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MS Paint Tricks. MS Paint Tricks by Messenjah MSPaint is actually a very powerful image editor.

MS Paint Tricks

Here's all the things about MSPaint you probably didn't know. Chapter 1 - Brush Scaling This is pretty much the most basic thing here. You may think that the standard brush sizes in MSPaint only come in the three sizes, right? Open up a new document in paint, select the paintbrush tool, hold Ctrl and press the + button on the numpad. This technique also works with the line tool, the spraypaint tool, and the eraser tool. Chapter 2 - Custom Brushes This is the one that NOBODY knows - You can make your own custom brushes in paint! Here's what I did: Now, select that little image, turn transparency on, hold shift, and drag it around!

Cool, huh? Chapter 2 1/2 - The 'Stamp' Tool This is something I improvised. So, I have this image of an old lady: And I want to put these leaves in her hair. Now, I could copy and paste all day, but there is an easy way around this. :O! Chapter 3 - Image Scaling Now, say you want it smaller.

Introduction to getting a job in technical writing (TW Job) If you’re a college student looking to become a technical writer after you graduate, you face a formidable challenge: you can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job.

Introduction to getting a job in technical writing (TW Job)

Especially in a competitive job market, getting a job as a technical writer directly after you graduate — without a foundation of previous jobs, experience with a handful of tools, and an impressive portfolio — can be especially difficult. However, if you follow these seven steps, which are not easy, not something you can do overnight, you will find a job. Note: In a couple of weeks I’m giving a presentation to Brigham Young University Idaho students with this post’s topic (getting a job as a technical writer). My presentation is part of their annual professional writing conference.

Oct 09 update: Here’s a recording of the presentation. Last week on Twitter I asked my followers what advice they would give to students on finding a job in technical writing. InShare5. Your Source for TechComm Industry News and Reviews. Your Source for TechComm Industry News and Reviews. Online Etymology Dictionary. Advertisement nice (adj.)

Online Etymology Dictionary

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Technical Writing Links. Usability 101: Definition and Fundamentals - What, Why, How. Introduction. Fun, fashion & science in the Internet's #1 website about shoelaces.


Whether you want to learn to lace shoes, tie shoelaces, stop shoelaces from coming undone, calculate shoelace lengths or even repair aglets, Ian's Shoelace Site has the answer! You can find out more about this site, or you can dive right in below. Table of Contents Lacing Shoes Are all of your shoes, sneakers and boots still laced up the way they were when you bought them? Tying Shoelaces Most people learn how to tie their shoelaces around the age of five. The "Granny Knot" Do your shoelace bows sit vertically instead of across the shoe? Shoelace Lengths The rhetorical question: "How long is a piece of string? " Tips of Shoelaces = Aglets Many people search for shoelace "tips" or "ends" because they want to know the name of the plastic or metal bits at the ends of shoelaces.

Shoelace Tips, Hints & Ideas This section contains all sorts of tips, hints and ideas about shoelaces. Shoelace Marketplace Shoelaces As Seen In... Technical Writing Links. Other Technical Writing Resources. WritersUA - Home page.