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Hero Generations preview: each move costs you a year of life. Before me lies a map covered with little nuggets of interest: towns to visit, shops to browse, monsters to fight, gold to gather, secrets to unearth, and at the map's edges, entrances to new lands waiting to be discovered.

Hero Generations preview: each move costs you a year of life

I want to do it all, naturally, but there's a ticking clock: my own mortality. Each step I take and each square I cross takes a year from my life. I'll never live long enough to accomplish everything, but someone else might complete my unfinished tasks: my offspring. In Hero Generations, an upcoming roguelike RPG from developer Heart Shaped Games, aging is as big a concern as death itself. How Playing as Elizabeth Changes BioShock Infinite. Big changes are coming to BioShock Infinite.

How Playing as Elizabeth Changes BioShock Infinite

As Irrational announced last week, new story content titled Burial at Sea is headed our way in the months to come, and in addition to bringing us back to the underwater city of Rapture, it features our first chance to step into the shoes of Infinite's female protagonist, Elizabeth. While Elizabeth served as a stalwart companion throughout Infinite’s campaign, Burial at Sea Episode 2 will mark her first time thrust fully into the spotlight. BioShock creator Ken Levine told IGN last week that Elizabeth’s campaign is “more towards a survival horror game” than Infinite’s core experience, but many fans were still left wondering what exactly that will entail. In an interview at Irrational, IGN spoke with Levine and level designer Amanda Jeffrey for insight into playing as Elizabeth, including how she differs from Booker and how players will be able to utilize her Tear abilities without breaking the experience.

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