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Lather Lovers: Additive Testing - Modern Soapmaking. DIY Silicone Mold {for soap + candle embeds} Soap Recipe Spreadsheet. Soapmakers - The European Directory of Soap & Cosmetic Makers. CALCULADORA DE SAPONIFICACIÓN - ELABORACION DE JABONES. Shrink bag packaging. By DeeAnna Weed ("DeeAnna" on Introduction I do not have a soap making or bath-and-body business, but I do own a small business making and selling gifts and home decor.

Shrink bag packaging

In my day job, I want to produce products that are well made and look good without spending a lot of time on fussy stuff. I think this "simple, efficient, but nice" ethic shows up in the way I package and label my soap. At first, I tried cigar bands and got annoyed because the band hides a lot of the soap bar and, what is worse, the band loosens with time and that problem is difficult to fix. Lactic acid or Sodium lactate. Lactic acid in soap What does it do in soap?

Lactic acid or Sodium lactate

Lactic acid is the acid in yogurt, buttermilk, and other fermented dairy products. Lactic acid is also produced by bacterial fermentation of sugars. Pure lactic acid can be purchased from companies that supply beer and wine brewers. By Chicago American School Of Home Economics. A condensed home-study course on domestic science; the practical application of the most recent advances in the arts and sciences to the home industries prepared by teachers of recognized authority for home-makers, mothers, teachers, physicians, nurses, dietitians, professional home managers, and all interested in home, health and economy We Believe We Believe...

by Chicago American School Of Home Economics

THAT right living should be the fourth R in education. THAT home-making should be regarded as a profession. THAT health is the duty and business of the individual; illness of ... Chemistry Of The Household. BEING an outline of the simplest and most evident chemical changes suggested by a day's work at home and a description of the various chemical substances of interest to the housewife. ... Citric acid or Citrate. Citric acid and Citrus juice in soap What does it do in soap?

Citric acid or Citrate

Citric acid is the acid in the juice of citrus fruits, including lemons, limes, and oranges. It can also be purchased as a pure powder used to acidify tomatoes when home canning and to make "bath bombs" and other bath and body products. Citric acid reacts with lye to make sodium citrate or potassium citrate, depending on whether your lye is NaOH or KOH. Handcrafted Soaps, Soapmaking knowledge and supplies for crafters. What makes different oils different?

Handcrafted Soaps, Soapmaking knowledge and supplies for crafters

On Soap, Oils and Fatty Acids... Soap is a chemical substance, created by combining fatty acids, an alkali and heat in a water medium. Fatty acids are chemical components of oils ("oils" includes fats and butters, too). There are various fatty acid varieties, each differing in molecular composition. Homemade Laundry Detergent: New Tutorial. Thank you for visiting Little House in the Suburbs.

Homemade Laundry Detergent: New Tutorial

If you like what you see, please SUBSCRIBE and be sure to check out OUR BOOK. Homemade laundry detergent, one of the simplest DIY projects, can be really confusing for a first timer, so here’s an updated tutorial. But first…….. I just needed to get that off my chest before people start asking me about it. ANY baking soda, washing soda, or other basic solution (like lye) reacts with air and completely loses potency over time.

So, I no longer make liquid detergent. No Borax? 10 Things You Should Know Before Making Homemade Laundry Detergent. Thank you for visiting Little House in the Suburbs.

10 Things You Should Know Before Making Homemade Laundry Detergent

If you like what you see, please SUBSCRIBE and be sure to check out OUR BOOK. I have spent HOURS on the this database researching all of the possible chemical formulations of laundry detergent, and like dishwasher detergent, it has completely CHANGED how I make homemade laundry detergent! Cleaning Power 1. Glyceryl stearate - home made emulsifier. Glyceryl stearate is a non-ionic low HLB emulsifier and emulsion stabilizer.

Glyceryl stearate - home made emulsifier

Because it has low HLB, for emulsions oil-in-water it is being used in combination with another emulsifier. It is said that it brings to creams and solutions a non-greasy, but rich touch. As the majority of emulsifiers, it is an ester– or simply said, an organic compound derived from reaction of alcohol and carboxylic acid. Carboxylic acids are for example fatty acids found in oils and fats and therefore one can envisage making different emulsifiers at home simply by reacting an oil of choice with an alcohol of choice. Such an emulsifier is of course not going to be pure as are those of commerce – this is because we do esterify all the fatty acids in the oil, not only one.

Tangle Free Soap Queen TV! Learn to make Shampoo and Conditioner in this episode of Soap Queen TV.

Tangle Free Soap Queen TV!

I love making my own hair care products so I can scent them with my favorite fragrances and layer my signature scents with matching bar soaps and lotions (for a subtle scent that lasts all day)! Making hair conditioner is just as easy as making lotion. You won’t believe how fast and economical this project is. As a special bonus, I made the label template used in the video available as a free download on the Bramble Berry web site- Check it out here! Abegoa Soap - Natural Organic Olive Oil Soap. Soap FAQ What is the olive oil used in your soaps?

