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Edmodo - Social Learning Network for K-12 Channel. RedKid.Net. Web 2.0 for the Under 13s crowd. Jul 05 As I lamented in my last post, many of the fabulous Web tools out there are restricted to users 13 and over.

Web 2.0 for the Under 13s crowd

This limits what Elementary/Primary schools students can access online to create content to collaborate. To save others at school some time, then, I have compiled a list of popular/well known Web tools that can and can’t be used by children under 13 – 1), so we are legally covered in what we are allowing our students to use and 2), so they know what is available. Teachweb2 - home. Technology and Education. It's a memory thing - Tales of Things. PicMonkey - Photo Editing Made of Win. Cool Tools for Drawing and Painting. Cool Tools for Multimedia. Cool Tools for Vocabulary.