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Des Hommes et des Chatons. Wisteria - Artbook - Frozen Garden. Frozen Garden. - Mes papas avant moi - Mikl Mayer - Livres. Celestial: A Colorable Zodiac Journal (9781944515447): Gabriel Picolo, Blue Star Premier: Books. Humansandgods. Maya Kern's Store. Dzaka Impression d'illustration. Comic: Outwards 1. Sans titre. Artbook : Adventure [Saphirya's Artwork] WE R ANIMALS by Thobias Hoffmen. Kickstarter Collections Projects We Love Trending.

WE R ANIMALS by Thobias Hoffmen

Anna Landin. Nyu's print store. Banana Neko. Cy. SHIP WORLDWIDE. Dzaka Impression d'illustration. GUDA: Official Guda Drum Website. Maya Kern's Store. The Coxswain - Yaoi Comic by Dann Rei (story by Itoshi) This Vacant Body art and story by Reapersun Description: Lt.

The Coxswain - Yaoi Comic by Dann Rei (story by Itoshi)

Detective Esh Voss, head of homicide in the mountain city of Grove Hill, is called in upon the discovery of a girl’s body in the woods. The man who discovered the body under suspicious circumstances, Jonah Leif, is an intuitive counselor who makes his living from speaking with the dead. Sans titre. Kiwa — Ten z Lesa - Chapter #001. HusbandAndHusband. Atelier Alita. Seafoamdiary. Prints – GDBEE. Les Animaux Fantastiques : le livre audio lu par Eddie Redmayne. Qui mieux que l’interprète de Norbert Dragonneau dans le film Les Animaux Fantastiques pour vous lire la description des créatures imaginées par l’esprit sans pareil (hormis Jamy de C’est pas sorcier, certes) de J.K.

Les Animaux Fantastiques : le livre audio lu par Eddie Redmayne

Rowling ? Cette nouvelle enthousiasmante nous vient de Pottermore, qui propose une réédition du livre de 2001 écrit par J.K. Rowling, avec une nouvelle préface et des créatures inédites, ainsi qu’une version audio lue par Eddie Redmayne lui-même. On peut en avoir un aperçu grâce à cette vidéo publiée sur Mashable : C’est tout le charme de l’accent british qui est mis au service de ce bestiaire atypique, et nul doute qu’il permettra de donner une toute autre dimension à ce curieux ouvrage. Purity: A Post-Yaoi Anthology. Sans titre. Purity: The "Post-Yaoi" Anthology .PDF (18+) by Purity Anthology. PURITY: The "Post-Yaoi" Anthology is a collection that unites artists with a shared history of reading yaoi and LGBT+ comics and provided them an opportunity to explore the influence of their past readership on their art in the present day.

Purity: The "Post-Yaoi" Anthology .PDF (18+) by Purity Anthology

The collection is now complete and be purchased digitally here on! This anthology is for mature readers only (18+)! Not everyone had the same relationship with yaoi (m/m manga marketed for a female audience). Some folk read yaoi or queer comics for a short while, but have since transitioned to other interests. Home · Alice X. Zhang Shop. DUNKLAYTH - MIND - Tome I. Maya Kern's Store. Joanacchi. Shop - Laubhaufen. TEN. TEN. TEN. BL Manga Publication Black Coffee Yaoi Shounen-ai Comic by Sparkly Comics. About this project Risks and challenges The biggest risk at this point is not receiving the pledge amount, because those are the funds necessary to start getting this project out of cost and towards profit!

BL Manga Publication Black Coffee Yaoi Shounen-ai Comic by Sparkly Comics

The more profitable the projects are, the more likely that we can come out with more stories that the fans want to see and keep supporting self-made artists. Your help is going directly to individuals, not a large corporation. Unfortunately, at the same time, without the backing of a company we need your help to make this happen! Tapastic Comics. Saitoikiru: Art, design et photographie. Buy Saito Ikiru a coffee - A Buy Me a Coffee Button for Your Content. Home · theyaoiarmy · Online Store Powered by Storenvy. Seafoamdiary. DULCE Artbook (First Edition) – GDBEE.


DULCE Artbook (First Edition) – GDBEE

GENEVA B. ARTS - ORIGINAL WORKS. Midgart - Rainflowers. Rainflowers is an original 6x9", 60-page, full color comic.

Midgart - Rainflowers

The cover title is gold foil.This listing is for a physical copy of the comic. A downloadable PDF is also available here. Xander is sick of Ellis's attempts to win him over with extravagant gifts, but finally gives in and agrees to a date when Ellis gives him some flowers. After an amazing first date, they start to spend more time together and their relationship grows as they learn to care for each other.

However, Xander's irritable personality clashes with Ellis's excitable and clueless one, so building this relationship isn't always easy.Rainflowers is an original 6x9", 60-page, full color comic. Mccull61. Mllekarensac. BODY KUN / BODY CHAN Manga Drawing Figure – Otaku Bowl. A Little Market : 100% Fait-main : Bijoux, Mode femme, homme et enfant, Déco, Art. Chane_art-915609. Kings Folly Chapter 1. Whispyshop. TigerLion Moikana is creating GAY ART and COMICS.

