Great wastes of time

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If I come to your place of business, let's say a restaraunt and you are my server, it is not ok for you to touch my child. Ever. I understand babies are exciting, cute, and tempting to look at, talk to, and hold, but that blanket strategically placed over the carrier? Ya, not there for you to remove. It is a sublimnal message of, "Back up bitch." If my child has a binky or toy, do not touch it, or take it away. The Peevery: Peevery Auditions The Peevery: Peevery Auditions

Cake Wrecks

Cake Wrecks Look, bakers, I'll be the firth to admit I'm not so great with numbers... ...but something here just doesn't add up: Major props for helping "Keydunce" celebrate such a special milestone, though. The kind of milestone, in fact, that most of us will spend the next few seconds trying to pronounce. (I'm going with "three-und." Or maybe "Thirnd.") - A Blog on Oddities: the odd, bizarre and strange things of our world! - A Blog on Oddities: the odd, bizarre and strange things of our world! Topics Hot: Facebook NSFW Tattoo Photoshop Categories: Art Ads Signs Names Places People Objects Gifts Science Stories Medicine Tech Home Design Misc Random Today
Trapped in the (Water) Closet January 14th, 2014 · 35 comments Writes Robert in Redmond, Washington: “In our office, in this particular bathroom, at this particular urinal, there strikes a phantom pisser, who finds joy in covering the floor in front of the urinal 1/8 inch deep in piss — every single day. One coworker got fed up with this and posted the following series of sticky notes. Then some other coworkers then jumped in to add their own particular flair.”