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Revision Military | This is Revision. Destiny Cosplayer Looks Like An Actual Robot. Life-Saving Boot Insert Detects Landmines Within 6.5 Feet. It is estimated that more than 110 million active landmines are scattered across 70 countries around the world. An equal number of landmines are stockpiled, waiting to be planted. These landmines remain active for decades and kill thousands of people each month … most of them women and children. Colombia has a major landmine problem Colombia is at constant war due to anti-government rebellions and, as a result, a lot of the area is infested with landmines. According to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), Colombia is the second-most mined country in the world after Afghanistan. Groundbreaking technology introduces life-saving solution Lemur Studio, a Bogota, Colombia-based design firm, has designed a life-saving solution called SaveOneLife.

How does it work? SaveOneLife is equipped with tiny microprocessors that pick up electromagnetic signals produced by a large metal object like a landmine. Nidhi Goyal (Visited 189 times, 111 visits today) More articles from Industry Tap... THE SYSTEMPUNKT. In Blitzkrieg warfare, the point of greatest emphasis is called a schwerpunkt. It is the point, often identified by lower level commanders, where the enemy line may be pierced by an explosive combination of multiple weapon systems. Once the line is pierced, armored forces dive deep into enemy territory to disrupt command, control, and logistics systems. Once these systems are disrupted, the top-heavy military units they support collapse in confusion. In global guerrilla warfare (a combination of open source innovation, bazaar transactions, and low tech weapons), the point of greatest emphasis is called a systempunkt. Transparent Sea: The Unstealthy Future Of Submarines. WASHINGTON: Submarines have been America’s invisible advantage since World War II.

But the oceans are getting more transparent. New detection technologies from low-frequency sonar to flashing LEDs — plus the big data computing power to enhance the faint signals they pick up — are making submarines much easier to detect. The same water-penetrating wavelengths, however, will also make it much easier for submarines to communicate with each other. Bryan Clark The net result should be radically new tactics, Bryan Clark, a career submariner and former top aide to the Chief of Naval Operations, says in a new study for the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments out today.

This networked force — a new wolf pack? “The advent of improved sensors and processing will make below-water warfare more like warfare above the water,” Clark told me in an email. Big data is a big part of the new detection methods. Big data also enables more exotic techniques. Russia's Universal Combat Platform Is Based On This Shadowy Super Tank. - Revealed: Saudi Arabia's 'Great Wall' to keep out Isil. Much of the area on the Iraqi side is now controlled by Isil, which regards the ultimate capture of Saudi Arabia, home to the “Two Holy Mosques” of Mecca and Medina, as a key goal.

The proposal had been discussed since 2006, at the height of the Iraqi civil war, but work began in September last year after Isil’s charge through much of the west and north of the country gave it a substantial land border with the Kingdom to the south. The border zone now includes five layers of fencing with watch towers, night-vision cameras and radar cameras. Riyadh also sent an extra 30,000 troops to the area. It is not the only fence with which Saudi Arabia has chosen to surround itself. The funeral of the three Saudi guards who were killed in the attack last week (AFP) However, that is changing in changing times. It has also created a physical barrier along parts of the even longer, 1,000-mile border with Yemen to the south.

The attack last week is the sort of incident the Saudis hope to avoid. The US, GLOBALIZATION and the RED QUEEN. Here's something useful to those of thinking about the future of conflict and society. Hopefully, this gets you thinking. I had fun with it. "It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.

" Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking-Glass The Red Queen hypothesis (the name was taken from Carroll's book) is a simple concept from evolutionary biology that describes the evolutionary arms race between competitive species -- predator/prey and parasite/host. Constant evolution is necessary just to stay competitive.If your rate of evolution falls behind your competitors: You die (become extinct).Your evolution must be relative to the evolution of your competitor. The US, Globalization and the Red Queen Since the treaties of Westphalia nearly 400 years ago, competition between nation-states was the primary driver of social evolution.

However, as a result of this victory, the US lost it's drive/imperative to evolve. The flaw in this set-up is that evolutionary competition NEVER stops. The Red Queen's Trap. The Red Queen's Trap is a paradox torn from the pages of Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass. " The Red Queen, in the book, uses it to explain how different her kingdom is from all the others.

She says: "It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. " Why is this paradox useful? This paradox is the basis of a very interesting strategic trap. Interested? The Red Queen's Race is good analogy for a destructive evolutionary struggle. In the Red Queen's Race, every improvement one competitor makes is rapidly matched by the opposition and so on, forever.