Thank you for encouragement!

TigerLion Moikana is creating GAY ART and COMICS

Now you can have access to TigerLion's Art Gallery, where you will be able to sneak a look at my new artwork before it is published/posted in other media, including my personal notes on time and techniques I use throughout my work, in addition to some “Patreon” exclusive illustrations such as practice drawings, sketches, ideas and, of course, never-before-seen drawings of Suave and Rudy. Here’s an exclusive look at page layouts, sketching and WIP’s, in addition to my Gallery’s NSFW (18+) contents. [¡Gracias por alentar mi trabajo! Ahora tendrás acceso a la Galería de Arte de TigerLion, donde podrás ver mis nuevas ilustraciones antes de que sean publicadas en otros medios y que incluirán mis notas personales del tiempo y técnicas que utilicé para hacerlos , además de algunas ilustraciones que solo son exclusivas para “Patreon” como dibujos de práctica, bocetos, ideas y, por supuesto, Suave y Rudy.

Midgart. Miss Lucid Comics. Liaze. Frozen Garden. Sans titre. Sans titre. Bookstore. Purpurea Noxa - Yaoi Webcomic - Boys Love - Vampires. Vicky Pandora - Modern Witches Daily. Miss Lucid Comics. TigerlionMoikana en Etsy. Billelis's Wall Art Shop on Curioos. Exclusive Art Prints by the world's finest Digital Artists. «Katharsis», Numbered Edition Fine Art Print by ROLANDO Cyril - From $19 - Curioos. Preview this artwork on your wall with augmented reality.

«Katharsis», Numbered Edition Fine Art Print by ROLANDO Cyril - From $19 - Curioos

About this artwork It begins when you open your diary, To write down the feeling of the day, With the ink of your black thoughts. Pages are changed into watercrafts, Transporting pain, fears and secrets, To try to get across the deep waters. ROLANDO Cyril Toulon, France Cyril is currently working in Southern France as clinical psychologist, but spends his free time producing surreal and fantasy digital art. Always Raining Here Volume 2 by Hazel + Bell. GabrielPicolo. Monster Pop! Volume Two by maya. Risks and challenges I've done a couple Kickstarters now and I'm fully prepared to fulfill pledges and I've already calculated shipping costs for domestic and international pledges, as well as chosen the shipping materials for each tier and location.

Monster Pop! Volume Two by maya

Any delivery can get a little banged up, especially international orders. GDBee Art Store – GDBEE. Secret Wood Inc.® - Believe in Magic. Mahlimae store. The gardener's Shop. MarcG. Focus sur l'auteur Joana Fraga. Sans titre. Voir le calendrier. Sharp Zero Phase 1 (physical copy) Un artbook pour la Y/CON 5 ! Si vous ne le savez pas encore, suite au succès de la Y/CON l’an dernier à Lyon, Event Yaoi a décidé d’organiser sa 5ème édition à la capitale. Un évènement marquant pour l’association qui a décidé d’y rendre hommage à travers un superbe projet collectif ayant également pour but de laisser à ses visiteurs un doux souvenir de la convention. En effet, un artbook officiel de la Y/CON 5 sera publié le 12 Novembre prochain, jour d’ouverture de la convention. Avec pour thématique « La vie Parisienne… » cet artbook regroupera pas moins de 42 œuvres d’artistes différents et présentants divers couples LGBTQI, dont 16 seront présentées dans une exposition durant la convention.

Œuvres qui seront également disponibles à l’achat puisqu’il sera possible d’acheter une version imprimée et encadrée de maximum 3 œuvres aux choix sur les 42 présentées dans l’artbook. Découvrir tous les artistes Contribuer au projet et découvrir les autres goodies. Miss Lucid Comics. De Novo — Lucky Juice Press. Literary scarves, fingerless gloves, pillows, and more! - Storiarts. Your place to buy and sell all things handmade. TigerlionMoikana. Custom Wood Phone Cases, Covers & Skins for Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus. Books and Misc – GDBEE. Sans titre. The God in the Field: Chapter One Book PREORDER. Amazon. Loonytwin - [PRE-ORDER] STARBOYS!! KLANCE FANZINE BUNDLE. *✧・゚Pre-orders available now! *✧・゚ Starboys: A Klance Fanzine A collection of illustrations featuring the relationship of Lance & Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defender!

Starboys is an A4, full color fanzine with 16 illustrations! In addition to the fanzine, the bundle will include 2 postcards, a 1.5inch charm, and sticker. Short Sale! Regarts. Buy directly from the world's most awesome indie brands. Or open a free online store. on Storenvy. Sans titre. Affordable Art Prints, iPhone Cases and T-shirts. Des designs originaux par des artistes indépendants du monde entier.