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James Draper

I am James Draper from Glastonbury and business owner of Packing Solution. Packing Solution offers high quality House Removal Boxes at affordable prices. These boxes are strong and durable and can withstand the weight of heavy household goods. Along with this, they are available in different dimensions to carry your belongings of different sizes. Our Official website:

High Quality Cardboard packing boxes for moving house. Techniques to prepare cardboard boxes for moving home. Choosing the right cardboard packing boxes for your house move can be a challenge.

Techniques to prepare cardboard boxes for moving home

There are lots to choose from here online with Packing Solution, and our range is one of the largest around. If it is simply boxes that you are after, and you know the precise quantity that you require, just look at the boxes heading at the top menu, and this gives you the size measurements. Add the quantity that you need to your shopping cart. If you are a little less certain, why not take a look at our pre made moving packs, which are designed for specific sized house moves and they are discounted too, so they can be a good option. How to choose cardboard boxes for house moving?

Single and double walled cardboard boxes can be hard to choose between, because there are lots of different types on offer, and lots of different sizes as well, and knowing what quantity of each that you will need can be very hard to know.

How to choose cardboard boxes for house moving?

Also, which packaging accessories are you likely to need to accompany the boxes? It is a minefield and our expert team are happy to help you with this, so please give us a call or email and we are happy to help you with free expert advice, 247. Why are double walled cardboard moving boxes the best. Heavy duty cardboard boxes are typically made out of double walled boxes, rather than single walls.

Why are double walled cardboard moving boxes the best

The reason for this is because double walls are double the strength, and they are therefore much better for holding together when you put the heaviest of items in them. It prevents them from breaking apart, which would cause you a lot of problems when you move home. Large Boxes for House Removal from Packing Solution. Boxes for house removal can come in many different shapes and sizes, and this will depend on the items that you are going to put in them.

Large Boxes for House Removal from Packing Solution

You can decide by measuring your things with a tape measure, and pick accordingly on our website where you can clearly see our sizing in the product description. We have lots of different options so choose carefully and precisely, as this will make your house move a lot easier in the future. Bubble wraps- The protective cover for fragile materials - Packing Solution. Moving from one home to another is not easy task at all.

Bubble wraps- The protective cover for fragile materials - Packing Solution

There are lots of things one has to look into and that too within a very limited period of time. Packing household things can be very tricky and without proper care and right material, your important stuffs may get damaged. Removal boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape. Cardboard boxes for moving house are our speciality here at Packing Solution online store.

Removal boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape

We have an offering of many different types of boxes, in many different sizes and shapes. We also offer storage boxes for moving house which are precisely what you need to make a move go as swiftly as possible. Our prices are some of the lowest on the market today, and in fact we offer manufacturer prices directly to the public. We pride ourselves on being lower priced than many of the market leading companies. House Moving Boxes - Packing Solution. Tel. +44 (0)1458 837602 Email. Website : Address. 26 Chilkwell street, Glastonbury Somerset, UK, BA6 8DB Planning to move, but the very thought of packing all your belongings is giving you sleepless nights.

House Moving Boxes - Packing Solution

Cheap packing boxes, removal boxes, archive boxes. House moving removal boxes. Single and double wall cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes for sale online in Lincoln Cardboard boxes for moving house are what we specialise in here at Packing Solution.

single and double wall cardboard boxes

We offer a wide variety of packaging, in different shapes, sizes, and prices. Simply take a look at our full list of products at the top of the page. Removal boxes, archive boxes, packing tape. Moving houses are much easier with the right wares - Packing Solution. The real estate boom has caught the imagination of the UK audience.

Moving houses are much easier with the right wares - Packing Solution

People are increasingly becoming mobile in their bid to ensure a decent dwelling for themselves and their families. While the price of living in the urban metropolises in UK are seeing a meteoric rise, people from various demographics are aligning their purchase towards suburbs or towns with decent modern facilities. This is why places like Somerset and likes are coming up fast as realty destinations. Cardboard, removal packing boxes. Single and Double walled cardboard boxes.

Buy Cardboard Boxes Online In Leeds Here at Packing Solution we specialise in cardboard boxes for moving house.

Single and Double walled cardboard boxes

We sell many different types of packaging in many different shapes and sizes, making it perfect for your relocation needs. Retirement health, care and lifestyle for over 50s. There is quite a realty boom all across the globe, but the UK seems to be in the thick of it. Not only is there a great momentum in the UK market, but the economy is also helping the commoners to settle for a decent household. There are many instances where even the urban populace are looking to buy up a place in the country side. Places like Somerset are seeing a great deal of action in recent years. In line with that, it is also imperative to note that one needs to be judicious about the whole moving houses thing. It is no easy task at all. Getting the house moving wares right A large part of moving houses is planning.

