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StickyMinds sur Twitter : "A look at testing the internet of 'everything' w/ @paul_gerrard #IoT #wearables #wearabletech. Blogspy Vol 102: Round-up. Welcome to the 102nd edition of EuroSTAR’s BlogSpy, the best round-up on the internet of the latest blog posts from the world of software testing.

Blogspy Vol 102: Round-up

Defining Your Role as a Tester – Marcus Gaertner “Recently, I have found myself focusing less on the quality of an organization’s products from a tester’s perspective. At this point, I find myself more and more in the role of helping organizations see the larger picture: How are they set up? What causes conflicts? How does the structure of the organization help build better quality? Bitkom_Software sur Twitter : "Awesome keynote @GermanTesting Day from @paul_gerrard who started #testing at the age of 6 months!!! Good job! QualityMinds GmbH sur Twitter : "Join us at the @GermanTesting Day this week in Frankfurt! We are waiting for you together with @MaibornWolff #testing. German Testing Day sur Twitter : "VIDEO: "Do we need a new model of testing?" by our Keynote speaker @paul_gerrard #testing #bbc.

BBC Academy - Technology - Do we need a new model of testing? German Testing Day sur Twitter : "Last chance to register for Tutorial Day on New Model #Testing with @paul_gerrard on July 17th. Tutorial Day 17. Juli 2015. Steigenberger Hotel Metropolitan, Frankfurt / Main Your trainer: Paul Gerrard, Testing Author Abstract: This session explores the use of modelling in testing and how it is the basis of all good test design.

Tutorial Day 17. Juli 2015

We will use the New Model of Testing as a starting point and discuss how models underpin test design. We will explore some common models that provide the theoretical basis of the common test design techniques. We will then, through examples and exercises work through a variety of software products (e.g. BCS - SIGIST - Testing as a Service - Models. German Testing Day sur Twitter : "Get your tickets for the Tutorial Day with @paul_gerrard on July 17th! Program: #testing. GTD-2015_Tutorial-Day.pdf?utm_content=bufferf3697&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter. Internet of Things Conference - IoT World Forum 2014 - London M2M Barcelona UK. What is the Internet of Things? And why should you care? Zeger Van Hese sur Twitter : "My #sketchnote from @paul_gerrard's keynote "How to test the Internet of Eveything" #expoqa #softwareTesting.

German Testing Day. Ville Särmälä sur Twitter : "Thank you @paul_gerrard! A great keynote presentation in Helsinki @KnowitSuomi #software #testing #development. Nina Perta sur Twitter : "@Ninapfin: Great way to start the weekend, listening to @paul_gerrard at Helsinki at Knowit QSD day #Testing #knowit. Test Management Summit - 28-29 April 2015- Eventbrite. Paul Gerrard sur Twitter : "Did you know we run a free, public @mqttorg server at for #testing? #IoT #IoE @GerdleGerdle. Witter / ? VALORI sur Twitter : "Happy homecoming, #Testing Excellence Award: via @DerkJanDeGrood #testen... Happy homecoming, Testing Excellence Award.

Today I got welcomed at the Valori-office with Champagne and Cake.

Happy homecoming, Testing Excellence Award

I was congratulated by everyone with winning the Testing Excellence Award by many of my direct colleagues. What a nice surprise. Egbert Bouman held another heartwarming speech and explained, for those that didn’t already know, what the significance of this prestigious award is. The “EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award” is presented annually to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the field of software testing within Europe. The award seeks to promote leadership, contribution and effectiveness in testing process and implementation.

Knightly Builds. I spent some time at the EuroSTAR conference this week.

Knightly Builds

It was predictably awesome. Video: Value of Testing (and New Model) 2014 Test Management Summit - 29-30 April 2014. Innovation Tools: Abstraction. My last couple of blog posts on the subject of innovation tools have gotten pretty wordy.

