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Americans still don't know basic exercise facts - Business Insider. Update: Mayor Taylor announces Google Fiber coming to SA. SAN ANTONIO - [10 A.M.

Update: Mayor Taylor announces Google Fiber coming to SA

UPDATE: San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor announced at a news conference Wednesday that Google Fiber will be coming to San Antonio. Special Report: Multitude of local authorities soak Illinois homeowners in taxes. Why Are URLs Full of So Many Garbage Characters? Sexist Reactions To An Ad Spark #ILookLikeAnEngineer Campaign. Isis Wenger, an engineer at OneLogin, responded to critics and Internet pundits with a hashtag campaign that shows the diversity of tech.

Sexist Reactions To An Ad Spark #ILookLikeAnEngineer Campaign

Isis Wenger hide caption itoggle caption Isis Wenger. ELI5:What causes the phenomenon of wind? : explainlikeimfive. If Your Flight Is Overbooked, Don't Volunteer to Get Bumped. Quora. Quora. 'Onward,' Russell Moore's New Book, Is a Case Against the Culture Wars. Evangelical Christianity has long had a stranglehold on how Americans imagine public faith.

'Onward,' Russell Moore's New Book, Is a Case Against the Culture Wars

Vague invocations of “religion”—whether it’s “religion vs. science” or “religious freedom”—usually really mean “conservative, Protestant, evangelical Christianity,” and this assumption inevitably frames debates about American belief. For the other three-quarters of the population—Catholics, Jews, other Protestants, Muslims, Hindus, secular Americans, Buddhists, Wiccans, etc. ViFmsfo.jpg (JPEG Image, 1440 × 1397 pixels) - Scaled (71%) Why so many climate change deniers here? (Opinion) A wide-brimmed, lemon-colored hat orbited her head.

Why so many climate change deniers here? (Opinion)

Her loafers were the color of butter. ELI5: How/when did CEOs salaries go from 20x as much as their employees to 300x as much? : explainlikeimfive. Should you walk or run for exercise? Here's what the science says. Welcome to Dear Julia, a weekly column where readers can submit everyday health questions on anything from the science of hangovers to the mysteries of back pain.

Should you walk or run for exercise? Here's what the science says.

Julia Belluz will sift through the research and consult with experts in the field to figure out how science can help us live happier and healthier lives. Have a question? Use our submission form or ask @juliaoftoronto on Twitter. Archie D'Cruz's answer to What would happen if we removed all the Greek words from the English language? Why ancient armor had awesome abs. Why did Greek warriors have awesome abs and pecs hammered into their armor?

Why ancient armor had awesome abs

We know from ancient texts, pottery, and archaeological evidence that some ancient Greek warriors — like the citizen-soldier hoplites — wore uniforms that had the same aesthetic as a nippled Batman suit. And it's pretty clear that subsequent armies often worked off the buff Greek template. Just take a look at this Greek cuirass (that's the name for the breastplate/back protective armor below). China has a growing “lost generation” of migrant children.

Four-year-old Zou Ziyi sat quietly in a shabby classroom while the Walt Disney movie Frozen played on a television set.

China has a growing “lost generation” of migrant children

When the movie ended and the familiar theme song “Let It Go” began, Ziyi looked around at the other kids and seemed to want to say something. But he didn’t. The U.S. Declared War On Veteran Homelessness — And It Actually Could Win. This is a tale of two cities.

The U.S. Declared War On Veteran Homelessness — And It Actually Could Win

In New Orleans, there are signs of hope that veteran homelessness can be solved. But Los Angeles presents a very different picture. Daniel Harmon, a veteran of the wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq, looks out the window of his room at the Hollywood Veterans Center in Los Angeles. The facility provides housing to homeless vets. David Gilkey/NPR hide caption.

Quora. Your brain is particularly vulnerable to trauma at two distinct ages. With the new college football season upon us, fans across the country are hoping their team could be the one crowned national champion on January 11 2016 in Glendale, Arizona’s University of Phoenix Stadium.

Your brain is particularly vulnerable to trauma at two distinct ages

Cool wood working multi-joint. Quora. This Flowchart Can Help You Figure Out If You Should Quit Your Job. When was the first traffic light installed? Today in 1914. It's the 101st anniversary of the first electric traffic signal system.

When was the first traffic light installed? Today in 1914.

On August 5, 1914, in Cleveland, Ohio, engineers installed a pair of green and red lights facing each side of a four-way intersection — a simple experiment that has since shaped roads around the world, and is honored today in a Google Doodle. In a technical sense, Cleveland's device might not seem all that impressive. It was actually preceded by similar temporary systems in London and Utah, and like the others, it was manually operated. Its chief benefit was allowing a policeman to sit in a booth next to the intersection instead of standing dangerously within it.

But this simple invention marks a key moment in the largely forgotten transformation of roads during the 20th century. Why we needed traffic signals San Francisco's Market Street, in 1906, shows a handful of automobiles mixing informally with streetcars and carriages. Uk.businessinsider. ELI5: How/when did CEOs salaries go from 20x as much as their employees to 300x as much? : explainlikeimfive.

