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paola bloem ghisalberti

green, yellow, blue + red industrial designer living in milan since 1989

Simone Sabbieti (@simonesabbieti) It's been a year #CelebratingDavidBowie #BowieForever (via @Helengreeen) Yonaguni. CrowdFunding/CrowdSourcing. Spirit Science. Micheleskordas. NEW MATH by Craig Damrauer. Functionnal design. Products & technologies. Reactable. Augmented Reality. Design / déco. Industrial design courses ? designboom. Reusable bag. Serralunga icona dell’innovazione al Salone del Mobile 2010. All’appuntamento più importante di sempre per il mondo del design, il marchio italiano Serralunga si presenta rinnovato nella sua immagine con una mission più definita.

Serralunga icona dell’innovazione al Salone del Mobile 2010

“Ho preferito investire sul DNA della mia azienda per arrivare preparato al futuro. Dobbiamo andare oltre il prodotto e la produzione, e migliorare la capacità di progettare anche la comunicazione”- dichiara Marco Serralunga. E così l’azienda ha scelto il più importante degli “stage” per debuttare con il nuovo logo e con la nuova immagine. Due parole esprimono la nuova anima dell’azienda: Living Outside. Un pay-off semplice e d’impatto, come la filosofia Serralunga. Ore passate in ufficio, dentro una palestra o un locale: in una società che tende a rinchiuderti, Serralunga riscopre la voglia di stare all’aria aperta in compagnia di amici. Disegnata nel 1922 dai designer Knoll e Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, la poltrona Barcellona è ormai un pezzo di storia del design internazionale.

Latest projects by michael young. ‘city speed’ for giant by michael young michael young has recently launched some new projects.

latest projects by michael young

The british designer who has practices in iceland, the UK and asia works on a range of projects, from interior spaces, transportation, electronics, bar ware to architecture. cityspeed is an urban bike designed by michael young, for taiwanese bicycle manufacturer giant. for the project, city speed, giant designers and engineers wanted to create a bike that encompassed both speed and simplicity. the bicycle features LED headlights and tail lights which are integrated into the streamlined frame.

The purpose for embedding the lights into the frame was to free up the handle bar space, eliminating any excess wiring. [-] Benvenuti in Capo D'Opera [-] Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus - An online thesaurus and dictionary o. The Power of Metaphor : Word Count. Michael Lydon, a well-known writer on popular music since the 1960s, has for many years also been writing about writing.

The Power of Metaphor : Word Count

Lydon's essays, written with a colloquial clarity, shed fresh light on familiar and not so familiar aspects of the writing art. Here Lydon explores how metaphors have the power to "fuse fact and fancy. " The word metaphor comes from the Greek metapherein, "carry over"; transfer is a synonym with Latin roots. All writing may be called metaphor, because writing transfers life into word. Praise for the Visual Thesaurus.


Arthur de Pins Online. Wave. Graphics plus Fractals and Animations. SOMusViJk. cOOLENERGY. Underground Home Designs - Swiss Mountain House Rocks! Like this article?

Underground Home Designs - Swiss Mountain House Rocks!

Share it: In underground home designs, this unusual house plan is the collaboration between the Netherlands architects at SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects. This underground home, located in the Swiss village of Vals, is set amidst a cluster of mountain houses and if you don’t look carefully you might miss it! The most striking thing about this stone house is the majestic Alpine view through a wide, elliptical opening in the hillside, revealing spacious outdoor entertaining areas that lead to the home’s main entrance. Another entrance from a nearby barn leads residents and guests through an underground pathway, providing an alternate entryway into the home. Please Leave a Comment Posted on December 3, 2009 7:23 PM. Hummingbirds fly backwards.


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