Innovation Tools: Abstraction

I’m going to try and keep this one a little shorter. My definition of abstraction, for the purposes of this article, is that it’s a process of removal. To abstract something is to consider a thing independently of its associations or attributes. A picture used to be a sum of additions. GC Downloader. IoEArchitectureRisks.pdf. IoEWhatIsIt2.pdf. Webinar 107: A New Model For Testing. Please login to access this on-demand webinar >>>>> (Video will appear at the bottom of the page once you have logged in) Paul believes that our existing models of testing are not fit for purpose - they are inconsistent, controversial, partial, proprietary and stuck in the past.

Webinar 107: A New Model For Testing

They are not going to support us in the rapidly emerging technologies and approaches. The certification schemes that should represent the interests and integrity of our profession don't, and we are left with schemes that are popular, but have low value, lower esteem and attract harsh criticism. His goal in proposing the New Model is to stimulate new thinking in this area. You can join the webinar discussion on TEST Huddle by clicking the link below. Developers Testing? Yes, and enjoying it! - Agile Testing Days 2014 - Agile Testing Days 2014. Testing_howler : @paul_gerrard talking about ... Software Testing - a Sisyphean Task?: The Conference List.

I'm really pleased to be presenting a talk at EuroSTAR again this year.

Software Testing - a Sisyphean Task?: The Conference List

Having spoken before, I know this is a great opportunity and with Paul Gerrard as conference chair I'm sure it will be a fantastic event in Dublin. There are many benefits to speaking at a conference, the most obvious being the opportunity attend a high profile testing events without having to pay for a ticket. There is also a lot to gain from discussing your work with your peers, as I discussed in my post sparing the time . There are some less obvious benefits too. These are useful to be aware of, particularly for permanent employees such as myself who are not looking to achieve any marketing value for their product or service from attending. Getting your house in order One of the hidden benefits for me in speaking at a conference comes from the extra effort that I put in to completing my in-house background projects leading up to a speaking engagement.

The End Of The Road For Test Managers? I’ve been reading a lot about test management recently.

The End Of The Road For Test Managers?

There’s some excellent posts out there, in particular I’d recommend you look at this one from Katrina Clokie, explaining the changes that are required for test management to remain relevant in the world of Agile software development and continuous delivery. She also links some other articles which I would definitely recommend you read, if you are interested in the subject. What's New in Testing (for me) At the Unicom NextGen Testing show on 26th June, ( I'll be pitching some ideas for where the testing world is going - in around 15 minutes.

What's New in Testing (for me)

I thought I'd lay the groundwork for that short talk with a blog that sets out what I've been working on for the past few months. These things might not all be new in the industry, but I think they will become increasingly important to the testing community. There are four areas I've been working on in between travelling, conferences and teaching. Testers and Programming I've been promoting the idea of testers learning to write code (or at least to become more technical) for some time. My argument is this: for the investment of time and effort required, learning how to write some simple code in some language will give you a skill that you might be able to use to write your own tools, but more importantly, the confidence and vocabulary to have more insightful discussions with developers.

A Software Skills Roadmap for Testers. In my previous article, ‘The testers and coding debate: Can we move on now?’

A Software Skills Roadmap for Testers

[1], I suggested that that: Tester programming skills are helpful in some situations and having those skills would make a tester more productiveIt doesn’t make sense to mandate these skills unless your organization is moving to a new way of working, e.g. shift-leftTester programming skills rarely need to be as comprehensive as a professional programmer’sA tester-programming training syllabus should map to required capabilities and include code-design and automated checking methods. We should move on from the ‘debate’ and start thinking more seriously about appropriate development approaches for testers who need and want more technical capabilities.

As I also said in the original article [1], I am not an expert in the teaching of programming languages or computer science in general. I have not studied the many writings of experts in this field who, needless to say, tend to be academics. . … and so on. Helping the New Tester - Neotys Testing Roundup. Image Source: 1. Documenting Tests – How much detail? By Eric Jacobson Here is what I ask of my testers: Document enough detail such that you can explain the testing you did, in-person, up to a year later. Traditional and Nontraditional Testing Processes - Neotys Testing Roundup. Image Source: The classic software testing team is becoming increasingly obsolete. Traditional processes and tools just don’t meet today’s testing challenges. A View from the Chair with Michael Bolton (Volume 4) When there are almost 300 people competing for fewer than 60 opportunities to speak at EuroSTAR, it's inevitable that some of those who submit proposals will be disappointed.

