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Chrome Extensions. Chrome Web Store. EXTENSION CHROME. HTML 5 Video. Ideas. Robfarrell. History and Social Studies. Value & The Brain. Best of History Web Sites. Engelska Åk 8. Free Energy: Myth or Reality? Free Energy Generators. Technology. Humanoid Robots. Cyborgenic Reengineering the Human Body. Learn how to code. Autonomous Vehicles. Internet of Things. Darpa. Mecanimal approach. TECH - RISING 2.0. Super Materials. Energetic. Articles. Free energy. Javascript / jQuery. Node JS. Plugins Interactive. SoftControlers. Website Design/Development. DARMOWE PROGRAMY. Control. Home automation. DIY. Javascript. Anatomy/Poses. Art full. Anatomía / anatomy for artists. Drawing. Free tutorials on HTML, CSS and PHP - Build your own website -

JavaScript 101. What we'll cover reading time: approx. 23mins IntroductionWhat is JavaScriptTerminologyGlobal ObjectVariablesTypesObjectsArraysConditional StatementsCoercionFunctionsCode Reuse (inheritance)Conclusion Introduction I've written this very brief guide to JavaScript just as an aid for people new to the language and who need a basic starting point to see what the syntax looks like and to get a feeling for some of its features.

JavaScript 101

This article's main purpose is to give readers new to the language a glimpse of the JavaScript environment and to hopefully spur them onto further reading/learning. What is JavaScript. Makers: The New Industrial Revolution. Language: Introducing Knowledge-Based Programming. Moment.js. Javascript. Libs. Old language and texts. NatGeo Mapmaker Interactive. 40 maps that explain the world. By Max Fisher By Max Fisher August 12, 2013 Maps can be a remarkably powerful tool for understanding the world and how it works, but they show only what you ask them to.

40 maps that explain the world

Cartografia. Wasp: 3D Printed Houses. jQuery.parallax. Creating an animated 3D CSS cube using 3D transforms. Last week WebKit included the much anticipated (at least on my part) 3D transforms in its latest nightly build, announced practically alongside the awesome Snow Stack demo that provides a 3D interface for browsing Flickr images (use left, right and space-bar).

Creating an animated 3D CSS cube using 3D transforms

Today the Surfin Safari blog has updated with some more exciting demos, including “Morphin Power Cubes” and “Poster Circle”. It is now possible to create all sorts of crazy three-dimensional and animated user interfaces; the power comes largely in -webkit-perspective and a number of updated transforms–adapted to incorporate the Z axis. Since working on the 3D cube using 2D transforms back in April I’ve experimented with perspective to create something more powerful, playing around with 3D transforms on the iPhone a few times (e.g. this early rotating demo).

Now I’ve got something worth sharing. A 3D cube can be created solely in CSS, with all six faces. JS divers. History: a timeline. HTML5/CSS3/AngularJS/jQuery. HTML и CSS. BYOD. Thermal Depolymerization. Javascript / UI. Evolution Continues. Light and energy. 3D modeling. Hydroponics, greenhouses, water . . Google+, Google Plus. HTML5. Node.js. Programming. Working in Teams. Fabric was designed for working in teams.

Working in Teams

At the top level, there is the organization. An organization is a group of accounts (people) that are associated with a particular set of apps. You could think of this as a company, Awesome Apps Co. Individual Fabric accounts are associated with organizations in two ways: by signing up and create a new organization, or being invited by a current user to an existing organization. The founder of Awesome Apps would create their account first, then invite the rest of the team to their organization.

Once you’ve set up your account, you can onboard apps. Awesome Apps has an iOS and an Android version. Inviting Team Members When you invite new team members to your organization, you can specify which apps they should have access to. From the Fabric dashboard, click the Settings tab on the left, select your organization and click “Invite”. Adding Organizations To add a new organization, go to the Settings dashboard, select Organizations, and click “Add”. Login. Create an Instant Messaging app using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) Instructions: 1.

Create an Instant Messaging app using Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)

Install the app from Google Play. 2. Download the server application project from here. Import the project into your Eclipse workspace. 3. Deploy the server application on Google App Engine as described here. 4. Enter the Server URL (from step 3) in browser and verify the Demo Server is up and running. 5. Now the app would register itself with the server and a chat ID is generated. Debugging: 1. 2. 3. 10 awesome tools a happy startup shouldn’t live without. Limited offer: We’re giving away our free 40 page e-book and toolkit ‘4 Steps to a Happy Startup: The Path from Passion to Profits’, downloaded by more than 10,000 people already.

10 awesome tools a happy startup shouldn’t live without

Go get it » 1. Lean Canvas If you’re an early stage startup the last thing you want to have to do is write a 30 page business plan. Wouldn’t it be great if you document your business model on one page, allowing you to focus on actually building your business? Data visualisation and Infographics tools. Arduino/Raspberry Pi. The Internet of Open Things. Edge Animate CC. Quantum Mechanics. Building. Autonomous Vehicles. Gearbox. Online Tools. Online converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for free. Tools. Electricity & Magnetism. CodeCombat.

Tools: Developer. Data & Visualisation. Python. Angular JS. Raspberry. Good wiki articles. Angular+Firebase. NoSQL databáze. Autonomous vehicle google. Web intelligence. Energy. Types of gas. Solar Energy.