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Planting an Apothecary Garden. Throughout Europe's Dark Ages, no decent monastery could fail to plant an apothecary garden filled with plants the monks could administer as preventatives and remedies for a variety of ills and ailments.

Planting an Apothecary Garden

Although medicine was thoroughly in the dark ages as well, many of these plants had true healing properties. Today, Eastern and alternative medicines enjoy immense popularity, and many drugs used by the Western world are, in fact, derived from many simple garden plants once used by medieval apothecaries. The subsequent article provides tips to install your own apothecary garden for true medieval charm and function. Top Rated Medicinal Plants. Herbs at a Glance [NCCAM Health Information] Full Key for Plant Identification: Go Botany. Apothecary gardens in history. 10 Tea Elixirs for Digestion, Complexion and PMS You Can Make Yourself. Who needs a small bag when you’ve got a pantry?

10 Tea Elixirs for Digestion, Complexion and PMS You Can Make Yourself

The most potent and effective remedies are often the natural ones already hanging out in the pantry. Aside from the remedy-specific nature of the following 10 homemade teas, one of the most exciting thing about them is that they don’t require a tea bag! Medicinal Plants: Mullein. Disclaimer: Consult your doctor first!!

Medicinal Plants: Mullein

The information contained within this article is no way intended to be taken as medical advice. Be certain to consult a professional before trying this for yourself. The owners of this site will not be held responsible for any lapses in judgment or stupidity when handling, using, or consuming wild plants. For those of you already subscribed to my newsletter (which you should definitely do ) then you already know a little bit about my journey into finding a solution to the concerns I had about the health-care system.

Specifically becoming free from my dependence upon it. With the way the world is going and given the direction the health-care system is going, I think it’s best for all of us to reduce our dependence upon it as much as possible. I also shared with my subscribers how I finally found a solution that at first I was skeptical about but as I learned more about it, I totally embraced it. How to find and identify Common Mullein Where to find it. Edible Weeds: Herbal Medicine Chest in Your Backyard. Don’t kill, spray, tear up, or destroy the weeds in your garden, yard, and fence rows.

Edible Weeds: Herbal Medicine Chest in Your Backyard

Many of them are actually highly-regarded, widely-used, and extremely-valuable medicinal herbs! What could be easier than growing an herb garden with no effort? 27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space. Playful as kids are, accidents happen.

27 Medicinal Plants Worth Your Garden Space

And the accident that befallen me at 7 years old was the feeling of the hot exhaust pipe of a motorcycle kissing the skin of my leg. Grandma was around and saw it. Immediately, she took out a knife and slice the thick lower part of the aloe vera plant by the garden and rubbed the exposed end on the burn. Looking back, I realized that it was important to have medicinal plants around the house cause you never know when you might need them. So here are a list of plants that have the highest medicinal value compared to the other million species around the world worth planting around the house.

Aloe Vera The aloe vera grows only under the sun with well drained dry or moist soil. Woundscutsburnseczemareducing inflammation Apart from its external use on the skin, aloe vera is also taken internally in the treatment of : ulcerative colitis (drinking aloe vera juice)chronic constipationpoor appetitedigestive problems Marsh Mallow. Herbal Healing. Folk Remedies from Earth Clinic. The below is a list of all the home remedies on Earth Clinic dating back to 1999, when Earth Clinic first came into existence on the internet!

Folk Remedies from Earth Clinic

What you discover on these pages might surprise you! Ever heard of Oil Pulling or Blue Glass and Sunlight Therapy? How about banana peels for warts? Read on! Top 10 Aboriginal Bush Medicines. 18 of Nature’s Most Powerful Medicinal Plants. (Part of an Exclusive WebEcoist Series on Amazing Trees, Plants, Forests and Flowers) From marijuana to catnip, there are hundreds of remarkably common herbs, flowers, berries and plants that serve all kinds of important medicinal and health purposes that might surprise you: anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, insect repellent, antiseptic, expectorant, antibacterial, detoxification, fever reduction, antihistamine and pain relief.

18 of Nature’s Most Powerful Medicinal Plants

Here are eighteen potent medical plants you're likely to find in the wild – or even someone's backyard – that can help with minor injuries, scrapes, bites and pains.* Marijuana. Edible and Medicinal Pond Plants. Edible and Medicinal Pond Plants When we think of water gardens and ponds, we imagine a picture of nature, made up of reflections, fish, wildlife and plants.

Edible and Medicinal Pond Plants

The plants we visualise are usually of Rushes and Water lilies and pond weeds that look attractive under the water. These plants not only look attractive and bring the water garden to life but, are also beneficial for the wildlife and for getting a good balance in the pond to maintain healthy water. 10 Most Useful Medicinal Plants For Your Garden.

Would you like to create your very own backyard pharmacy by growing medicinal plants?

10 Most Useful Medicinal Plants For Your Garden

There’s no better way to use whatever extra space you have at home than to create a garden space where you can grow medicinal plants. Medicinal Herbs & Plants. 3 Must Have Herbs for Stress Reduction. (Before It's News) Anthony Gucciardi Natural Society Are you mentally exhausted and feel as if you can’t face one more stress in life?

3 Must Have Herbs for Stress Reduction

It’s becoming widely accepted that stress is a significant cause of illness and disease overall, so it’s important to manage this dilemma in any way possible. Magical Properties of Herbs. Acacia (Acacia Nilotica) Also called gum arabic. Medicinal Herbs. 30 Most Popular Herbs for Natural Medicine. Learning Herbs. Herbs at a Glance. 5 Best Herbs For A Medicinal Herb Garden. Growing your own medicinalherbs is a great way to incorporate good health into your life. These herbs are recommended for their wide range of health benefits, and basic healing properties. 1.

Nettles ©2008, A. Jeanroy, Licensed to Nettles are easy to grow, full of micro nutrients and add a healthy punch to many dishes. 2. 4 Little-Known Herbs and their Uses. You might know that Echinacea is good for fighting a cold, chamomile can help you relax, and that dandelion is great for detoxification (and if you didn’t, now you do). But, there is a world of healing herbs and plants that we don’t commonly hear about. These herbs might not get as much air-time as the more common powerhouses, but they have wonderful benefits worthy of note. Here are 4 little-known herbs and their uses for health. 1. Top 10 Herbs For Memory. Share Many people associate memory loss with aging.

But whether it’s occasional forgetfulness or loss of short-term memory, one must be aware that there are specific factors that can cause it even at a young age instead of simply attributing memory loss to a natural decline in cognitive functioning. These causes include alcohol, drug or tobacco abuse, certain medications, sleeplessness, stress and depression, nutritional deficiency, head injury, stroke and dementia. Whether to prevent or treat memory loss, these natural herbs have served as timeless aids: Gingko Biloba There is a reason why gingko biloba supplements are one of the most popular herbal medications in Europe and America.

The mechanism behind gingko leaves is due to the presence of two types of chemicals, flavonoids and terpenoids, which contain antioxidants to combat free radicals that contribute to health disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Ginseng Rosemary. Chinese Herbs, Supplements & Traditional Chinese Medicine for Better Health – Solstice Medicine.