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Virtual Labs

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Maps & Visualizations gallery. Here’s an incomplete gallery with links to some data visualizations and maps I’ve made: many are interactive, so you’ll need to click through through for the full experience.

Maps & Visualizations gallery

Ghost shipping paths Probably the most widely-circulated image I’ve made is this chart that shows the paths of ships taken from the US Maury collection of the government’s database of ship’s paths. I made it to illustrate how rich metadata alone can be as a source for historical research: it’s also just an interesting way to see the continents through large-scale patterns of behavior. Several people asked for higher-resolution versions; I recreated a couple charts on the same concept here.

Gendered Language in Teaching Evaluations An interactive exploration of the different language used to describe professors in multiple fields. Archetypal Plot Structures Using topic modeling and my database of 80,000 film and TV captions, I look at the typical plot structures for about 150 common TV shows. Corrected Subway Maps. Pages and Clips. Virtual Tour of the Chemistry Research Laboratory. Contact - explain3d. Jefferson Lab Visitor's Center.

Jefferson Lab's mission is to provide forefront scientific facilities, opportunities and leadership essential for discovering the fundamental nature of nuclear matter, to partner with industry to apply its advanced technology, and to serve the nation and its communities through education and public outreach, all with uncompromising excellence in environment, health and safety.

Jefferson Lab Visitor's Center

Adjacent to the Jefferson Lab campus is the Applied Research Center, or ARC. Built by the City of Newport News, it is home to industrial, commercial, university and Jefferson Lab researchers collaborating in the development of new technologies. CEBAF Center CEBAF Center is Jefferson Lab's main administration building. It provides conference, meeting and office space for laboratory staff and more than 1,300 researchers from around the world who conduct research here.

Test Lab The Test Lab is where Jefferson Lab designs and fabricates equipment and system critical to its research program. Accelerator Tunnel. VHIL: Lab Tour. Technology The VHIL VR Lab integrates technology that can stimulate three of the human senses at once —spatialized sound, virtual touch (haptics), and three-dimensional imagery.

VHIL: Lab Tour

The lab features cutting edge equipment for tracking motion, rendering graphics, and displaying visual, aural, and haptic information. Kornberg Associates Architects have collaborated with Worldviz LLC, the world's leading virtual reality creators, and Stanford University to renovate all aspects of the lab. The lab includes a multisensory room that allows participants to explore a 20 by 20 foot space with spatialized sound, floor shakers, and a new head-mounted display (HMD).

The HMD is tethered to a ceiling mount and allows an unrestricted range of motion in the multisensory room. PEBL: The Psychology Experiment Building Language. 3D Slicer. Virtual Labs. The links on this page are all VIRTUAL LABS offered by the Glencoe textbook company.

Virtual Labs

These labs give the students the adventure of laboratory experimentation without costly supplies, worrisome environmental and safety issues, or time-consuming clean up. They are from all different areas of science: Biology, Physics, Genetics, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Chemistry. Please feel free to try these at home! Students will be directed to specific labs in class but there are over 100 labs offered here! To return to the home page, please click here: Virtual Labs 1) What strategies are involved in solving a science problem? 2) How does thermal energy affect the state of a substance? 3) How can minerals be defined by their properties? 4) How are rocks classified? 5) What are the advantages of alternative energy sources? 6) How can locations in the United States be identified by their geographic features? 7) How are materials from the Earth broken down? 8) How do glaciers shape the land? - Virtual laboratory simulations for science education. Late Nite Labs. Free Online Dissections and Science Labs. PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations. Science Fair Central provides virtual labs to help students practice investigation.

This section provides a practice opportunity using two virtual labs.

Science Fair Central provides virtual labs to help students practice investigation

Virtual labs are relatively efficient, contained environments. They are designed to give students practice with designing and conducting virtual investigations in preparation for designing and conducting their own hands-on investigations. If you are using these in a classroom, virtual labs take between 2 and 4 class sessions to complete. The lab, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Contains simple variables to control. Complete teacher guides and student sheets for each virtual lab are included as pdf documents. In a virtual investigation, conditions are more controlled than during hands-on. Virtual Labs are not intended as totally independent student activities. Take a look at samples for elementary, middle / high school students: Science Fair Invention Project Samples Or Help your students prepare their project presentation: Science Fair Presentations.