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The Drawing as empowering tool in written expression — Hacking creativity trough drawing. Often as teachers we notice how Design students in high degree studies face so many problems when asked to justify their projects into written reports.

The Drawing as empowering tool in written expression — Hacking creativity trough drawing

In their reports and dissertations, students show difficulties in articulating their ideas and thoughts. When faced with those problems students should adopt tactics already used in so many of their Design projects. Students and educators should try to unlace the problem and seek what does not fit well in the “scenario”. The “scenario” built in a linear sequence of expression, many times not necessarily compatible with the holistic nature of mental images.

Their visual thought drive their expression, their visual mental images are not sequential but are holistic in their nature. In a society where many students grew up surrounded by playful digital environments full of “cheat codes” , developing their interests in a realm full of shortcuts is difficult. Making Material Design. Blog — Niti Bhan. Around 10 years ago, I’d made this rough sketch of the innovation consulting landscape as I saw it at the time.

Blog — Niti Bhan

The overlap of business and design was the topic du jour, and IDEO had just begun seeding the media with stories of the Empathy Economy and the magic of “design thinking”. Today*, peterme’s blogpost woke me up with the news that McKinsey had purchased Lunar Design. If you’re not familiar with the ID landscape in the US, particularly on the West Coast, then a few words on Lunar will help with context. Mrkism. Factors That Can Augment Apple Watch App Design. Now, when the Apple Watch is expected to be unveiled in the beginning of the year 2015, you probably would like to reap the benefits of this highly anticipated wearable by creating a Watch app.

Factors That Can Augment Apple Watch App Design

Though, the WatchKit SDK has been launched by the Apple, but still you will need to consider certain designing constraints while developing an Apple Watch app. This is because, the conventions for the Apple Watch apps won’t be the same as that for the tablet and Smartphones app. Therefore, it would be worth pondering into the hardware and software constraints beforehand to deliver a remarkable application. Let’s have a glimpse at the factors that must be considered while designing an application for the most awaited wearable. 1. Apple has revealed that the Apple Watch will come complete in three different themes.

Holistic – It is a great blend of advanced software and hardware. 2. User interaction is a highly significant aspect of any application design. Five reasons why designers should Git - Flywheel. Version control isn’t just for developers.

Five reasons why designers should Git - Flywheel

Front-end designers and even content writers can use services such as Git to manage revisions and work better as teams. But don’t be intimidated. We’ve got five good reasons why designers should use Git to manage their projects: Prototyping Tools. Prototyping and Design with Lyft & Pixate. The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Design — The Year of the Looking Glass. There’s no learning without mistakes.

The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Design — The Year of the Looking Glass

And I’ve done the following (as well as seen the following done) too many times to count. Luckily, there’s this thing called the “Internet” and this medium called an “article” that lets us point at and talk about these mistakes behind their backs, in the hopes that by bullying them into the spotlight, it’ll be harder for them to slink around, wasting our time and steering us towards no-good solutions. 1. Junior Designers vs. Senior Designers — The Year of the Looking Glass. It’s never been more important for design firms to think differently — Design For The Network.

It’s been a turbulent couple of years for design agencies.

It’s never been more important for design firms to think differently — Design For The Network

Friday’s announcement by Toronto’s Teehan + Lax makes them the latest addition to a growing list of high profile digital design firms that have closed their doors, cashed out, or turned away from consulting in the last few years. Since 2012, San Francisco’s Hot Studio, Bolt/Peters and European studio Sofa have all joined the Facebook design mothership. In 2013, Toronto’s Jet Cooper became part of part of hot Canadian startup Shopify. UK consulting firm BERG became a product firm and then decided to shutter its doors all within two years. This past fall, high profile industry shop Adaptive Path shocked everyone by becoming part of Capital One. Behavior by Design: Creating Addictive, Engaging Products. Designers + Geeks presentation by Nir Eyal, Blogger at Filmed on August 1, 2012 in San Francisco In an age of increasing online distractions, companies need to be able to create habits in their users to stay relevant.

Behavior by Design: Creating Addictive, Engaging Products

Nir Eyal discusses the latest in persuasive technology to explain how businesses create addictive products. Never Ask What They Want — 3 Better Questions to Ask in User Interviews — User Research. The first rule of user research: never ask anyone what they want. — Erika Hall, Just Enough Research.

Never Ask What They Want — 3 Better Questions to Ask in User Interviews — User Research

Evidence Based Design Journal. From CMO to CLO: Product is the New Marketing. From CMO to CLO: Product is the New Marketing When a colleague or stakeholder brings up the word value, more often than not we jump to the literal and financial meaning of the word — some predetermined number that we’ve been promised or have promised to achieve.

From CMO to CLO: Product is the New Marketing

Design Kit. Designing for Humans — Accounting for Inclusivity and Accessibility. You Can Teach Someone to Be More Creative. Photo by Andrew Nguyen Though our inspiration levels fluctuate from time to time, we all differ in our baseline levels of creativity.

You Can Teach Someone to Be More Creative

For instance, it is safe to assume that John Coltrane was more creative than Justin Bieber, and that the creative talent of Leonardo Da Vinci exceeded that of George W. Bush. A Germaphobe’s Guide to Buying a Metrocard. As a student of cities and a lover of urban systems, my mild germophobia often leaves me conflicted. Designing for Social Impact. Prototyping Tools. Breaking down the pros and cons to some of today’s most popular prototyping tools and applications. In my previous post Getting Started with Prototyping I highlighted three reasons why I believe we should all be prototyping our designs, along with three points to remember when choosing a tool. This is part two: the tools themselves. Below I highlight some of the most popular tools used for prototyping interactions. These tools can be used for both iOS and Android.

They are constantly changing, and new tools seem to enter the market every week. Figuring Out Your Design Decision Style. By Jared M. Spool Originally published: Jan 14, 2015 Suddenly, it got meta. The case for design consulting. With the likes of IBM, Barclays and Apple aggressively buying up design and creative talent on the one hand, and pressure from the democratisation of design tools and services on the other, some have predicted the imminent demise of the design consultancy as a viable business.

Here, John Rousseau of Seattle-based Artefact argues that it still has a vital role to play It's a great time for design. Never in its history has it been so valued as an economic force or so influential as culture. Traditional businesses of all types-from management consultants to retailers and banks-are adopting design thinking and either building or buying internal design competencies. New darlings like Airbnb have emerged as design-led companies. Design Break. Working smarter: improving my design process for new projects — Mariusz Ciesla: Writing.

As I stated in my latest post, my only resolution for this year is simplifying my life and focusing on happiness. Because work is taking a huge chunk of my time every day, I took a look at my recent projects and thought what I can improve. I'm pretty happy with how the things were running, but I found some pain points that I wanted to improve on.

Also, I am aiming to systematize as much of boring stuff as I can and focus on design. Here are a couple of ideas that I want to try for new projects. Ideas and limitations. Flick Scrolling. The Uncanny Valley is Uncanny. A Book about Environment, Language, and Information Architecture. Miami as a Collaborative Design Project: Talking Architecture with Allan Shulman. In a sense, the city of Miami is a collaborative project. It’s a city that is greater than the sum of its parts, crafted by designers and inspired by history, nature and culture.

Designing for the IoT and wearables

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