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7 Playboy Bunnies Recreate Their Iconic Covers 30 Years Later - Creators. Celebrate Pride: Your Art, Our Pride Flag by danlev on DeviantArt. Free High-Resolution Photos. 'Samurai Jack' Is Probably the Most Beautiful, Inventive Cartoon Ever - VICE. Toutes ces fois où des gens ont pris de bêtes objets pour de l’art - Creators. Celebrate Pride: Your Art, Our Pride Flag by danlev on DeviantArt. Jade Elements. Projets - DZAKA. 8 Literary Shower Curtains to Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Library. I have, in my head, a dream bathroom.

8 Literary Shower Curtains to Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Library

There’s a giant tub in it, lots of fluffy towels, good lighting (but not so good that I can see every single one of my pores), waterproof shelves near the tub so I can read in the bath, speakers for my iPhone so I can listen to audiobooks, and… that’s where my vision stops short, because I want bookshelves in this dream bathroom, but I know keeping books in a bathroom is a terrible idea. But what if you could keep your books in an appropriately dry room while seeming to have a library in your bathroom?

The Internet has the answer: shower curtains. Homme ou femme ? Ce mannequin androgyne bouscule les stéréotypes de genre en posant nu (entre autres) Rain Dove est un mannequin androgyne.

Homme ou femme ? Ce mannequin androgyne bouscule les stéréotypes de genre en posant nu (entre autres)

50,000 Lights Turn a Giant Japanese Forest into a Glowing Wonderland - Creators. Henry Rollins/Glenn Danzig Fan Fiction Made Me Believe in Love Again - Creators. Meet the Woman Behind America's Most Legendary Pinup Art - Creators. Italy Is Giving Away Old Castles For Free, And Here’s How You Can Get One. If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own castle, now’s your chance.

Italy Is Giving Away Old Castles For Free, And Here’s How You Can Get One

Le film Zombillénium se dévoile à travers un extrait de deux minutes. Par Strafeur.

Le film Zombillénium se dévoile à travers un extrait de deux minutes

Tweets with replies by Nao (@egdr) 10+ Handsome Guys Who’ll Redefine Your Concept Of Older Men. Download 67,000 Historic Maps (in High Resolution) from the Wonderful David Rumsey Map Collection. Stanford University’s been in the news lately, what with expanding its tuition waiver last year and now facing renewed scrutiny over its ultra-low admissions rate.

Download 67,000 Historic Maps (in High Resolution) from the Wonderful David Rumsey Map Collection

These stories have perhaps overshadowed other Stanford news of a more academic nature: the arrival of the David Rumsey Map Center, which celebrated its grand opening yesterday and continues the festivities today and tomorrow. Explorez une toile de Dali en Réalité Augmentée - Creators. Magnifique : une association lance une campagne avec des illusions d'optiques pour faire adopter ses animaux abandonnés... Portrait- und Haustierfotografie. DZAKA - Accueil. Toth-M - Accueil. Dzaka - Home. AppleBloom. The unseen, forgotten side of Europe – Made in Shoreditch Magazine. Peeling wallpaper, ashen ceilings, and crumbling walls are generally not what comes to mind when one thinks of travel photographs, especially those of Europe.

The unseen, forgotten side of Europe – Made in Shoreditch Magazine

But for Romain Veillon, these abandoned places became a way of documenting his travels through Europe. Going to almost a dozen cities with more on the horizon, Veillon has showed the “other side” of Europe, the one unseen to even natives. Swapping the typical tourist picture of the Eiffel Tower or Tower of Pisa for a rougher look into abandoned spaces in Europe, the French-born photographer captures an eerily beautiful aspect of Europe- the one that has been left behind and forgotten. Veillon has had a passion for exploring since his childhood, when he would wander through his grandmother’s abandoned truck factory and imagine the past lives of workers. Taking this wonderment for the past with him on his travels has allowed Veillon to find the most hidden areas in Europe and photograph what nature has since taken back. A CGI Master Made a New Artwork Every Day for 10 Years. Here Are The Results - Creators.

Rendre les musées très drôles avec Snapchat. Sans titre. ‘Queer Feelings’ Displays Diversity Along the Gender Spectrum. Images courtesy of the artist.

