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From ancient Rome to SoCal: iMOCA's Philip K. Dick show. Click to enlarge.

From ancient Rome to SoCal: iMOCA's Philip K. Dick show

Philip K. Dick - The Penultimate Truth. Les Évadés du futur. Google Imagines a Real World That's as Irritating as the Internet. Google Analytics has put together a series of videos demonstrating what poor Web design can do to an online commerce site—crap we'd never put up with in a brick-and-mortar store. There's unintuitive search and site design that prevents you from finding the item you're looking for—in this case, it's a grocery store that makes it impossible to find an everyday item as simple as milk. There's the obnoxious online checkout, where you're forced to log in, agree to terms and prove you're a real person before you get timed out, forcing you to start all over again. Then there's a misplaced dig at Amazon's highly successful, often copied suggestion of other items you might like. Produced by Google's in-house video agency Across the Pond, all the spots have the absurdity of a Monty Python skit.

It seems weird for Google to be dissing online search and e-commerce, but here it serves the greater goal of telling people to learn more about their customers via Analytics. A Day Made of Glass 2: Same Day. Expanded Corning Vision. A Day Made of Glass... Made possible by Corning. Dickhead (short film) by Ewan Povey and others « Film « Philip K. Dick Fan Site. To The Moon - Trailer. Mister Rogers Remixed: Dropping acid in the neighborhood. Acosmicodyssey: Nocternity - Crystal Tears / End... A video adaptation of Beyond The Door by Philip K. Dick. January 18, 2012 Filed under: News Nicolas writes in to ask: “Could you tell me the difference between “PUBLIC DOMAIN” and “LIKELY PUBLIC DOMAIN”?

A video adaptation of Beyond The Door by Philip K. Dick

And do I have to request publishing rights to Philip K. Dick Trust?” Nicolas’s question refers to my Philip K. You do not have to request rights from the Philip K. Let’s take for example Philip K. You can do anything you like with Beyond The Door, because it is PUBLIC DOMAIN. Reader-made trailers for Robopocalypse, an upcoming sci-fi thriller novel. Changing Education Paradigms. GLaDOSiri. Huge Warplanning Tablet Does Everything But Shoot. The AAI Corporation doesn’t know the name of the two-by-three-foot tablet its representatives are showing off.

Huge Warplanning Tablet Does Everything But Shoot

“You, uh, wanna talk about what we’re gonna call this?” Chris Ellsworth of AAI asks his colleague, Todd Alexander. Alexander shakes his head. He just thinks it’ll be the primary tool of battlefield commanders in the near future. Names come later. Unable to think of a pithy acronym, I focus on what the thing does. It looks a little bit like a ghost from Ms. Either way, an IM confirming that the order is understood pops up on an adjacent flatscreen TV repurposed as a computer monitor. Microsoft finally shares its vision of the PC of the future, in video.

October 27, 2011, 3:45 PM — Ok, it's actually hard to stop Microsoft from sharing its vision of the future.

Microsoft finally shares its vision of the PC of the future, in video

To the point that it became anti-competitive about it, according to some among the judicial set. This morning it posted a bit of pro-technology schmaltz in the form of a six-minute video (and a press release describing the video) showing ) imagining what the PC will look like in five or 10 years and how widely computer technology will have spread. The video is the next-generation of a similar vid Microsoft put out in 2008, when laptops were so heavy you could barely carry them through the airport and Windows would crash all the time In Microsoft's vision of the future the PC won't look like anything, most of the time. The functions and intelligence of the PC will be built into eyeglasses, notepads, thin screens in taxis and flat surfaces where people gather will display their work, data or schedule updates. Pulling faces with R. D. Laing. Weird Video Shoot (Part 2 - again!)

Beautiful: 24-Hour Timelapse of Dubai. Featured Sci-Fi Short: ROSA. Women's fashion of 2000 AD (as predicted by a 1930s newsreel) I think part of the reason why future predictions of fashion often fail is because it's mostly a technological dead end.

Women's fashion of 2000 AD (as predicted by a 1930s newsreel)

There really isn't a hell of a lot you can do with clothes that hasn't already been done. Synthetic fibers, done! Stain and tear resistance, done! Inexpensive manufacture and replacement, done! Basically it's a few layers of cloth over your tender person, not much to change there—at that point it becomes an issue of ease of maintenance. This is why we aren't dressing like the aristocrats of ancient Europe and Asia anymore.

To dress like that required a small army of servants to repair your clothes just from sitting absolutely still on a throne everyday. So we dress like boring slobs every day, clean boring slobs, but still boring slobs. Look at the fashion in Blade Runner not really much of a jump, is it? Here's the only other changes I can see: 1) Clothing becomes a display. 2) Clothing autocleans, autorepairs and changes shape with the right software. Or not. Philip K. Dick Channel Surfs 3. This is Awesome: Synchronized Robotic Dancing. Android Dreams: Time-lapse Tokyo Homage to Blade Runner. Faces. Eerie robot doll sings: ‘I Feel Fantastic’ This is quite weird and wonderful, chilling even - a surreal Stepford Wife sings “I Feel Fantastic”.

Eerie robot doll sings: ‘I Feel Fantastic’

In ancient Greek mythology, Pygmalion was a highly accomplished Cypriot sculptor. Though skilled at imitating the human form, and well acquainted with it’s subtleties, he became disgusted by it when he witnessed the Propoetides prostituting themselves. These women were punished by Venus for their lack of worship with a coarseness of skin and a crudeness of nature, and were then forced into prostitution. Seeing this, Pygmalion the sculptor was repelled and could no longer appreciate women. Seemingly alone, Pygmalion sought to create for himself a perfect, pure, unsullied companion. The great thing about these videos is that you can sit and compose stories around what is going on, who made this beautiful “android”, called Tara and why? With thanks to Steve Duffy. Philip k dick + william s burroughs [computed reality mix] Philip K. Dick Interview.

The full short for Blinky™ (the bloodthirsty pet robot) has been released! An Eye for Music: Broken Bells' "The Ghost Inside" + The Apex Theory's "Apossibly". ADICKTED (Full version-2005) Philip dick documentary.