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Fingerprint on mobilephone

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SDK Samsung for GALAXY. The SDK for Samsung mobile devices consists of various SDKs.

SDK Samsung for GALAXY

Pass SDK 1.1.4 Version : 1.1.4 Date : Jul 30, 2015 What Is Pass SDK? Pass SDK allows you to use fingerprint recognition features in your application. With Pass SDK, you can provide reinforced security, since you can identify whether the current user actually is the authentic owner of the device. Biometric Quality Homepage. Performance of biometric systems is dependent on the quality of the acquired input samples.

Biometric Quality Homepage

If quality can be improved, either by sensor design, by user interface design, or by standards compliance, better performance can be realized. For those aspects of quality that cannot be designed-in, an ability to analyze the quality of a live sample is needed. This is useful primarily in initiating the reacquisition from a user, but also for the real-time selection of the best sample, and the selective invocation of different processing methods. It is the key component in quality assurance management, and because quality algorithms often embed the same image (or signal) analyses needed to assess conformance to underlying data interchange standards, they can be used in automated image screening applications. Quality analysis is a technical challenge because it is most helpful when the measures reflect the performance sensitivities of one or more target biometric matchers. March 2-4, 2010. Le lecteur d'empreintes digitales du Samsung Galaxy S5 est compromis (MàJ)

Mise à jour : Comme prévu les chercheurs ont dévoilé la semaine dernière les détails de leurs travaux (.pdf) lors de la conférence Black Hat.

Le lecteur d'empreintes digitales du Samsung Galaxy S5 est compromis (MàJ)

Ils y révèlent l'existence d'un fichier /data/dggraw.bmp stocké sur les téléphones Android, dans un dossier non protégé et non chiffré. "N'importe quel processus ou application non privilégié peut voler les empreintes de l'utilisateur en accédant à ce fichier", qui contient une image de l'empreinte, re-générée à chaque scan. L'image devient exploitable après une petite manipulation.

Biometric Information. Businessinsider. AP ImagesSmartphones' fingerprint scanners could be used for to spy on people.


Hackers can remotely exploit vulnerabilities in Android smartphones’ fingerprint scanners to collect vast amounts of data on their users. The vulnerabilities were reported by FireEye researchers Tao Wei and Yulong Zhang during a keynote at the Blackhat hacking conference in Las Vegas. The security problems relate to the way devices handle and manage the biometric data being used by the scanners. According to the keynote summary the flaws are the result of: Confusions in the scanner authorisation processes that could let hackers install malware and bypass payment services fingerprint security features.Trust zone design flaws in the fingerprint sensor that allow spying attacks to remotely harvest users' fingerprints.Pre-embedded fingerprint backdoors that can be used to hijack mobile payments protected by fingerprints and collect data on the smartphone’s user.

Fingerprint fight: Galaxy Note 5 vs Mate S vs iPhone 6S. Android Open Source Project. Overview If a device has a fingerprint sensor, a user can enroll one or more fingerprints and then use their fingerprints to unlock the device and perform other tasks.

Android Open Source Project

Android uses the Fingerprint Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) to connect to a vendor-specific library and fingerprint hardware, e.g. a fingerprint sensor. To implement the Fingerprint HAL, you must implement functions in fingerprint.h (/hardware/libhardware/include/hardware/fingerprint.h) in a vendor-specific library; please see the comments in the fingerprint.h file. Google Bakes Fingerprint Tech Into Android And Opens Up Voice. Google just unloaded a slew of announcements Tuesday in San Francisco, at an event covering new hardware products, new software features, and some new capabilites of interest to its enormous community of Android app developers.

Google Bakes Fingerprint Tech Into Android And Opens Up Voice

In between all the new-hardware announcements, the company also slipped in some updates for its own services and apps, and opened up a few more aspects of Android. See also: Google's Hardware Bonanza: Nexus Phones, A New Chromecast, And A Pixel Tablet With Marshmallow, the latest candy-sweet rubric for the mobile opearing system otherwise known as Android 6.0, developers will be able to access Nexus Imprint, a new fingerprint sensor, as well as integrate more voice features into their apps, among other things. Hackers Can Steal Fingerprints From Android Phones. You would think that using your fingerprint to unlock your smartphone is as secure as it gets, but that’s not always the case.

Hackers Can Steal Fingerprints From Android Phones

If you’re using an Android phone you might want to pay attention to this one. FireEye researchers Tao Wei and Yulong Zhang demonstrated at the Black Hat conference how hackers can remotely steal fingerprints without the owner of the device ever knowing about it. Even more dangerous, this can be done on a “large scale.” Updated on 08-11-2015 by Robert Nazarian: Added in comments from HTC, Samsung, and Yulong Zhang.

Related: What is the ‘Stagefright’ hack? We reached out to both HTC and Samsung to confirm patches were issued for both the HTC One Max and Galaxy S5. “We have already addressed the issue for the HTC One Max, and it doesn’t affect any other HTC devices.” Improved Fingerprint Sensor - Samsung Galaxy S6. Protection par empreinte digitale sur les appareils Nexus - Centre d'aide Nexus. Cette page doit permettre de répondre aux questions que vous vous posez à propos de la sécurité lorsque vous utilisez Nexus Imprint pour déverrouiller votre appareil avec votre empreinte digitale.

Protection par empreinte digitale sur les appareils Nexus - Centre d'aide Nexus

Découvrez comment configurer et utiliser Nexus Imprint.