ridiculously simple that I could easily do it myself, though at each successive instance of your reasoning, I am baffled until you explain your process.

Schema. The word schema comes from the Greek word σχήμα (skhēma), which means shape, or more generally, plan.


The plural is σχήματα (skhēmata). In English, both schemas and schemata are used as plural forms. Schema may refer to: The Philosophy of Our Time. Mark Stavish. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:26:50 — 79.7MB) Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | | More Mark Stavish, author of Egregores: The Occult Entities That Watch Over Human Destiny, is our guest in podcast episode 194. Mark Stavish, the Director of Studies for the Institute for Hermetic Studies and a life-long student of esotericism with over 35 years of experience in comparative religion, philosophy, psychology, and mysticism with emphasis on Western spiritual traditions. Why We Should Read Nietzsche. In Ecce Homo, the autobiographical self-examination written shortly before his descent into madness on the streets of Turin in 1889, Nietzsche cheekily opined that he was a “destiny.”

It must have seemed like an almost tragic act of self-aggrandizement at the time. When he collapsed near the height of intellectual powers, Nietzsche was a sick and lonely man. His books, many of them self-published at Nietzsche’s expense, were barely selling and he often depended on charity from his friends. Stoicon, Stoic Week, and Stoicon-Xs 2019 – Modern Stoicism. Why Ancient Greek Mythology Is Still Relevant Today. Why Is Greek Mythology Important Today? If there is one subject that is still widely taught today, it is the subject of ancient Greek mythology. It isn’t just taught as part of a literature curriculum at school but is also part of most history lessons. Some people might wonder why the world is still so interested in ancient Greek myths when they are nothing but stories and they came from thousands of years ago.

Philosopher of the Month: Arthur Schopenhauer [slideshow] This September, OUP Philosophy honors Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) as the Philosopher of the Month. Schopenhauer was largely ignored by the academic philosophical community during his lifetime, but gained recognition and fame posthumously. He arrived at his philosophical position very early on and his philosophy can be seen as a synthesis of Plato and Kant, whom he greatly admired, along with the Upanishads and Buddhist literatures.

Schopenhauer only wrote one seminal work of philosophy, The World as Will and Representation, which he published in 1818. The work was intended as a continuation of Kant’s ‘transcendental idealism’: ‘My philosophy is founded on that of Kant, and therefore presupposes a thorough knowledge of it.’ Kant argued that the world is not the ‘thing-in-itself’, but rather a complex of mere appearances. Is ancient philosophy the future? Georges Danton. Arthur Schopenhauer.

Marcus Tullius Cicero: The Impact of His Oration Millennia Beyond Him. Choice page. Work small, work smart – STOIC ANSWERS. Vérification de sécurité nécessaire. Definition, History, & Facts. What You Should Know About Kant's Ethics in a Nutshell. Over 3 A.M. Dissent, Supreme Court Says Alabama Execution May Proceed. Socrates Questions, a Contemporary Philosopher Answers. Over 3 A.M. Dissent, Supreme Court Says Alabama Execution May Proceed. What Are the Fields of Philosophical Inquiry? Instead of being treated as a single, unified subject, philosophy is typically broken down into a number of specialties and it is common for contemporary philosophers to be experts in one field but know little about another. Justin E. H. Smith on six types of philosophers. Biography, Philosophy, Works, & Facts. Aristotle and Universal Darwinism. Arthur Schopenhauer. Biography, Philosophy, Works, & Facts. The Worst Roman Emperors: 8 of the Bloodiest Rulers. Malaysian Artist Gets 'Skeletal' On Greek Philosophy.

Why philosophy is so important in science education. Facts about the Ancient Greeks: who was Homer, which gods did the ancient Greeks believe in, what was life like in Ancient Greece? Self actualization. I struggle with number two. I found number 10. I enjoy number one. ( Link to sauce in comments) : Stoicism. How positive psychology can help your love life. 10 schools of philosophy and why you should know them. The Stoic Heart – Stoicism and Partnered Relationships – Modern Stoicism. Guide to the classics: The Histories, by Herodotus.

Philosophy: How Schopenhauer’s thought can illuminate us through a midlife crisis. The statue depicts Roman Empire leader... - Interesting Engineering. Psychology Today Canada. Marcus Tullius Cicero: The Impact of His Oration Millennia Beyond Him. Marcus Aurelius' warning: : Stoicism. Valuable Stoic Insights About Love – Modern Stoicism. Stoicism and Pain Management: 4 Techniques Practiced By Marcus Aurelius. This Greek philosopher had the right idea, just too few elements. The three best types of companionship, according to philosopher Michel de Montaigne — Quartzy. Kant, Hayek, And The “Truth” Of The Market. Aristotle defines friendship as reciprocated goodwill, mainly a relationship between two people in which love and goodwill are shared. He describes three general types of friendship, that of utility, that of pleasure, and that of good or virtue. : Stoicis. Renaissance.

I created a Stoic reminder, and I am sharing it in case it's useful : Stoicism. The Renaissance Art Period - Art History. (PDF) The Genesis of Genesis. The Idea of Development in Hegel's ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’ and Its Development.


Herodotus (7) - Livius. Marcus Tullius Cicero: The Impact of His Oration Millennia Beyond Him. Greek. Not just Philosophy of Neuroscience but Philosophy and Neuroscience - The Philosophers' Magazine. Nikolai Berdyaev. Nikolai Berdyaev. Famous Philosophers -Biography Online. Jacques Necker and the Finances of France - SciHi BlogSciHi Blog. Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals. Original mind state state doing without doing and knowing without knowing. How to Think like a Roman Emperor – Mark Ward Today. Has Science Replaced Metaphysics? Matthew Matthew Thornton, M.D. (1713 - 1803) On Rationalism: a Critique of Pure Theory - The 4 Most Important Renaissance Artists (and Ninja Turtles)

Commutation of Tax Law and Legal Definition. Logic: The Importance of Definitions. Some Theses on Stupidity - The Advocate. Study on the Personality and Reasoning of Philosophers. Roman Literature. Galileo Galilei's Invention & Contributions. Mythbusting Ancient Rome – the emperor Nero. The Bizarre Lives of Rome’s Emperors. John Calvin: Religion, Beliefs & Quotes - Video & Lesson Transcript. Philosophy. The Continental-Analytic Split in Philosophy.