‘Queer Feelings’ Displays Diversity Along the Gender Spectrum

He developed a fascination in nudes when his photo zine, Number 1 Must Have, based on the lives of queer people in Seattle, began to wrap up. Says Adrien Leavitt, "I became interested in portraits because self-portraiture is an important way to view myself and I didn't see a lot of images of non-binary trans people that looked like me within representations of trans-masculine people.

" The realization prompted the new and ongoing photo series, Queer Feelings. Queer Feelings combats this visibility problem with nude portraits centering out queer and trans people with marginalized identities, taking extra care to include a variety of body types, shapes, and races. Tomer Hanuka’s World Of Anime Heroes and Everyday Moments - Creators. Coming of age up in a tumultuous period in Israel, a now-established comic artist fell into the Marvel universe.

Tomer Hanuka’s World Of Anime Heroes and Everyday Moments - Creators

Wielding a sketch pen and a tenacity to succeed to the highest echelon of artistic illustration, Tomer Hanuka imbues each of his drawings with a dreamy quality that transcends a typical depiction of the heroic figure. "I grew up in a country that was born out of conflict. Where the prevalent 'hero' in culture was a soldier. Naturally, I looked for an escape and ended up consuming a different kind of macho fantasy that led me [to my current artwork]. " AnimaCase. Tweets avec des réponses de Nao□通販開始 (@egdr) Game of Thrones, capotes et peinture - Culture Pub. Voici le chat le plus badass de l'espace et d'Instagram - Creators. Le parcours pérenne. The Machines of the Isle of Nantes: A combination of the imaginative world of Jules Verne and the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci.

Born from the imaginations of two French artists, Francois Delarozière and Pierre Orefice, and inspired by the industrial history of Nantes, as well as from the creations and worlds of Jules Verne and Leonardo Da Vinci, the Machines of the Isle of Nantes is an artistic project like no other.

The Machines of the Isle of Nantes: A combination of the imaginative world of Jules Verne and the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci

Located in the city’s former shipyard, it is a whole park of steam-powered machinery, ranging from a giant elephant trough flying herons, a mechanical dragon, a carousel revolving with deep sea creatures to two-meter long centipede crawling on a rail track. The most famous of the creations is the 39ft high Great Elephant. This giant creation was made from 45 tons of wood and steel, and it can take up to 50 people on its back for a 45-minute walk around the isle, trumpeting and spraying water from its trunk as it goes..

Since its creation, the machine has become the unofficial symbol of Nantes, appearing even on souvenirs and postcards. Learn About Japan's "Third Gender" in a Fascinating Historical Art Exhibition - Creators. Whether you oppose the gender binary or don't, there is increasingly insurmountable evidence that gender is a social construct.

Learn About Japan's "Third Gender" in a Fascinating Historical Art Exhibition - Creators

Throughout history, different societies in divergent cultural periods have explored gender and sexuality in ways that deviate from the standardized idea of male and female as sole gender roles and heterosexuality as the only acceptable form of sexual behavior. A Third Gender, an ongoing exhibition at the Japan Society in New York, explores how Edo period Japan, an era that began over 500 years ago, presented an alternative, "third gender" of sorts that was widely accepted and embraced by the society of the time. The Young Man's Dream, Kitagawa Utamaro, ca. 1801-1802 First displayed at The Royal Ontario Museum before making its way to New York, A Third Gender revolves around wakashu, a term that describes a transitional stage between childhood and adulthood for Japanese boys during the Edo period. A Third Gender Installation View, 2017 Related: Au Mexique, Idalia Candelas dessine les plaisirs de la solitude féminine. Une femme déterminée et aimante de sa liberté, tel est Idalia Candelas illustratrice mexicaine, la quarantaine, femme coquette au regard direct en contraste avec la souplesse de sa main, qui dirige le trait curviligne glissant sur une feuille de papier pour raconter des histoires, et pas n’importe laquelle : une histoire de femmes épanouies, libres et légères dans leur solitude.

La solitude féminine n’est pas une mauvaise affaire et elle est très courante malgré les apparencesIdalia Candelas, illustratrice Ses dessins fins et sensuels nous montrent des femmes dans la cuisine, en train de se dénuder, une cigarette à la bouche ou à la main, assises sur le canapé le regard perdu dans le vide ou déambulant en sous-vêtements dans leurs maison ; les femmes de Idalia, seules toujours seules ! Security Check Required. Kisuny Park. Theteenwitch. Comment Apollinaire et Picasso furent accusés du vol de La Joconde - Creators.