Quora. A Warning For Our Next Great Screenwriters — ART & SCIENCE. Why ancient armor had awesome abs. I never knew how much I'd need this. Tinder and Hookup-Culture Promotion. It’s a balmy night in Manhattan’s financial district, and at a sports bar called Stout, everyone is Tindering. The tables are filled with young women and men who’ve been chasing money and deals on Wall Street all day, and now they’re out looking for hookups. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places.

NSA Tried To Delete Court Transcript In Lawsuit Over Deleting Evidence. NSA Tried To Delete Court Transcript In Lawsuit Over Deleting Evidence The National Security Agency secretly tried to delete part of a public court transcript after believing one of its lawyers may have accidentally revealed classified information in a court case over alleged illegal surveillance. Following a recent hearing in the ongoing Jewel v. NSA case, in which the Electronic Frontier Foundation is challenging NSA’s ability to surveil foreign citizen’s U.S.

-based email and social media accounts, the government informed U.S. How Social Media Is Ruining Politics. Our political discourse is shrinking to fit our smartphone screens. The latest evidence came on Monday night, when Barack Obama turned himself into the country’s Instagrammer-in-Chief. While en route to Alaska to promote his climate agenda, the president took a photograph of a mountain range from a window on Air Force One and posted the shot on the popular picture-sharing network. “Hey everyone, it's Barack,” the caption read. “I'll be spending the next few days touring this beautiful state and meeting with Alaskans about what’s going on in their lives. Looking forward to sharing it with you.” Quora. FBI, DEA and others will now have to get a warrant to use stingrays.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced sweeping new rules Thursday concerning the use of cell-site simulators, often called stingrays, mandating that federal agents must now obtain a warrant in most circumstances. The policy, which takes effect immediately, applies to its agencies, including the FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the United States Marshals Service, among others. "Cell-site simulator technology has been instrumental in aiding law enforcement in a broad array of investigations, including kidnappings, fugitive investigations and complicated narcotics cases," Deputy Attorney General Sally Quillian Yates said in a statement. "This new policy ensures our protocols for this technology are consistent, well-managed and respectful of individuals’ privacy and civil liberties.

" The move comes after federal agencies, most notably the FBI, have tried to tightly control information about stingrays for years. A Breakup Letter From The Internet To You — Personal Growth. How Junk Food Can End Obesity - David H. Freedman. Pretty rad. Uk.businessinsider. Uk.businessinsider. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. Quora. aPfv6U8. Quora. BB-8 Awakens: Is Sphero’s New Droid the Most Awesome Star Wars Toy Ever? NOT SUCH A LONG time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, Star Wars toys were lifeless hunks of plastic. The Birds. It’s time to say goodbye to the wedding industry’s most unnecessarily extravagant fantasy.

MpTDfgn. Desert Music: Burning Man Confronts The Rising Beat : The Record. Revelers take in the Robot Heart art-car sound system at the 2014 Burning Man festival. It’s probably a myth that we’re not getting enough sleep. How America Lost Track of Ben Franklin's Definition of Success. Half of Germans worried by refugee crisis: survey.

Hands on with Sony’s new Xperia Z5 phones, including that ludicrous 4K display. The Nature of the Firm—75+ Years Later. Oil Change at Jiffy Lube - Cincinnati Lubes Inc. 'NeuroTribes' Examines The History — And Myths — Of The Autism Spectrum. Quora. Dark Mail Technical Alliance. Welcome to Forbes. It’s Now Possible to 3-D Print Transparent Glass. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in my career — Twenty Years in the Valley. Quora. The broken girl and a mother's war with UnitedHealth. The Countries Where It's Most Difficult to Get a Visa. Quora. What new TV shows should learn from the year’s best original series, “Mr. Robot” There is literally a US government conspiracy against Hampton Creek's Just Mayo.

The_simple_computer. Turkmenistan. Telltale signs that you need to abandon your “sinking ship” company. A simple primer for understanding China’s downturn. Kermit The Frog Has A New Lover, And People Have Some Strong Opinions On It. Quora. Ars Technica. Techdirt. What It Looks Like to Use the Internet for the First Time. Stephen Hawking explains how to (sort-of) escape a black hole. It’s official: India is a terrible place for expats. “OMG I can’t ever unsee that”: What happened when the aftermath of the Bangkok bomb blast was… — First Draft News. The convenience of a balcony knows no limits. Uk.businessinsider. 50 North Korean Submarines Have Reportedly Vanished in an 'Unprecedented' Deployment. The 20 Most Infamous Cyberattacks of the 21st Century (Part I) You Really Don’t Need To Work So Much. The Crackdown on Little Free Library Book Exchanges. hWkRuR8. In New Memoir, Maria Tells Us How She Got, How She Got To 'Sesame Street' Futurology alert: Elon Musk's Hyperloop - the futuristic transportation system that’s faster than an airplane to start construction in 2016.

Uk.businessinsider. Inside the Migrant "Jungle" in Northern France. Quora. Software has changed the world, but here’s why it hasn’t improved healthcare. Baby names: How to name a baby. Why Teen-Agers Are the Worst. Quora. The real power of free markets: not efficiency, but innovation and dumb luck. We are sacrificing the right to walk – Antonia Malchick.

Log In - The New York Times. Camera comparison: Galaxy Note 5 vs iPhone 6 Plus.