So far, that sounds like a standard competitive struggle in the natural world, business arena, in warfare, or on the playing field. However, the Red Queen is different than a normal competition. The Red Queen consumes all of the energy (adaptive capacity) of the both competitors for as long as it persists. Terrorism as a Red Queen's Race How can an organism find itself in a Red Queen's Race with itself? Here's some detail. How 3D printing could revolutionize war and foreign policy.

With key patents running out this year, new printers that use metal, wood and fabric are set to become much more widely available – putting the engineering world on the cusp of major historical change A visitor looks at a 3D printer printing an object, during 'Inside 3D Printing' conference and exhibition in New York, April 22, 2013. Emmanuel Dunand/AFP PARIS, France – 3D printing will revolutionize war and foreign policy, say experts, not only by making possible incredible new designs but by turning the defense industry – and possibly the entire global economy – on its head.

For many, 3D printing still looks like a gimmick, used for printing useless plastic figurines and not much else. But with key patents running out this year, new printers that use metal, wood and fabric are set to become much more widely available – putting the engineering world on the cusp of major historical change. One day, that could mean things like printed uniforms that change color depending on their environment. Minovo wang. What’s So Scary About A Nuclear-Armed Drone?

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Analysis: World at war is good news for Kalashnikov and its new gun - Comment. Nearer death, however, he was to reflect: “I am sad that it is used by terrorists. I would prefer to have invented a machine that people like farmers could use, like a lawnmower.” But demand for the eponymous gun, however, shows no sign of dwindling. The manufacturers will this week announce doubling production over the next three years from 150,000 to 300,000, launching a rebranding campaign and upgrading the successors of the AK-47 to a new AK-12. The expansion comes despite the company, Kalashnikov Concern, being among Russian arms manufacturers put on a sanctions list over the Kremlin’s annexation of Crimea and its role in eastern Ukraine. But, with conflicts around the world showing no signs of abating, and, with new ones, such as Barack Obama’s “war on Isis” now firmly under way, there are no shortages of customers.

Loading gallery AK-47 is the tool: The gun in pop culture 1 of 8 READ MORE: The dying remorse of Mikhail KalashnikovRobert Fisk: Is Mikhail Kalashnikov in Hell? ‘Kalashnikov: promoting peace and calm’ – notorious gun gets a makeover | World news. Equipped with a shiny new logo, shrugging off US sanctions and claiming its guns are “protecting peace”, the Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov launched a major rebranding drive in Moscow on Tuesday. Kalashnikov Concern, a new overarching brand that includes the famed assault rifles as well as hunting and sports weaponry, paid a leading Russian agency to design a new brand and renew its worldwide image, even as US sanctions against Russia have stopped orders of the rifles from the US and Canada. “The Kalashnikov is a Russian symbol that is known across the world,” said Alexei Krivoruchko, Kalashnikov’s chief executive. “The rebranding is a symbol of changes in the way our business works and our product lines that have been long in the making.

The new brand will reflect our main principles: reliability, responsibility and technological efficiency.” “It precipitated not just a technological but a social revolution. Kalashnikov himself died last year in Izhevsk, aged 94. Rebranding Kalashnikov: would you? It's been hailed as a design classic, and blamed for the deaths of millions.

Now Kalashnikov and its parent company has announced a rebrand and an ambition to become as big as Apple. Would you help them? At a launch event in Moscow, the Rostec State Corporation announced a name change and rebrand for its collection of firearms brands which will henceforth be known as Kalashnikov Concern (which sounds like some kind of 80s art/rock outfit). The Siberia-based manufacturer has three strands - Baikal, which produces hunting weapons and equipment, Izhmash, which makes sporting weapons and the eponymous Kalashnikov, developer of the AK-47. The group will now be represented by a red and black, double-K device (the colours being a reference to the flag of Udmurtia where the Concern's main factories are located) while Kalashnikov itself has a logo incorporating the weapon's trademark curved clip.

A chilling press release states that "Eighty percent of all of Kalashnikov output is exported. 1. The new CK: Kalashnikov unveils new brands, fashion range. Ballistic Nutcracker.

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Oops! Google maps out one of India’s top secret military base, including its exact location for everyone to see online | Military, News. Oops! Pathankot military base was “top secret” apparently! Click image for enlarged view. A Google sponsored contest may have revealed the existence of one of India’s top secret military bases, according to reports. Now the authorities are investigating this. India’s equivalent of the FBI, The Central Bureau of Investigation , launched the investigation into a California company after a mapping contest sponsored by Google allegedly revealed the locations of sensitive military installations, Newsweek reported.

