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Are You a J. Crew Democrat or a Pizza Hut Republican? How Much Is That MRI, Really? Massachusetts Shines A Light. The APEC Summit Closes With a ‘Historic’ Climate Deal Between the U.S. and China. 18 Things Navy SEALs Never Leave Home Without. DvidsHub The Navy SEAL who claims to have shot Al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden on May 2, 2011 and is speaking with Fox News later this week has revealed his identity to The Washington Post.

18 Things Navy SEALs Never Leave Home Without

Robert O'Neill reportedly earned 52 commendations over 16 years in the Navy. Border stat posted, and then removed. Most of the people the Border Patrol stopped from sneaking into the country last year were from countries other than Mexico, according to agency statistics, a shift that might have provided fodder for politicians leading up to Tuesday’s election.

Border stat posted, and then removed

But they didn’t get much of a chance. The Border Patrol’s annual statistics were posted on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Web site for about five hours on Oct. 10, then taken down. Now some are questioning whether that decision was an example of the Obama administration playing politics with public information. Even before Tuesday, the administration said it was waiting until after the elections to deal with immigration reform so that any losses would not be blamed on the Democrats’ proposal. “It worries me that they may have been taken down for purely political reasons,” said Rep. Fing Shows You All the Devices Connected to Your Network. Alpacas: Loveable Lawnmowers No More. The Alpaca Industry Matures, With Growing Pains By Kaitlin Bell Barnett on November 6, 2014.

Alpacas: Loveable Lawnmowers No More

Berlin leaves divisions behind as Wall's traces vanish. This sneaky substance is in almost everything you eat—and it’s destroying the planet. Last August, from the window of a jet high over Sumatra, I counted nearly a dozen plumes of smoke rising from the vast jungles and plantations below.

This sneaky substance is in almost everything you eat—and it’s destroying the planet

Some more than a half-mile wide, they looked like pillars holding up the sky. That week the Indonesian Disaster Mitigation Agency detected 143 new wildfires in Riau Province, the area beneath my flight. All of the fires were almost certainly related to deforestation for timber operations and agriculture—predominantly oil palm cultivation. Palm oil—which appears in a dizzying amount of food and cosmetic products and is a feedstock for biofuel—poses many environmental problems. Tough Mudder Photo Feature. Harrison Jacobs/Business Insider Since Tough Mudder was founded in 2010, 1.3 million people have participated in one of the company's "military style" obstacle courses, which cover 10 to 12 miles of ground and include about 20 different challenges.

Tough Mudder Photo Feature

The event is part of a growing "obstacle course" trend among fitness enthusiasts and weekend warriors. There is no shortage of similar competitions, including the Spartan Race, the Warrior Dash, the Color Run, and the Superhero Scramble. All cater to people yearning to do something extraordinary. 'Irish alcoholism nature' reason for job rejection for Irish teacher in South Korea. 6 November 2014Last updated at 05:31 ET By Ciaran McCauley BBC News NI Katie Mulrennan has been teaching English around the world for a number of years A teacher from the Republic of Ireland has been turned down for a job in South Korea due to the "alcoholism nature" of Irish people.

'Irish alcoholism nature' reason for job rejection for Irish teacher in South Korea

Katie Mulrennan, from County Kerry, had applied for a teaching job in Seoul. IBM Reboots Its Research to Focus on Cognitive Computing. As cheap cloud computing services erode IBM’s traditional hardware business with alarming speed, the company finds itself facing an uncertain future.

IBM Reboots Its Research to Focus on Cognitive Computing

If only there were some clever machine it could turn to for advice. Appropriately enough that’s what a large part of IBM’s research division is trying to create, by building on the research effort that led to Watson, the computer that won in the game show Jeopardy! In 2011. The hope is that this effort will lead to software and hardware that can answer complex questions by looking through vast amounts of information containing subtle and disparate clues. What Successful People Were Doing At 25. 60 Minutes At age 25, Sandberg had graduated at the top of the economics department from Harvard, worked at the World Bank under her former professor, mentor, and future Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, and had gone back to Harvard to get her MBA, which she received in 1995.

What Successful People Were Doing At 25

She went on to work at McKinsey, and at age 29 was Summers' Chief of Staff when he became Bill Clinton's Treasury Secretary. Study: Westerners join Islamic State because of peer pressure, not social media. By David Holmes On November 6, 2014 I don’t say these four words often, but here we go: Malcolm Gladwell was right.

