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O momento em que 100 chimpanzés de laboratórios são libertados e vêem o céu pela primeira vez. African Animals Getting Drunk From Ripe Marula Fruit. IbooNYpbeb4VXm.gif (Imagem GIF, 500x281 pixéis) "Accurate Candy Wrappers" by Chase Mitchell. Deer Avoid Drowning by Boarding Charter Boat - Animal Planet. I just learned about this odd and extraordinary wildlife rescue that happened in October in Alaska.

Deer Avoid Drowning by Boarding Charter Boat - Animal Planet

It's such an amazing story, I don't know why I didn't hear about it earlier. According to the report in the Juneau Empire, Tom Satre, his sister Sharon Kelly and a few other family members were heading across Taku Inlet near Juneau on Tom's charter boat for a picnic at the State Marine Park. About a mile offshore, Sharon, a birder, spotted something odd in the water coming towards the boat through her binoculars. What she first thought were sea lions or shorebirds turned out to be four young Sitka black-tailed deer (a subspecies of mule deer).

Four distressed Sitka deer swim desperately towards the Alaska Quest Charter Boat. Even though Sitka deer are known for their swimming ability and often cross large bodies of water between islands, these four where in obvious distress in the frigid water and whipping winds that had stirred up two to three foot swells in the inlet. Oh They’re So Surprised! We Want You To Know (15 Facts) 4-elephkandsha1060-.jpg (Imagem JPEG, 370x516 pixéis) 1249647860.jpg (Imagem JPEG, 2000x1445 pixéis) - Dimensão/Escala (40%) Green_seastars_carolinesrogers.jpg (Imagem JPEG, 500x323 pixéis) Black-panther_1576289i.jpg (Imagem JPEG, 620x552 pixéis)

A soldier and his squirrel « More OO. Butterfly.jpg (Imagem JPEG, 1024x576 pixéis) - Dimensão/Escala (98%) The Cutest Kitten in the World. 1948200243l.jpg (Imagem JPEG, 1024x731 pixéis) - Dimensão/Escala (80%) We Love Cats!: The Lifetime Costs of Pets. Praying Mantis on a Natural Motorcycle. Aquatic Star Gazing [9 Pictures] April 6, 2012 at 6:00pm | by Hernando Ochre Sea Star An ochre sea star (background) shares a kelp-strewn beach with a bright-red cousin at low tide on Washington’s Tongue Point.

Aquatic Star Gazing [9 Pictures]

Photograph by George Grall Necklace Sea Star A necklace sea star nestles among the C-shaped emerald tentacles of anchor coral in the western Pacific Ocean. Photograph by Wolcott Henry Maldives Sea Star A red-and-yellow necklace sea star clings to a sea fan in the Maldives. Photograph by Paul Sutherland Purple Sea Star A sea star with vibrant purple coloring rests on an ocean floor. Fire Urchin The spines of a fire urchin (Asthenosoma varium) form a multicolored flower off Komodo Island, Indonesia. Not's URGENT to save these animals!! According to the WWF, here are the new threatened species found this year. 1.

not's URGENT to save these animals!!

The Sumatran Orangutan Found only in Indonesia, its population has declined alarmingly mainly due to timber exploitation that destroys their habitat. 2. The Leatherback Turtle The only of its kind that has no hard shell, the Leatherback Turtle is found in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. 3. Recent studies indicate there are only ~3,200 tigers in their natural habitat due to hunting and deforestation. 4.

The Vaquita is a rare species of porpoise. 5. Kingfisher. Baby lion + mom. Baby Turtle. Barely Even a Handful of Bunny.


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The most beautiful and unique images of nature. Great photographers observe nature by Canon, Nikon cameras, equipped with the best lenses - see all species in our gallery and listen to the birds' and animals' voices. If you want to use images for commercial purposes - send a message: If you want to get a file with an author's dedication ( to non-commercial print ) - write: Nature photographers,nature experts, people writing articles on nature topics are welcome to cooperate. We also invite Investors to help us in this website development. Cute shrimp. White tiger. Banda formada de Hamsters. Baby bear.

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