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Construire un nichoir. Xeno-canto - partager les sons d'oiseaux du monde entier. Chants et cris des oiseaux de France : écoutez 292 espèces! Web Ornitho Le monde des Oiseaux et des animaux, Photographies, chants, plans de nichoirs à oiseaux, chauve-souris, hérissons, mangeoires, images fond d'ecran, animaux et insectes. Ornithologie. MANU. LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux) Pratique - Identification. Chants d'oiseaux - écoutez 208 espèces d'oiseaux. Avibase - La base ornithologique mondiale. I am excited to announce a new important addition to Avibase, called myAvibase.

Avibase - La base ornithologique mondiale

This is a new section of the site that provides tools for planning your next birding trip and manage your own personal checklists. You can use maps and graphs to quickly see how many species can be found in a given region and at various times of year, for instance. If you import your own sightings in myAvibase, you can also view how many new species (lifers) you could add to your lifelist on your next trip and decide when and where you should go. For some additional details on the types of reports available, please click here. People who participate in eBird can very simply import their lifelist from their eBird account with a click of a button. Thailand Venomous Snake Photos - Thailand Snakes. Here is a collection of venomous snake photos.

Thailand Venomous Snake Photos - Thailand Snakes

These snakes can be found in Thailand. King Cobras (Ophiophagus hannah) This is the biggest venomous snake on the planet, and they get to around 6 meters long (19 feet!). Their length isn’t the scary part, it’s the amount of venom they can inject with one bite – which can kill an elephant. The brother of a friend I have was killed by a bite to the chest while doing a snake show with a king cobra. Ophiophagus hannah, the King Cobra Monocled Cobras (Naja kaouthia) These are usually quite dark, black and dark grey snakes that are very fast strikers and movers. Naja kaouthia just might be my favorite snake… Monocled Cobra. Snakes of Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia's snakes exhibit a remarkable diversity of colour, patterning, shape and size.

Snakes of Southeast Asia

Equally diverse are their habits and behaviour. Some species, such as the White-bellied Blind Snake, spend virtually their entire lives burrowing in the tropical soil. Others, such as the Big-eye Whip Snake and Elegant Bronzeback, are master climbers which can easily ascend vertical tree trunks or navigate their way amongst the most slender of branches. The Early History of Beekeeping. History of Wild Bees and Beekeeping The beekeeper is the keeper of bee collection of honey and the other products that bees product in the hive like beeswax, pollen, and royal jelly.

The Early History of Beekeeping

Another product of bees is for resale to other beekeeper. The location of where bees are housed is called an apiary or beeyard. The collecting honey dates back 15,000 years ago, Egyptian art shows beekeeping around 4,500 years ago. The early 18th century European understands of bee colonies and the biology of bees the construction of the moveable comb hives so honey can be harvested and not destroy the entire colony. Bees. BEES. Pratique - Identification. Le web de l'ornithologie. Batraciens. Les oiseaux. LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux) Ornithologie. Faune et flore du Vietnam (Vietnam, mon pays natal. Terre des dragons et des légendes) La forêt vietnamienne couvre encore les 2/5 è du pays.

Faune et flore du Vietnam (Vietnam, mon pays natal. Terre des dragons et des légendes)

Avibase - La base ornithologique mondiale. Insects. Sites. Oiseaux suite. REPTILES et AMPHIBIENS. Annuaire des oiseaux. Avibase - La base ornithologique mondiale. En trente ans, 420 millions d'oiseaux ont disparu en Europe. Une étude publiée ce lundi 3 novembre dans le journal scientifique Ecology Letters vient de révéler de nouveaux chiffres inquiétants concernant le déclin de la population des oiseaux.

En trente ans, 420 millions d'oiseaux ont disparu en Europe

L'étude révèle que 420 millions d'oiseaux ont disparu en trente ans en Europe. Le guide de l'ornithologue: Guide de l'ornithologue : Aves, pôle ornithologique de Natagora, association de protection de la nature. Avibase - La base ornithologique mondiale. Reptiles and Animals. World Insects. Biodiversity. Birds, Bird Pictures, Wild Birds.

Welcome to Viet Nam Creatures Website. The Reptile Database. Higher Reptile Taxa. Beetles (Order: Coleoptera) - Amateur Entomologists' Society (AES) Possibly the most well known of Britain's beetles, the Stag beetle Lucanus cervus.

Beetles (Order: Coleoptera) - Amateur Entomologists' Society (AES)

The males have large 'antlers' and this gives them their common name. The smaller female does not possess large antlers. Introduction The Order Coleoptera or beetles forms the largest group of insects worldwide with about 370,000 described species. In addition many others have been recognised as new but have not yet been described and a conservative estimate is that at least the same number are still awaiting discovery. However, the situation in the British Isles is slightly different and beetle diversity comes third with about 4,100 species, being surpassed by both Diptera (flies) and Hymenoptera (bees, wasps, ants, etc.).

General features Beetles belong to the Endopterygota or insects having a complete metamorphosis, with a distinct pupal stage between the larval and sexually mature adult stages. Special features A number of beetle species are dependant upon other insects for their survival. Setting. Faune. THE REPTILE DATABASE. Bird identifier: Identifier. Bird identification guide.