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@PE4Primary - Home. Primary PE Podcast. This post is aimed at achieving one thing: naming and shaming the assumptions that are made in education every day – the assumptions that hold back improvements and student-centred, owned learning.

They are simply my opinions and not representative of any formal research. I have put them in order of how much they disturb me, with number 1 being “top of the annoyance pops”. I settled on three simply because the post would have been too long with any more. Please do comment whether you agree or disagree. Assumptions in Education 1. Our job is not to continually nod at the third party audience that is OFSTED but to treat OFSTED as a critical friend. 2. Classrooms thus are set up for one main type of activity: the broadcast lecture. 3. Education in the UK is incredibly expensive. @ImSporticus. Vicky Goodyear. The P.E Geek. BelievePerform. Striver. It has been well documented this week that two-thirds of primary school-age children are falling below the recommended levels of fitness for their age group.


These sort of statistics are still shocking, despite them being replayed on a regular basis by a range of figureheads, from Youth Sport Trust chair Baroness Sue Campbell to healthy eating crusader Jamie Oliver. But what are we as teachers doing about it? What messages are we giving to our pupils? ‘Get fit to live a healthy and happy life’. ‘You are what you eat’. Physed MAP. PYP PE with Andy. Misssphysicaleducation. When it comes to our schools planning day my head does not stop thinking of what programs myself and our other PE teacher can implement into our PE program.


With having another PE teacher it helps the programs to be more fresh and exciting and most importantly to be able to team teach together. We ensure that the program is relevant to student learning, student outcome, challenges the students and engages all students with different abilities. Top 5 programs 1.

Inspired PE. The Guided Access feature is used to disable certain apps or lock pupils to apps, unfortunately it’s hidden within the ipads settings and I certainly didn’t realise the feature even existed until a few weeks ago.

Inspired PE

I’m going to talk you through my issue, how it works and how to increase your pupils productivity. We’ve all been there before, painstakingly spent hours planning and preparing for that lesson where the iPads come out. The pupils are going to use this great app you’ve found to really get them to understand how the vascular system works and then as a plenary they can use that other new app to show the progress they have made with a summative quiz. It was going to be outstanding I knew it… but they had other ideas. Instead of finding the location of the Vena Cava, someone had used ten minutes productively (apparently) and found a picture of a dog dressed as Superman (picture located below incase you need a laugh).

What is Guided Access? How can I enable Guided Access? Related. MrFallickPE. Last Sunday the Daily Mail reported Physical Education is a 'Joke' with children getting just nine minutes of a proper exercise in a 45-minute lesson.


Dr Richard Weiler said 'PE Provision in state schools is generally awful. 'Policymakers haven't got a clue what is going on - PE is not high on their list.' This piece in the paper didn't come as that much as a surprise to me, however it made me think why do children take part in anything? It is well know that regular physical activity is an important component of a healthy active lifestyle. Hart Healthy PE. Think Sport. Broadway PE Department. So the pressure is on with BTEC changes on delivery and assessment, the school priorities on marking, feedback, progress and impact so the least I expect from my students is a decent attempt at their class work (which I try to make as interesting as possible!).

Broadway PE Department

Unfortunately I’ve had a student trying to play the game and saying that the way she presents her is what is like for her other subjects. So I took the long walk to English and had an enlightening conversation with her English teacher and got my hands on her English book… Funnily enough, her writing isn’t anything like what she’s done in her sport book!! After a quiet word in her ear today saying that it was game over and 1-0 to me, instant impact transformed before me! Instant progress and improvement on her written presentation makes me one very happy teacher! @mradampe. So there may be ideas out for this, but the latest update from Autocrat takes this to a new level.


HandheldlearninginPE. 21/09/2014 by Phil Barrett This academic year I am transforming the way that we get students to submit work for our Btec Level 3 Sport course in my institution- in one word “paperless” !


The unit we are starting with is Unit 9 Practical individual sport where students are required to demonstrate the basic skills, tactics and techniques required for two individual sports. Its very easy to quickly and easily create and continually update an ebook using book creator meaning that my students can keep adding their content in each lesson in the practical setting. @kuppal82. Mr.Hair Physical Education. PHYSEDagogy. REAL PE. SportPlan. Subject Support Blog. @bpollardPE. Miss Wards Blog. PEScholar Blog. @robsolway. MrFairbairnPE. Richard Uffendell. Graham Mallen. PE Office. This autumn, I attended a PE conference where I was both disappointed and saddened by the negativity of the comments from some PE Teachers about the new PE curriculum and the proposed new assessment of pupils without levels.

PE Office

The opposition to the changes was often based on incorrect information or assumptions and it reminded me of one of my mother’s favourite sayings: ‘There are two sides to every story…and then there’s the truth.’ I truly believe in assessing students’ ability in physical education but we all have to accept that level descriptors are no more and embrace the new challenge of assessment without levels.

This is the biggest and most fundamental change to the assessment system for physical education in England and it needs to be approached with new ideas and enthusiasm. So, with that in mind, here are the facts about the new PE national curriculum and assessment: 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3. LovePhyEd. Coach Ratliff PE. MrMetcalfPE. Embracing Tech For Teaching: What gives you 'zest'?

While enjoying the final few days of the half term holidays, I was reading some back issues of a magazine that I used to get called Zest.

Embracing Tech For Teaching: What gives you 'zest'?

This was a health, fitness and wellness magazine that I had a subscription to last year and which contained a regular interview titled 'What gives you Zest? '. This got me thinking ... what gives me 'zest'? What makes me feel energised and motivated? My Teaching and Learning Toolbox @TomBrush1982. Agility- The Teaching Toolkit @ASTSupportAAli. The Physical Education Teacher (@DylanBlain) World Class Physical Education @MrWickensPE. Securing that Leadership Position.

As we approach the traditional recruitment season in education we may find ourselves taking a sneaky look in the TES for more than just its stimulating educational content. Currently there are 4,610 available jobs listed in the UK, but with less than 10% of those (387) listed as leadership positions. The very nature of leadership positions, the skill sets required and the lack of opportunities compared to main scale teaching posts means that the environment is extremely competitive.

AlevelMindset - Blog. @MRPERROTTON. Students come in to the classroom at AS full of confidence, after attaining excellent grades at GCSE level, they enjoyed the course at Key Stage four and many of them acquired strong practical grades. However, there is often panic after their first AS Physiology lesson, students bemused and worried where all the scientific aspects have come from, feeling it was definitely not as difficult at GCSE level.

Unfortunately there is very limited physiology studied in the new GCSE course content and therefore this area is very challenging for students when they start the course in the sixth form. Science exams The real challenge for me is helping them answer the long answer questions vital for their theory exam. @TeachingTricks. @PE_Spider. THE IDEA EXCHANGE @TedfordDanielle. Edutait. Reflections on my Teaching @MrHarrowell. PHYSEDagogy. Mrs Hamada: PE Tech Field Testing. Chris Horner's PE Blog. Magpie&Try. PEGeeks Blog Library. Phys. Ed. Review. LessonToolBox Blog - General T&L. Lovepe. The PE Geek Apps. Video Tagger Tutorial Written by admin in videotaggerJuly 3rd, 2013 Step 1 - Launch the app and familiarise yourself with the 3 buttons on the tagging screen.

The Green arrow shown below allows you to switch between the front and back facing cameras. You can access the settings screen with the Orange Arrow and begin recording with the “Rec” button at the bottom of the screen. Step [...] Mr Williamson's PE Blog. Never Stop Learning - General T&L. Coaching to improve Teaching, Teaching to improve Coaching. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. @MrThompsonPE's Blog. Digital Technology - iPad in PE.