Study: Westerners join Islamic State because of peer pressure, not social media

Or at least that’s what a new study strongly suggests, supporting one of the more controversial theses put forth by the anecdote-obsessed armchair sociologist: That revolutions occur because of real world friendships and associations, not social media. Today, the Guardian reports on an upcoming study from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Science (ICSR) which finds that British Muslims who join Islamic State fighters in Syria do so more often because of peer pressure than social media propaganda.

“While online recruitment plays a role, people go because they know people who are in Syria,” ICSR director Peter Neumann told the Guardian. Islamic State’s propaganda machine has done an extraordinary job manipulating press reports surrounding its supposed military prowess. On GMAT, Americans Fail to Measure Up - WSJ. fMRI Data Reveals the Number of Parallel Processes Running in the Brain. The human brain is often described as a massively parallel computing machine.

fMRI Data Reveals the Number of Parallel Processes Running in the Brain

That raises an interesting question: just how parallel is it? How Thousands Of Nazis Were 'Rewarded' With Life In The U.S. In the early '70s, New York Rep. Elizabeth Holtzman received a confidential tip that American immigration authorities knew of dozens of former Nazis — some implicated in serious war crimes — who were living in the U.S.

Holtzman looked into it and discovered that it was true, and that the formerly named Immigration and Naturalization Service wasn't doing much about it. But that was just the tip of the iceberg, according to investigative reporter Eric Lichtblau. In his new book, The Nazis Next Door, Lichtblau reports that thousands of Nazis managed to settle in the United States after World War II, often with the direct assistance of American intelligence officials who saw them as potential spies and informants in the Cold War against the Soviet Union. The Effort Behind George Clooney’s Effortless Charm. George Clooney was at home in Los Angeles one afternoon in mid-January, a few days before he flew to Sudan in his new role as a United Nations “Messenger of Peace” (an appointment that overlooked reports of a recent public scuffle with Fabio, the leonine model).

Clooney, who is unusual in being both very famous and, apparently, at ease with the fact—he can sometimes look like a spokesman for celebrity itself—was sitting on a long pale sofa, alongside Sarah Larson, his girlfriend. Bowls of chopped salad were on the coffee table in front of them: when Clooney’s electronic pepper grinder was activated, it sent a beam of light shining down onto the lettuce, like a police helicopter. Nine things the British don’t understand about the Germans. Never before have I compiled a list of things the British do not understand about the Germans.

For several years I instead toiled, as a correspondent in Berlin, at the vainglorious task of rendering the Germans comprehensible to readers of the Daily Telegraph. With what joy I fell on evidence that these admirable and hospitable people are just like us! David Cameron seems to have made the same error. On discovering that Angela Merkel agreed with him about some aspects of EU reform, he yielded to the belief that she must agree with him about other aspects too. Michael Wolfe's answer to Why do some people think San Francisco is the best city in the world?

The Other Side of Diversity. The prevailing narrative surrounding minorities in tech relates to how beneficial employing minorities can be for a company and/or how detrimental the lack of diverse perspectives can be. I’ve searched for, and have been disappointed to find that few studies have been done on the psychological effects of being a minority in a mostly homogeneous workplace for an extended period of time.

(Update: There have been some very recently published studies surrounding this topic. I’m very appreciative of Jake Van Epps for pointing them out to me.) Here I’ll try to highlight how it has affected me, as I grew from a young black lady to a black woman in the predominantly white male tech industry. Oil Prices Are Dropping. So What? - POLITICO Magazine - POLITICO Magazine. As the global oil supply has increased and demand has weakened, prices are down to about $80 a barrel, a more than 25 percent drop since June, and recently fell to a three-year low.

Was Guy Fawkes a fall guy? 4 November 2014Last updated at 20:12 ET By Adam Donald Political reporter. Geraldine Conti's answer to What are the best new products or inventions that most people don't know about? Serena Bian's answer to How do people work 80-100 hours a week and not get burnt out?

Here’s when 'morning people' are most likely to lie. Best Public High Schools In The US. SWAsXmB. Glenn Greenwald and Snowden: ‘Nobody Should Use Facebook’ During a Q&A in Canada, Glenn Greenwald was asked why his colleague and NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, wasn’t on any of the social media platforms — i.e., Facebook — and Greenwald didn’t mince words. “He doesn’t use Facebook because he hates Facebook,” he said.