Double walled cardboard boxes - A better resistance against damage. The concept of moving houses is not alien to the urban populace or populace of a developed country in general. People shift places all the time and make room for new households. It is to be noted that with passing time the seemingly intimidating aspect of moving houses is diminishing rapidly. More sophisticated means of transporting essentials from one place to another is making it easier for people change houses. One do need expert supervision though on the aspect of packing for moving. Picking the right wares for packing the essential belongings is a must. Where to buy bubble wrap. The realty scenario in the UK has again picked up pace after a brief period of slumber. Not only have it provided ample room for development, but also options for the urban households to relocate or buy a place in the quaint suburbs.

In the kaleidoscope of this realty boom, people are finding more reasons to relocate to prime locations than ever before. But moving houses do come with its set of pangs. The most intimidating aspect is the feat of packing all the essentials for moving. There are many packers and movers all across the UK who will happily come to one’s service. House moving Boxes Bournemouth. Double Walled Cardboard Boxes make Packing and Relocation tasks easy - Packing Solution. When you have to pack items for relocation, move back to your home town, shift for a new job to another city or send items to your loved one abroad, you need the right packing boxes. You can find so many varieties available in the market, hence finding one that is specifically suitable for your needs is easy. However, when you are packing lots of items, electronic items, fragile items, heavy duty items, a normal packing will not be enough.

You need something sturdier such as the double wall cartons. Best Packaging tape for moving. The contents that you pack are not secure, until they are closed inside a box which is sealed with the right packing tape. A strong and effective packing tape will be easy-to-use and will help complete sealing in no time at all. When you use the right packing tape, you can be rest assured that the contents inside will not spill out or be lost while in transit. Tips to find right boxes for house moving - Packing Solution. When you have to move residence to another location, the thought of packing everything up for the move is stressful. There may be so many memories that you leave behind. The big question is how you are going to pack up all the things that you have collected over the years, carefully seal them so that everything arrives at the destination in pristine condition. How to find the best Packaging Supplies? Most people start out packing with boxes they pick out from the supermarket.

Where can i buy boxes for moving house, UK. Packing Solution - Packaging Supplier in Glastonbury (UK) Cardboard storage boxes. Welcome to Packing Solution. We are a family owned company of experienced packaging experts, with over 75 years experience in the packaging industry. Our offices and warehouse are based in Glastonbury, Somerset, but we deliver nationwide.

The story began in the 1930′s with our footwear manufacturing business: Draper of Glastonbury, with which we deal with every different type of packaging imaginable, from shoe boxes to cartons and tape. Through natural progression, we were constantly asked for packaging of all types from the public passing by our factory. This business flourished over many years, forming what is now Packing Solution. Packing Solution specialise in the highest quality and affordable packaging and packaging accessories. Packing Solution prides itself on our commitments to recycling and looking after the environment! We are based on the Somerset levels here in the small town of Glastonbury, just at the foot of the famous Glastonbury Tor. Packing Solutions Offers Fabulous Removal Boxes That Will Help You Complete Packing Without Any Stress. Cardboard packing boxes for moving house.

Relocating to another place is going to take time and efforts. You have to plan everything right so that the entire process takes off smoothly. How to find right Packaging Tapes for your Packing needs? - Packing Solution. Packing Solution in Bristol - sol12aCk. Packaging accessories manufacturer & supplier in UK - Buy strong archive boxes for long term storagePacking Solution. Put away your long-term storage item securely into Air-Tight Archive Boxes Over the years you would have accumulated so many items, which simply cannot be stored in cupboards or kept out in the open. However you can’t dispose these items as well, because they might be needed in the future. These items can be important files or some keepsake given as a gift.

Whatever be the reason that you decide to retain them, they must be stored properly for longevity. How to find right Packaging accessories and Moving items for relocation? Cardboard Packaging Boxes : Best solution for Packing itemsPacking Solution. Use House Moving Boxes for protecting fragile items during relocationPacking Solution. Moving is a very tiresome task. When one moves, they have to pack all their goods and transport or relocate them to the new place. Moving can be of any form that like as commercial moving or domestic moving, but no matter what kind of moving you have one thing is constant is that it creates massive hurdles and tension.

Use bubble wrap for damage free relocationPacking Solution. Use cardboard packaging boxes for easy & safe relocationPacking Solution. Packing Solution Glastonbury, Somerset. Use right Packaging Boxes for moving to have smooth relocation of GoodsPacking Solution. Opt for quality Wholesale Packaging Boxes for moving items.

Relocate your things to a new place with house moving boxes. Buy quality packaging tapes & accessories online for safe shiftingPacking Solution. Strong double wall cartons to transport your essential itemsPacking Solution.