The issue as India sees it revolves around the complaint that the survey of India’s claimed monopoly on mapping sensitive and restricted areas. The contest winner, Vishal Saini, mapped the city of Pathankot, Punjab. The area has been a serious point of contention between the two countries; they have fought three wars over the territory since 1947. The place, as you can perhaps infer is a hotbed of insurgent activity.

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Weapon fashion. Supernatural Counterinsurgency in the Congo. Supernatural Counterinsurgency in the Congo This unusual document, "Witchcraft, Sorcery, Magic, and Other Psychological Phenomena, and Their Implications on Military and Paramilitary Operations in the Congo," was prepared for the U.S. Army in 1964. The report is a treatise on paranormal combat, discussing "counter-magic" tactics to suppress rebels who are backed by witch-doctors, charms, and magic potions. [ cover page image file ] SPECIAL OPERATIONS RESEARCH OFFICE The American University COUNTERINSURGENCY INFORMATION ANALYSIS CENTER 5010 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20016 SORO/CINFAC/6-64 8 August 1964 James R. [end of cover page] [ page 1 image file ] This report has been prepared in response to a query posed by ODCS/OPS, Department of the Army, regarding the purported use of witchcraft, sorcery, and magic by insurgent elements in the Republic of the Congo (Leopoldville). Any reply to this question involves consideration of several factors. [page break] [ page 2 image file ] A. Oshkosh’s RoboTruck Vs. IEDs. An unmanned TerraMax mine-clearing vehicle, followed by a mixed of manned and unmanned cargo trucks. The future of military robotics may not look much like a robot. It may just be a truck that drives itself. That’s the simple, pragmatic approach pursued by Oshkosh — a company better known for trucks than Terminators — with its TerraMax Unmanned Ground Vehicle. But after eight years of experiments for three different military agencies, TerraMax can only get somewhere in the real world by proving its technology can adapt to many missions and many types of vehicles.

Now the company has made a major step towards that goal. After years of experimenting exclusively with cargo vehicles, it’s installed TerraMax on the M-ATV armored truck and equipped it to clear mines. “You really do design these kits so they’re relatively easy to install on any vehicle, especially modern vehicles where you have a digital connection” to the engine and controls, said John Beck, who runs the TerraMax program. Amazing Military Infographics — The Message. Some nights I like to get the kids to bed, pour a drink, and search the web for military-produced PDFs in order to look at the amazing graphics within them.

I’d thought I was the only person with this hobby, but a few weeks ago my friend Finn Smith told me that he, too, likes military PDF graphics. The Internet is wonderful at bringing people together. What is “battlespace awareness?” Well, seen at a very, very high level, various parts of the U.S. military are trying to build an operating system for use in wartime situations. There is a very interesting visual language at work here. Each term becomes a little puzzle: What is the “Commander’s Intent”? Here’s a different sort of image, a map from the “Joint Operating Concept” document written for the Department of Defense, entitled “Irregular Warfare: Countering Irregular Threats”: This map is part of what the paper’s authors call a “notional vignette”—what civilians might call a “story” or “tale.” And org charts frequently show up.

DARPA to Set Sea-based Electronic Ambushes for Enemies. U.S. military researchers are moving forward with a program to hide ruggedized electronic devices at the bottom of the world's oceans that when called on will float to the surface to jam, disrupt, and spy on enemy forces. Officials of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Arlington, Virginia, this week released a formal solicitation (DARPA-BAA-14-27) for the second and third phases of the Upward Falling Payloads (UFP) project to hide sensors and other devices on the ocean floor that will last for as long as five years concealed at depths to 20,000 feet.

Last summer DARPA awarded UFP phase-one contracts to Sparton Electronics of De Leon Springs, Florida, and to Zeta Associates Inc. in Fairfax, Virginia, to develop conceptual designs of a future system with the potential to launch sensors, electronic jammers, laser dazzlers, and other devices surreptitiously and quickly in any of the world's maritime hot spots. Social media helping destabilize world, strategist says at War College.

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Kevin Spacey to star in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare | Technology. Bio identity warfare. Casualties of war | geographical imaginations. Endless War: On the database structure of armed conflict. Can we Avoid an an Automated Arms Race? | Thought Infection. Revealed: the MoD's secret cyberwarfare programme | UK news. Watch a man get stunned by the Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone (stun copter!) Mapping Aleppo. Chinese Red Army. David Kilcullen: "Out of the Mountains: The Coming Age of the Urban Guerrilla" | Talks at Google. US Army co creation and open source weapons. The bots of war. China’s Mystery Satellite Could Be a Dangerous New Weapon — War is Boring.

DRONES. 4th generation warfare & proxy wars. 5th generation warfare. Space battlefield. CyberWar. Stuxnet.

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High tech warfare. Open Source Warfare.