The Dads of Tech - The Baffler. Best Public High Schools In The US. LED bulb efficiency clearly pulling ahead of compact fluorescents. Facebook sets up 'dark web' link to access network via Tor. A Woman Recreated That Viral Catcalling Video in New Zealand and Got Very Different Results. What ever happened to 'of the people, by the people, for the people'? A manifesto. One early morning in Brooklyn a few months ago, when I was still running for governor of New York, I encountered a man talking to himself, agitated and loud. As I passed him on the sidewalk, he turned to me and started muttering, a blend of insults and epigrams. Verizon: ISPs will sue unless government adopts weaker net neutrality rules.

Verizon is gearing up for a fight over the government's latest net neutrality plan, which could impose stricter rules on Internet service providers than a previous net neutrality order that Verizon also sued over. Verizon sued to overturn the Federal Communications Commission's 2010 Open Internet Order, forcing the FCC to try again. Later sunsets 'increase children's activity levels' Macau's magic square stamps just made philately even more nerdy. According to Chinese legend a turtle like the one above crept out of the Yellow River about 4000 years ago. Answer to What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Confirmed: Apple opening Seattle software office. Apple is moving into enemy territory and has started an engineering office in Seattle, its first in the Northwest. Like other California companies setting up shop in the shadow of Microsoft, Apple is attracted by the area’s software talent, particularly engineers with expertise building online infrastructure.

'Anti-Facebook' platform Ello attracts thousands. A Push to Back Traditional Chinese Medicine With More Data - WSJ. Shift work dulls your brain - report. All About Lyme Disease In Your Dog. True North Outdoor School. The principles of scientific management. Answer to History of Apple Inc.: In iPhone advertisements, why is the time always set to 9:42 a.m. on the clock? The Art of Not Working at Work. NTSB: SpaceShipTwo broke apart when “feathering” activated early.

Millennials Navigate The Ups And Downs Of Cohabitation. A plutocratic proposal. What I Tell Clients Who Want to Buy Gold. An Unprecedented Look at Stuxnet, the World's First Digital Weapon. Ask an Expert: Leveling Up Your Dating Game with Dr. Nerdlove. Michael Wolfe's answer to Is it possible to be a top programmer and a good parent at the same time?

The Shame of Borough Park. How to Debug Your Brain and Build Better Habits. Court rejects Gawker’s hilarious claim that its former unpaid interns don’t use social media. New Clock May End Time As We Know It. Snoop Dogg, Investor. The uglier side of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement pits Chinese against Chinese. On Kindness — Matter. Alibaba’s Plan to Help U.S. Exporters - WSJ. Why typos and spelling mistakes don't really matter. #BBCtrending: Who is the 'Angel of Kobane'? The Best Time to Buy Anything During the Year. The Psychological Comforts of Storytelling. Daylight Saving Time Is America's Greatest Shame. How To Make The Most Of Your Commute. The Secret Fantasies of Adults.

Random Image Experiment Reveals The Building Blocks of Human Imagination. The Pierre Omidyar Insurgency. High milk diet 'may not cut risk of bone fractures' The Internet Arcade puts 900 classic games right in your web browser. James Altucher's answer to What are the best daily routines of highly productive people? Cyanide purchase was first time Ferrante ordered an item himself, lab workers testify - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Kickstarter pulls Anonabox, a Tor-enabled router that raised over $585,000. Yasuke: The African Samurai. Fossil fuels should be 'phased out by 2100' says IPCC.

Studies Cast Doubt on Value of Daylight-Saving Time - WSJ. What do you do with millions of extra graduates? Navneet Singh's answer to What foreign words are not so easy to translate into English? India's Modi vows to bring back 'black money' Cheaper Energy Could Be a Mixed Blessing - WSJ. An infinite multiverse: a bad idea or inescapable? Interview: Ha Jin, Author Of 'A Map Of Betrayal' Five Reasons Why Your Financial Outlook Just Got Better.

A sitting person's guide to standing up. How Daylight Saving Time Can Be Dangerous. The 10 greatest changes of the past 1,000 years. Halloween, Weekend Storm to Bring First Flakes For Some in New England, Great Lakes, Appalachians (FORECAST) How the Average American Man’s Body Compares to Others Around The World. Even Israel's Best Friends Understand That It Is Disconnecting From Reality. Why Netflix sends 'Orange is the New Black' to the Library of Congress on videotape. Find the Perfect Word for Your Feelings with This Vocabulary Wheel. The War Nerd: Crunching numbers on Kobane. Newyorker. The Theory of Cumulative Stress: How to Recover When Stress Builds Up. Here’s one more reason not to use your iPhone’s fingerprint scanner. The top 100 papers.