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Mark Khaisman Crée de belles peintures avec du ruban d'emballage. By applying layer upon layer of brown packaging tape on plexiglass light boxes, Mark Khaisam creates amazing paintings.

Mark Khaisman Crée de belles peintures avec du ruban d'emballage

Philadelphia-based Mark Khaisam used to work on stained-glass windows, before discovering the packaging tape, and though the two art forms seem unrelated, the artist says they are just different ways of painting with light. As he uses up to ten layers of tape for the darkest spots on his paintings, Mr. Khaisam needs around three 100-meter packaging tape rolls per week, to complete his artworks.

The artist doesn’t sketch out the images first, as you might imagine, he simply works with stills from his favorite films, increases them to actual size, then starts adding pieces of packaging tape directly on the light boxes. Using different number of layers to create darker areas and shadows, and thinner pieces of tape to achieve brush strokes, Mark Khaisman manages to create detailed paintings that look amazingly loose.

Photos by Mark Khaisman via Reddit Stumble. Peinture. Dessins dans le métro par October Jones. Voici une superbe idée d’October Jones pour lutter contre l’ennui dans le métro.

Dessins dans le métro par October Jones

Ses armes: des post-it, des feutres, un smartphone, un incroyable sens de l’observation et pas mal d’imagination. October Jones est une jeune créatif anglais qui nous régale avec ses créations et son sens artistique qu’il développe sur son Tumblr et sa page Twitter. Photos © October Jones Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It. Money portraits by senseteam. Jan 16, 2012 money portraits by senseteam the ‘big business 3′ currency portraits by senseteamdetail view all images © senseteam resembling traditional embroidered patchworks, the ‘big business 3′ book and poster series by chinese creative agency senseteam cuts apart and recomposes the currencies of countries from around the world in an examination of identity and cultural desires that links together wealth, branding, and human expressions and ethnicities.

money portraits by senseteam

‘currency symbolizes the value of a nation and its position in the world,‘ explain the designers. The ‘big business 3′ portraits ‘reflect the subtle relationships and influences across money, desire, society, nations, and human beings the work has been awarded a gold award in communication design by the hong kong design centre at the design for asia award 2011. detail view the making-of of the portraits some of the money prior to cutting and collaging – DFA awards jenny filippetti I designboom. “Face Up” to the Joys of Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils.

Shelley Minnis, Prismacolor Artist and Consumer Specialist recently travelled to Barcelona and one of her stops included visiting the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

“Face Up” to the Joys of Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils

Shelley was so inspired that she wanted to try her hand at Picasso’s famous style and shared her process with us! See she tackled Picasso and the joy of working with Watercolor Colored Pencils! Picasso was an amazing artist whose work spanned over seven decades. His art included drawing, painting and sculpting, often depicting images of women. His passion and willingness to bend and break the “classical rules” of art often made his works controversial, and some of his works in the Cubist style seemed very abstract in their approach.

After going through the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain, I wanted to try my hand at drawing a face, in the manner of Picasso, using the Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils. Materials Needed: Step 1. TIP: I find it easier to work with the pencils DRY and then wet out the drawing later. Judith Orner Bruce. TRACES de Gestes. L’art du zentangle. Derrière ce mot anglais se cache une technique de dessin, facile à apprendre et qui consiste à tracer des motifs, des formes répétitifs dans des zones délimitées : tout le monde peut faire du zentangle et en plus, c’est super relaxant car en traçant les motifs, on se concentre sur son dessin et c’est très satisfaisant.

L’art du zentangle

Essayez en même temps que vos enfants, vous verrez! Les résultats sont tout le temps jolis et on peut voir des exemples époustouflant sur Google Image, Flickr ou Pinterest. Matériel nécessaire pour faire du zentangle Pour vous lancer dans cette activité artistique, vous n’aurez pas besoin de grand chose ! Il vous suffira de : L’art du zentangle. Il donne vie aux objets les plus insignifiants. Tout comme Javier Pérez qui exprimait sa poésie avec des objets du quotidien, l’artiste Victor Nunes utilise tous ces petits objets insignifiants qui lui tombent sous la main pour laisser libre court à sa créativité.

Il donne vie aux objets les plus insignifiants

Dollface: Bizarre Portraits Made from Repurposed Toy Parts by Freya Jobbins. Using dismembered plastic parts from old dolls and other toys, artist Freya Jobbins assembles these exceedingly strange portraits of people and pop culture icons.

Dollface: Bizarre Portraits Made from Repurposed Toy Parts by Freya Jobbins

Chances are when viewing these you fall firmly into one of two camps: the highly amused or the highly disturbed. Regardless, it’s hard to deny the incredible amount of labor that goes into each piece, from the exploration of form and the use of color to make each anatomical amalgamation. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa and raised in West Sydney, Jobbins is influenced in part by Guiseppe Archimboldo’s fruit and vegetable paintings as well as Ron Mueck’s oversized humans.

You can see more freaky faces over in Jobbin’s online gallery and on Facebook. Art journal page: collage with magazine cutouts. Dessin. Dessiner La Perspective 1 Le Point De Fuite Leçon de dessin cour d'art de peinture. Comment dessiner des textures: Bois, Pierre, Métal, Terre [Tutoriel] Dessiner en perspective intérieure table chaises fenêtre.