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Web design process

Usability analysis tools. LayoutNtypography. Interaction design. Html-CSS. Flash4me. Design tools. Design principles. 5 Signs of a Great User Experience. If you’ve used the mobile social network Path recently, it’s likely that you enjoyed the experience.

5 Signs of a Great User Experience

Path has a sophisticated design, yet it’s easy to use. It sports an attractive red color scheme and the navigation is smooth as silk. Affordances. The concept of an affordance was coined by the perceptual psychologist James J.


Gibson in his seminal book The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception. The concept was introduced to the HCI community by Donald Norman in his book The Psychology of Everyday Things from 1988. There has however been ambiguity in Norman's use of the concept, and the concept thus requires a more elaborate explanation. Norman's use of the term. Contents. Data collection for usability research. Taking notes in usability tests Anyone who has ever conducted a usability evaluation of a web site, software application, or consumer product, knows that human behaviour research often produces reams of data that can take significant time to analyse.

Data collection for usability research

To be productive, researchers must organize and reduce these data so that they can quickly perform their analysis and proceed with improving the product. People who are new to the field tend to take notes on paper or on a computer. Unfortunately, this approach can make data compilation cumbersome. Ergonomie informatique. IHM. Responsive web design. Smashing Magazine. Steve Krug on DIY usability testing. Usability 101: Definition and Fundamentals - What, Why, How. Widgets. “You are Here” indicator a way of indicating the current location (or view area) when looking at an overview map, site map, navigation bar, etc.


The indicator can be as simple as a dot, a bounding rectangle, an arrow, or a hilited item. “You…