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Code Playground. Create a new Fiddle - jsFiddle - Online Editor for the Web (JavaScript, MooTools, jQuery, Prototype, YUI, Glow and Dojo, HTML, CSS) JavaScript Lab - Tools - JS Regex Generator. <div class="note"> JavaScript is not enabled.

JavaScript Lab - Tools - JS Regex Generator

The regex generator is written completely for client side execution so you need to turn on JavaScript to use it. </div> First attempt at making a user-friendly regex generator. A little buggy in IE. About code. Found at: This article will give you an introduction to the world of . I'll start off with explaining what regular expressions are and introduce it's syntax, then some examples with varying complexity and last a list of tools which use . The Regulator. What the JavaScript RegExp API Got Wrong, &amp; How to Fix It. Over the last few years, I've occasionally commented on JavaScript's RegExp API, syntax, and behavior on the ES-Discuss mailing list.

What the JavaScript RegExp API Got Wrong, &amp; How to Fix It

Recently, JavaScript inventor Brendan Eich suggested that, in order to get more discussion going, I write up a list of regex changes to consider for future ECMAScript standards (or as he humorously put it, have my "95 [regex] theses nailed to the ES3 cathedral door"). I figured I'd give it a shot, but I'm going to split my response into a few parts. Jslibs - Project Hosting on Google Code. Jslibs is a standalone JavaScript development runtime environment for using JavaScript as a general-purpose scripting language. jslibs uses SpiderMonkey library that is Gecko's JavaScript engine (SpiderMonkey is used in various Mozilla products, including Firefox).

jslibs - Project Hosting on Google Code

The latest version of jslibs uses the new TraceMonkey/JaegerMonkey library with tracing/method JIT enabled. jslibs provides a set of native modules that contains various general purpose classes and functions. Some of these modules are simple wrappers for familiar libraries such as: zlib, SQLite, FastCGI, NSPR (Netscape Portable Runtime) , ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) , libpng, libjpeg, librsvg, SDL, libiconv, OpenGL, OpenAL, ogg vorbis, libTomCrypt, libffi (Foreign function interface) , ...

Présentation de Javascript (weebaz) JavaScript HTML DOM Examples.


JavaScript Cookbook. JavaScript Kit- Array Object. By default sorts an array alphabetically and ascending.

JavaScript Kit- Array Object

By passing in an optional SortFunction, you can sort numerically and by other criteria as well. If SortFunction is defined, the array elements are sorted based on the relationship between each pair of elements within the array, "a" and "b", and your function's return value.