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A Little Market : 100% Fait-main : Bijoux, Mode femme, homme et enfant, Déco, Art

A Little Market : 100% Fait-main : Bijoux, Mode femme, homme et enfant, Déco, Art
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Midgart - Rainflowers Rainflowers is an original 6x9", 60-page, full color comic. The cover title is gold foil.This listing is for a physical copy of the comic. A downloadable PDF is also available here. Xander is sick of Ellis's attempts to win him over with extravagant gifts, but finally gives in and agrees to a date when Ellis gives him some flowers. After an amazing first date, they start to spend more time together and their relationship grows as they learn to care for each other. However, Xander's irritable personality clashes with Ellis's excitable and clueless one, so building this relationship isn't always easy.Rainflowers is an original 6x9", 60-page, full color comic.

Zazzle - Personnalisation tout supports Søstrene Grene - Trouver l'inspiration et des commerces DULCE Artbook (First Edition) – GDBEE OUT OF STOCK! Standard edition coming mid-late Feb :) --------------------------+ Soft cover, perfect-bound + 44 pages + 6.5 x 10 inches + Full color Prints and other items are measured in inches S (4 x 6 inches)M (8.5 x 11 inches)L (11 x 17 inches")Other sizes will besides these will be listed in the product description if available :) Orders are shipped within 24-48 hours excluding weekends.

aliexpress en français - Acheter en ligne des produits de qualité à petits prix en Chine. | Alibaba Group Accueil | Laura Ashley BL Manga Publication Black Coffee Yaoi Shounen-ai Comic by Sparkly Comics About this project Risks and challenges The biggest risk at this point is not receiving the pledge amount, because those are the funds necessary to start getting this project out of cost and towards profit! The more profitable the projects are, the more likely that we can come out with more stories that the fans want to see and keep supporting self-made artists. The writer is the sole owner of the project and has therefore already paid approximately $700 to the artist for this manga to be drawn! The comic is currently completed and is ready to print with just the basic month-long print delay, so there is no risk associated with the project potentially not being completed thankfully! Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Looklive | Discover & Buy Latest Fashion Habitat - Meubles, canapés, décorations et luminaires design TigerLion Moikana is creating GAY ART and COMICS | Patreon Thank you for encouragement! Now you can have access to TigerLion's Art Gallery, where you will be able to sneak a look at my new artwork before it is published/posted in other media, including my personal notes on time and techniques I use throughout my work, in addition to some “Patreon” exclusive illustrations such as practice drawings, sketches, ideas and, of course, never-before-seen drawings of Suave and Rudy. Here’s an exclusive look at page layouts, sketching and WIP’s, in addition to my Gallery’s NSFW (18+) contents. [¡Gracias por alentar mi trabajo! Ahora tendrás acceso a la Galería de Arte de TigerLion, donde podrás ver mis nuevas ilustraciones antes de que sean publicadas en otros medios y que incluirán mis notas personales del tiempo y técnicas que utilicé para hacerlos , además de algunas ilustraciones que solo son exclusivas para “Patreon” como dibujos de práctica, bocetos, ideas y, por supuesto, Suave y Rudy.