Ils n'ont pas tout à fait le charisme de James Bond ni même la classe de Fantômas, mais un culot bien à eux qui les a élevés au rang des cambrioleurs de musée les plus célèbres de l'Histoire de l'Art. Mystical Bridges to Another World – Veri Art. If you happen to have pictures of beautiful old bridges like these, it’s better if you could share them, since there are many people interested in knowing more about the old bridges. Such ancient bridges can be fully covered with moss and fungus but they are certainly becoming the perfect complement to any rural or river scene. A landscape if decorated with these kind of bridges could appear more enchanting especially if those bridges belong to the old and mysterious arched ones which may depict mankind’s way of traversing landscapes that are otherwise decidedly wild. When such arch is kept in position by its own weight, it makes it more amazing as the stones supporting the arch normally couldn’t possibly stay in their posts without the stones above them weighing them down.

So, it can be concluded that their building process was complicated in order that they were thought to be very effective and sturdy. Related. Watching Candy Melt in Reverse to Classical Music Is the Best - Creators. How to describe the pleasure of watching a colorful, perfectly-formed gummy bear bubble over into oblivion? Is it simply the scientific thrill of seeing a plastic material pushed to the limit that scratches the itch of pure curiosity? Is it glory in the power of fire that Greek legend says Prometheus stole from the gods so that humans could surpass them? Or perhaps it's the wrathful rejection of a symbol of capitalistic inauthenticity—an artificially colored and flavored treat, designed to appeal to our basic consumptive instincts by resembling both a berry and a cartoon character?

Erwin Trummer's footage of sour ribbons and chocolate bunnies and M&Ms and gummy hearts descending into chaos is set to Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons," and their juxtaposition is simply perfect. The confections burst and then rewind from the brink of death while workhorse violins get the blood pumping. Under-Cats: I Photograph Cats From Underneath (Part 2) Underlook project is getting bigger everyday. More and more people all around the world began supporting our projects. This is so interesting for us, that we even decided to go full time into it. HP Lovecraft Comes to the World of Anime! - Creators. A monster stalks and destroys everything that crosses its path in a feature film inspired by The Call of Cthulhu, the immortal story by sci-fi scion HP Lovecraft.

The film, by Yamatoworks, is titled Force of Will, and it revolves around a girl who has the power to give life to the very words she writes. The animated tale is a riveting and emotional tour de force. While there is still very little information on its release, its soundtrack, by Yutuka Yamada— known for his composition for Tokyo Ghoul—and direction by Shuhei Morita promise that Force of Will will be worth the wait. As the world crashes around us in real life, we look forward to escaping into the imaginative anime world of this forceful female writer. Check out the trailer below: Guy Becomes Best Friends With Celebrities By Photoshopping Himself Into Their Pics. Guy Becomes Best Friends With Celebrities By Photoshopping Himself Into Their Pics. [NSFW] Dans le futur, les humains baiseront comme des méduses et c'est aussi dégueulasse que ce que vous imaginez - Creators.

C'est encore le matin et on est tout à fait désolé de vous imposer ces images. En même temps, c'est vous qui avez cliqué sur le lien de cet article alors on ne va pas non plus se confondre en excuses. Si vous avez un faible pour la tradition japonaise du Guro, vous avez fait le bon choix en venant ici puisqu'on vous y présente Dans la joie et la bonne humeur, un étonnant court-métrage d'animation réalisé par la française Jeanne Boukraa. Printables. If You Could Photograph Your Dreams, It Would Look Something Like This Turkish Artist’s Images. Istanbul-based visual artist Hüseyin Şahin doesn't just blend photos together; He blends reality and fantasy to create spectacularly surreal scenes.

Show Full Text Though his craft of layering multiple photos is practiced by many, his unique take on photo manipulation pushes the limits of human imagination, and results in landscapes that look like your wildest dreams - or your most intense nightmares, depending on how you would feel about crossing a wobbly bridge between two hot air balloons mid-flight. Şahin goes by the handle art.side on Instagram, and has so far amassed almost 55 thousand followers. A Panda? An Office Building? A Galaxy? You Can Become Literally Anything in this F*cking Incredible Video Game - Creators.

