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The International Orchid Register | RHS The International Orchid Register can be interrogated by entering the name of a genus and/or a grex in the search boxes and clicking the search button. If you know the exact spelling of the name, check exact match. With all such grex names listed the Pollen Parent and the Seed Parent will be given, together with the name of the Registrant and the Originator and the Date on which the grex name was registered. Please note that with many early grex names the parentage is not known and is therefore cited as "na" or "uk" and similarly some early Registrants and many Originators (including some of recent grexes) are unknown - these are indicated as "O/U". All dates of registration prior to 1990 are given to the year only (e.g. 1/1/65). The International Orchid Register | RHS
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Index Nominum Genericorum (ING) The contributing collaborator's number is listed in parentheses at the end of each entry. After the publication of the supplement to ING in 1986, we decided to add the number of the collaborator responsible for a major correction to the original entry as well. For an entry contributed by collaborator 8 and updated by collaborator 104, the collaborator would be listed as "(8/104)." Index Nominum Genericorum (ING)
ZipcodeZoo Scope We are working to become a proper home base for Naturalists, both amateur and professional. We have also created 183,627 pages with text, photos, and maps for taxonomic groups from Domain down to Genus. Finding all of this can be fast, because about 3 million pages are indexed for soundex searches. ZipcodeZoo
The Taxonomicon The Taxonomicon "The beginning of wisdom is calling things by their right names."(Confucius, ca. 500 BC) "Only by understanding the environment and how it works can we make the necessary decisions to protect it. Only by evaluating all our precious natural and human resources can we hope to build a sustainable future."(UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, 30 Mar 2005) "The tree of life is changing rapidly.