Abegoa Soap - Natural Organic Olive Oil Soap

Abegoa soap uses exclusively certified organic virgin olive oil, which is among the best grade you can find worldwide. top. Virtual Lab Bench Web Links. INCI...International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. Virtual Lab Bench Web Links. HOW TO MAKE/PRODUCE LIQUID WASHING SOAP (LIQUID DETERGENT) - Practical Business Ideas - Best Small Scale Business Opportunities And Investment For 2016. Liquid soap as the name implies, is soap in liquid form. It is a cleansing agent and it is a multi-purpose cleanser. Liquid soap is also known as liquid detergent. It has the ability to emulsify oils and hold dirt in suspension. HOT! 8 Important Steps To Becoming Self Employed Liquid detergents (Soap) share same properties with solid detergents.

In all detergents, the surface-active agent forms the most important part of the detergent. Soaping 101 liquid soapmaking video? - Soap Making Forum. At the request of Susie and DeeAnna, here is more detailed info on how I make my glycerin liquid soap. I hope you're seated comfortably! Lol First, the formula. Handcrafted Soaps, Soapmaking knowledge and supplies for crafters.

Skip to Main Content Area Summer Bee Meadow Handcrafted Soaps, Soapmaking knowledge and supplies for crafters Our SBM Soap Calculators and Recipe Resizers are used well over 100,000 times per year by over 30,000 visiting soapmakers. If you find our calculators to be valuble soapmaking tools, please take a moment and use the button above to"Donate a Buck" to be used toward the online maintenance and hosting costs of our calculators.Thank you Tell a Friend about SBM! Thank you for spreading the word about Summer Bee Meadow! Type the characters you see in the picture; if you can't read them, submit the form and a new image will be generated. Liquid Soap Archives - Humblebee & Me. This quick-to-assemble Egyptian Magic liquid soap mixes all the best parts of Egyptian Magic with a gentle liquid soap base to make for a bee-riffic honey kissed hand soap. Egyptian Magic is made from just six ingredients—olive oil, beeswax, pollen, honey, propolis, and royal jelly.

In my DIY version I make the royal jelly optional for accessibility’s sake, dropping that number to five. (more…) After falling madly in love with my gentle cleansing balm, I just had to keep playing with the idea. Sabine mentioned that she liked to wash her face with my DIY Egyptian Magic, and that sounded like the perfect place to start playing. (more…) I am so excited about this wonderful Silk & Cedar liquid shampoo. View topic - Liquid soap - here's how I do it. This is really long...but it might be helpful to somebody. I made dish soap!! That WORKS - Soap Making Forum. Milky Way Molds - Handcrafted Soap Molds. Jabones Líquidos - Catherine Failor.pdf. Solução caseira e natural para você limpar os azulejos de sua casa rapidamente. Homemade Borax-Free Laundry Detergent with price and product comparisons. InShare Laundry detergent plays a very large role in daily life. With 3 active, free-range kids I am doing laundry daily and I require a good soap that will remove dirt and stains effectively.

Commercial laundry detergent, however, contains many irritating, and potentially toxic ingredients.

Curd Soap

Liquid soapmaking instructions. As you can tell, my “understanding liquid soapmaking” is pretty low on information. Liquid soapmaking instructions. The importance of lye concentration. When one wants to calculate the amount of alkali (soda or potash) required to saponify a certain amount of oil or mixture of oils, the calculation is straightforward and direct. It is a calculation based on the stoichiometric ratio of the saponification reaction, a chemical reaction. It can be done manually, requiring knowing the saponification index (SI) of every oil or with the use of various calculators that are online. Having the amount of alkali – I will refer to lye to ease, the question arises: how much water should I use to make the solution to dilute the lye?

Many people do not ask this question because they use the calculators and the two main, already provide a default value. In Soapcalc is 38% water over oils as a percentage of , the Mendrulandia provides 28% lye concentration. Natural Additives. Herbal Natural Soap Ingredients. Soap and Cosmetic Labeling. The Secret to the Absolutely Best Soap Recipe. Basics of Potassium Hydroxide For Soap Making, Part II.

Basics of Potassium Hydroxide For Soap Making, (Part I) Glycerine In Soap Making 101.


Handcrafted Soaps, Soapmaking knowledge and supplies for crafters. Soap making ingredients. Contains essential fatty acids, omega 3,6and 9, vitamin B,B2,B3,E and C. Soap Making Forum - View Single Post - How important are the numbers? I can't really explain what was going on when you were evaluating the effect of cocoa butter on your recipe -- I'd have to know more or be sitting next to you as you work for me to be able to help you understand the results you saw. How to Make Liquid Glycerin Castile Soap {from scratch} How to make transparent soap - Curious Soapmaker.