Since the EuroSTAR 2013 Programme was announced, a number of people have asked for feedback on their proposals. I'll be providing that individually to those who have asked. I'd like to begin that process by offering some suggestions, based on my experience as Programme Chair this year, for crafting a successful proposal. A conference talk, tutorial, or workshop (I'll say "session") is a product.

A proposal for that product is marketing material, like the technical overview that helps convince the prospective buyer of a piece of software. Make Your Proposal Concise. Our community is not best served by one single group. Our community is not best served by one single group or organization. [Opinion piece follows As an individual it’s important to be skeptical when we have just one single source of learning and direction for our community. If we tie ourselves to a single source (i.e. group, organization, business, scheme) we are tying ourselves to a narrow (and potentially narrowing) point of view.

If we do narrow our focus to a single source we will hinder our knowledge growth and our learning scope. I believe there is another side effect though – the wider community will become more fragmented and distant as we become less tolerant of alternative views…(I have no evidence for this, just observations) Groups that were once a mouthpiece and meeting ground for the unheard and diverse minorities soon narrow as they find a niche, or attract a tipping point of like minded people – this is natural which is why there is always room for new groups and communities to emerge to fill the gaps. They are wrong. My Earlier Days as a Programmer and How I Became a Software Tester. Many people do not think about Software Testing as a career.

In fact many do not even know the field exists nor how rewarding and challenging it is to be a Software Tester. There is not a degree in Software Testing so many people applying for the job are not really sure what we do. It does make me contemplate how I learned to test. In my earlier days I was trained as a Cobol programmer. As part of my training I learned how to create flowcharts; test my own code (negative, positive, boundary testing); validate the records returned at each data set; and review the raw data to ensure it was processed correctly at each step.

I was often the liaison with the Information Technology department on the behalf of the business community. Context-neutral rules for testing systems and software. How-abouts and What-ifs. Happenstance. Test Management Forum 24 April 2013. Intelligent Governance, Definition and Assurance using the Business Story Method. Big Data seems to be the latest buzzword that seems to be trending. The term has been around for a while but now, the largest corporations are promoting Big Data products and services very strongly, so something big is on the horizon. Right now, it still looks like a load of hype, but scratching beneath the surface, it seems to me that it has the potential to affect every person in society and there's no getting away from it. What is all the fuss about? Big Data isn't really just about 'big'. Robot With Long Finger Wants to Touch Your iPhone Apps. Jason Huggins sells a robot that mimics the touch of the human finger.

But it’s not what you think. Conference at a Glance, part I – My glance on the Monday tutorials. The EuroSTAR 2013 is knocking on my door. It's about time get some scribbles to my blog about it. Intelligent Governance, Definition and Assurance using the Business Story Method. Agile Governance. Specification by Example is not Enough. Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived. Additional notes from the author: If you want to learn more about Tesla, I highly recommend reading Tesla: Man Out of Time Also, this Badass of the week by Ben Thompson is what originally inspired me to write a comic about Tesla. ReleaseNotes · robotframework/MavenPlugin Wiki.

Release Notes The distributions are available from the Maven central repository. / Twitter. How can we assure exploratory testing? #testing #esconfs. FREE Testing Workshops 27 July 2011. Test Assurance is a whole set of skills and competencies above and beyond Test Management. The Pursuit of Quality: Chasing Tornadoes or Just Hot Air? Many thanks to Helmut Pichler and Manfred Baumgartner of Anecon who invited me to speak at their joint seminar with Microsoft at the Microsoft office in Vienna, Austria in May. Thanks also to Andreas Pollak of Microsoft who organised the event and who acted as my able assistant when my remote control did not work. The event agenda and sessions are described here.