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Italian recipes - Italian food culture - Academia Barilla. Track your money with the Free Budget Spreadsheet. This Budget Spreadsheet is part of a financial planning series called How to Make a Budget.

Track your money with the Free Budget Spreadsheet

To start this series from the beginning, read the introduction. I’ve been thinking a lot about budget spreadsheets. I don’t stay awake at night dreaming of Excel cells and mathematical equations — because that’s weird — but back in my days of student debt I did lose sleep over accounting for my missing money. What a nightmare! I turned things around when I started a simple budget to track my spending, income, and expenses. What is a budget? The Budget Spreadsheet is pretty darn easy to use. Budget by month: List your monthly expenses, track your income, tally your monthly averages, and see how it all adds up. Download: Free Budget Spreadsheet Step 1: Download! Click to download your copy of the Budget Spreadsheet. Step 2: Track your spending Tracking every cent you earn and spend sounds like work, but it’s easy to do if you carry a notebook with you or save all your receipts.

Get a notebook. Phew! Guy Fieri. In Diana Henry’s kitchen. Looking at Diana Henry’s cookbook collection in the open plan kitchen-dining room of her North London home is a bit like walking into Books for Cooks in Notting Hill or Foyles Bookshop in Charing Cross Road.

In Diana Henry’s kitchen

Displayed in front of me is a floor-to-ceiling temple dedicated to the craft of home cooking. In her cheerful Irish brogue she jokes, nods and laughs at the same time: “I know, I’ve been like this since childhood. I just love cookery books, all books in fact, the whole house is filled with them. And I keep getting more! " I remember the very first time I came across Diana Henry’s name, in the first “Gastropub Cookbook”, photographed by Jason Lowe and published by Mitchell Beazley in 2003. With Diana Henry I travelled to countries I could not afford to visit, on a private aeroplane of greed. Yet in a world where authors jump ship at the flick of the cheque book, Diana Henry has never left her publishers Mitchell Beazley, an imprint owned by Octopus Publishing. Contact Details. Good Food Read: The Foodie Bugle, a Lovely Online Food Magazine.

An online magazine for food and drink lovers. Apartment Therapy Unplggd. My parents are not what I would call "high tech" — or really even any tech. My dad only recently started texting and my mom doesn't own a computer, but they often run into technological quandaries despite their lack of gadgets — which means it often falls to me to help them out. It's easy to grow impatient and frustrated when providing a little parental tech support, so I thought I'd round up some advice from people who have been there. David Lebovitz.

Fresh and easy recipes to make your life easier and your man drool. Roast chicken, chicken stew & more. Mushroom risotto, cheese risotto & more. Serious Eats: A Food Blog and Community. Chocolate & Zucchini. An online magazine for food and drink lovers.