I was born a human, but I'm a harbor seal the moment I load up a new game for Play Station 4 called Everything. Billed as a simulation of the universe we live in and boasting "a million+ hours of gameplay and thousands of playable characters," it was hard to know what to expect when I picked up the controller. Within a few minutes, I have become a whole pack of harbor seals, then a woolly mammoth, a rabbit, a spruce, a speck of pollen, and an entire island.

By the time I'm done playing, I feel less human and more like, as the title says, Everything. Everything is the brainchild of Irish artist, animator, and game developer David O'Reilly, whose work you've seen in the foul-mouthed video games of Spike Jonze's Her, fan favorite Adventure Time episode "A Glitch Is a Glitch," and numerous award winning, black-humored short films.

Artist Draws An Alphabet Inspired By Edgar Allan Poe – Veri Art. An array of alphabets does not always have to be colorful, funny, and cheerful, do they? Inspired by a poet and writer, Edgar Allan Poe, this artist, David G. Forés, creates assortment of alphabets in dark, gloomy, gothic cartoon. Scary yet amusing, this artist really brings us back to the medieval times. Quand Dali et Disney faisaient un film - Creators.

ScarletButterflies. Alice X. Zhang. DeviantArt muro. 80 Female Artists Rally Against Trump's Sexist, Discriminatory Rhetoric - Creators. In the wake of Paul Ryan’s promise to defund Planned Parenthood, the current political climate is not promising for women. In response, The Untitled Space art gallery has assembled work by 80 contemporary female artists expressing anger and defiance through their art. Uprise/Angry Women gives women a chance to artistically express their fears and frustrations about the sexist and discriminatory rhetoric brought to light by the impending administration.

Bunnywoman – Down, down, down the Rabbit-Hole. Laureen Rooryck. Mais quel est ton but. [NSFW] French Comic Book Artist Ouinesh Revives the Erotic Art of the Pinup - Creators. Frank Gehry’s Swimming Koi Lamps are Reflective of His Artistic Arc - Creators. [NFSW] Erotic GIFs Celebrate Psychedelics, Sci-Fi, and Sex - Creators. Architect Turns Old Cement Factory Into His Home, And The Interior Will Take Your Breath Away. Interconnected World Captured in Watercolor Paintings – Moscardon Art.

Colombian Artist Illustrates Private Lives Of Iconic Superheroes – Moscardon Art. Billelis's Wall Art Shop on Curioos. L'art parisien du voyeurisme - Creators. Artist Uses Recycled Tyres to Create Incredible Animal Sculptures - BlazePress. Les poèmes de Paul Eluard, racontés en images à travers 13 courts-métrages. Les poèmes de Paul Eluard, racontés en images à travers 13 courts-métrages. Une exposition met à l'honneur des femmes lisant dans le métro. Un vêtement intelligent au croisement entre le paon et le caméléon - Creators. Les univers du Studio Ghibli sont encore plus beaux en estampes traditionnelles - Creators. Photographer Travels Across New Zealand With Gandalf Costume, And His Photos Are Epic. Baladez-vous à l'intérieur d'une maison de Pompeii en 3D. Collants résilles originaux avec Lirika Matoshi et ses collants bijoux.

How One Brilliant Woman Mapped the Ocean Floor’s Secrets. A Polaroid Story. Gediminas Pranckevicius on Behance. [Premiere] Björk Collaborator Olivier Alary Releases Electroacoustic Film Project. Alicia, la femme qui fait évader les livres et les fait descendre dans les rues du monde entier. [NSFW] Les illustrations érotiques d'Apollonia Saintclair vont vous faire tout chose. The Met Just Released 375,000 Priceless Artworks into the Public Domain.

We Just Want to Give These Adorably Dark Drawings a Hug. We Just Want to Give These Adorably Dark Drawings a Hug. Mood Boosting Felted Toys By A Russian Artist Diana Latysheva. This Donald Trump ‘Mr Men’ cartoon is just superb. Il exprime sa créativité avec des sculptures végétales poétiques dans les forêts françaises. These Machines Will Teach You to Draw Whether You Like It Or Not. Secret Wood Inc.® - Believe in Magic. Sculptural oddities. Sculptor Jim McKenzie's Web Series Will School You in <i>Makin' Things</i> These Handmade Fairy Tale Figurines Are Adorable and Twisted. I Will Punish Whoever Made These Weird Creatures Sad.